The Culture Wars Week In Review- September 26th edition

Hey- it is Tuesday.  Time for the next installment of that wacky, loony world of the social justice warrior and their seemingly infinite descent into madness.  The following are the seven best stories from recent events that may have gone unnoticed by readers presented in no particular order of interest or wackiness.


The annual Emmy Awards were recently held to celebrate the best of television which turned into a marathon of Trump bashing rhetoric and standing ovations for anything anti-Trump.  If you were one of the few who watched this shindig, those people wearing blue ribbons were expressing their support for the ACLU which has filed several lawsuits against the Trump administration over DACA and the travel ban.  Of course, most of those in attendance showing their support for illegal immigrants did so because they need those immigrants to repair their roofs, cut their lawns and clean their toilets.

But a funny thing happened along the way.  As the even more anti-Trump MTV Video awards broadcast proved, the Emmy Awards received their lowest ratings EVER!!!  Maybe its the Trump bashing which is reaching boring dimensions at this point, or maybe people just don’t care about stupid awards shows anymore.  Whatever, the stupid will continue to protest with blue or multi-colored rainbow ribbons, and people will continue to watch American Ninja Warrior.


Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is on on record as saying that she believes hurricanes- things that have been occurring naturally for eons- are nature’s way of taking wrath on America for the election of Donald Trump.  This, of course, does not explain Hurricane Katrina or even more devastating storms when Donald Trump wasn’t even born.

However, the movie-going audience are nature’s way of saying that her latest release- mother!- is a disaster of epic hurricane proportions.  Cinemascore has given the film a rare “F” rating.  Although not the first to receive this dismal rating, it would appear that the film is heading for the SyFy network real soon with commercial interruptions.

Ms. Lawrence, upon hearing of this news, now says she wants to take a break from acting.  May we suggest she take a further break from speaking.


Over in merry England, a group calling themselves the Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERF) recently had a brawl in Hyde Park against a group of transgender “women.”  It seems the TERFS are offended by dudes who think they are women spouting feminist lines.  Things got so bad that London Police are now investigating several transgenders being pummeled by the TERFs.  In fact, one 60-year-old transgender something was pushed to the ground while several feminists attacked and punched the poor sod.

This gives a whole new meaning to that intersectional nonsense being spouted by the feminist Left.  Simply, real women in England (i.e., those with female genitalia) don’t want the fake women (i.e., those with male genitalia) spewing the feminist propaganda.  This writer cannot wait for this to reach our shores.


It seems that some triggered students at Reed College in Portland, Oregon “occupied” a class titled, “Western Civilization.”  The spoiled brats interrupted the class claiming it was “Eurocentric” (duh!) and “perpetuates white supremacy’ (huh?).

The group- called Reedies Against Racism- shut down the class as the professor stood by idly.  They informed those present that all they needed to know- because they were so informed- was that the class was all about white people and it needed more instructional time about “people of color.”  Note: the lecture interrupted was about The Epic of Gilgamesh.

So, it appears that this group is protesting a class about Western civilization which happens to be about a civilization of primarily white people (that is, European) because there is not enough about people of color (that is, non-European) included in the curriculum.  And these are your future leaders, folks?  God help us.


This is sort of a sad story, but one for which they truly deserve the fallout.  Three years ago, Rolling Stone published an article about an alleged rape at the University of Virginia which was received with great fanfare in the liberal press.  It was the go-to article to prove that all those CDC statistics about rape on college campuses was of epidemic proportions.  Why… one in every 4 female students in college, we were told, would be the victim of a sexual assault prompting fathers throughout the land to pull their daughters out of higher education.

Naturally, the entire story was totally debunked and found to be a hoax.  The only thing missing was a by-line by Lena Dunham.  In their rush to be once-again cutting edge, the publication’s reputation ended up in the toilet.  Basically, no one takes Rolling Stone seriously anymore.  Thankfully, I ditched my subscription years ago when they started dissing music albums I liked.

But all is not a total loss.  The fine people who own the magazine have announced that the publication is now up for sale.  Since they refused to fire the journalist liar who wrote the story or the editorial lying staff, Jann Wenner decided to call it quits and head for the hills.  Maybe the new owners will concentrate on music instead of politics and social justice.


Aging nutcase, Madonna, released a new album called Rebel Heart.  I know…I didn’t know either and apparently did anyone else, nor did they care.  It sold only 238,000 copies and there is not too much downloading to report either.  She followed up on the flop with a live recording of a concert from her recent tour.  However, the live offering sold an even more dismal 3,848 copies in its first week.

But the news gets better: the aging harpy is in Portugal and is likely to stay there for awhile according to her own statement.  At least one of those “celebrities” who said they were leaving after Trump’s election is sort of keeping their promise.


With September drawing to a close, that means Columbus Day will soon be here.  One New York based antifa group, using the Twitter hashtag #F***ColumbusDay is calling for a day of defacing the nearest statue of poor Columbus. Dead Italian explorers sailing for Spain can’t get a break these days.  So get out that spray paint and sledgehammer ‘cos nothing says social justice like a good old statue defacement.

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