Culture War Mania- September 19th edition


Welcome to another edition in the chronicles of the culture wars brought to you by the gift that keeps on giving- the Leftist culture warrior.  Without further delay, these are the seven best and craziest happenings presented in no particular order of significance.


Duke University is again sponsoring the Duke Men’s Project in an effort to combat “toxic masculinity” and other harmful gender narratives that apparently lurk in the shadows of the campus.  They hope to increase their numbers from last year.  It is a 9-week program that includes 15 men to “unpack expressions of masculinity through a feminist lens… while creating a brotherhood and fellowship dedicated to interrogating male privilege and masculinity.”

That’s a lot of words for indoctrinated emasculation.


Some activists have launched a petition to have a statue of Christopher Columbus removed from Minnesota’s state’s capitol building because genocide and all that stuff.  Instead, many are now suggesting that the statue be replaced with one of someone who greater represents the values of the state.  Of course, I’m not talking about a statue of a gopher but something even more majestic.

In fact, it is so majestic that it formerly goes by a majestic name.  That’s right- people want a statue of Prince, or more correctly, the artist formerly known as Prince which happens to be the person formerly known as Prince Rogers Nelson.  Granted, Columbus had very little actual imprint in Minnesota history.  As far as historians can tell, ol’ Chris never set foot in the state.  And it is certainly true that Columbus never sold over 13 million music albums.  But, replacing him with a statue of someone who went from a name to a different name to an unknown symbol seems to be a stretch.  But hey, “let’s go crazy.”


Whole Women’s Health in Texas proudly announced that their fundraising efforts have thus far raised enough funds to provide at least 15 free abortions to women in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Harvey floods.  Since setting up the Stigma Relief Fund, the killer of unborn babies announced they have raised $6,000- enough to provide a free abortion to nine lucky women at their San Antonio clinic and another six lottery winners in Austin.  But take heart, folks; the Stigma Relief Fund remains open for your tax-deductible contributions.


One of the stranger rumors circulating in the liberal universe is that Melania Trump is pregnant and Donald is not the father.  According to former Clinton staffer Claude Taylor, he has evidence that Melania and Donald were preparing for divorce and that it would have occurred had Trump lost the election.  But, some 77,000 voters spread over three states changed that dynamic and now Melania is, per this agreement, chained to Donald as long as he occupies the White House.

A blogger- one Monica Byrne- goes even further alleging that Melania has had an ongoing affair with the head of security of Tiffany’s in Trump Tower.  Giving new meaning to the word cuckold, this sexual affair is known by the President.  Adding fuel to the fire that Melania is pregnant by this unnamed boyfriend is the fact that she wore a form-fitting dress on a recent visit to the White House by the Panamanian President and his wife (cost: $1,695).  Expect further close-up pictures of Melania’s abdomen over the next nine months.


Al Gore’s sequel to his climate change Armageddon, An Inconvenient Truth, was a financial bomb in the movie theaters except among the wine-sipping crowd in Aspen and other tony film festivals.  The accompanying book is being out-performed in sales by a rebuttal book on Amazon.  But, that doesn’t stop the stupid from being stupid.  The poster child for such stupidity is, of course, Bill Nye, but he may have some competition.

Enter Joy Behar, that obnoxious co-host of The View, which my wife once dragged me to (it was free and a day in New York; I love the food choices.  The guest was Donald Trump.  The irony…).  An obvious reader of Al Gore sensationalism, scientist Behar said:

…and that is contributing to the intensity of storms like Irma, why this is the worst storm we’ve seen, etc. It has to do with climate change. People who deny that, they should start all of these hurricanes after — Hurricane Limbaugh, Hurricane Pruitt, Hurricane Palin, Hurricane Trump.

And this obnoxious excuse of a human has a television show?


Grammy-winning artist Stevie Wonder headlined a celebrity event designed to raise funds for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma which hit Texas and Florida respectively.  The blind singer could not help himself and inject some politics into his performance stating: “Anyone who believes that there’s no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.”

Let that statement, spoken by a blind speaker, set in for a moment…

Who knew Mr. Wonder was a climate change denier?  The burning question: Is he also a flat-earther?


Joy Reid is a journalist race-baiter at MSNBC and has two- count’em…two- shows on that channel.  In response to a question about her ratings on that goofy station, Reid said: “I’ve said to people that this is probably the greatest time to be a journalist, and the worst time to be a human” because…you know- Trump and all that.

Think about that for a minute- “the worst time to be a human.”  I can think of other times it was worse to be a human.  Let’s start in the 14th century when 60% of the European population was wiped out by the “black death.”  Getting a little closer to home, I would say that any of  3.9 million slaves in the US circa 1860 would have to say their life kinda sucked.  And of course there is that little incident of 6 million Jews being led to death camps in Nazi Germany who might have something to say about the “worst time to be a human.”  And we can obviously go on and on and one, but I’ll stop with those three periods in human history.

The admitted “opinion journalist” needs to keep her opinions in check.  Or better yet, perhaps Ms. Reid should pick up a world history book or even consult Wikipedia for the Cliff Notes before uttering this nonsense.

Well, that’s it for this week.  Hope to see y’all on the 26th for another edition of that wacky, crazy, convoluted and deranged world of the social justice warrior.