The Childish Left



Ever since the election of Donald Trump, the Left has engaged in a series of marches and protests that have expanded beyond a mere protest of Donald Trump.  Today, key tenets of American democracy like free speech are also under attack whether it is rewriting history, tearing down statues, banning historical flags or violently protesting the speaking appearances of those who happen to disagree with some aspect of the liberal agenda.

Their beliefs and tactics are certainly stuck in some infantile state of psychological development.  One believes that Freud or Jung would have a field day examining the collective actions of the Left.

The reaction to Trump’s electoral victory has been nothing short of a complete meltdown.  It is like the potty-training child being told to sit on the potty until they “give a number two” only to get off and poop their pants.  They are throwing a collective tantrum, just like a child.  Compare this to 2008 when Barack Obama won the presidency.  Were there riots and marches in the streets?  Please don’t trot out the Tea Party because they appeared two years after his election and their marches and protests (where they actually cleaned up after themselves) hardly approach what we saw in Phoenix during a Trump speech.

Not all, but a large enough portion of the Left to draw attention, find any reason to violently protest and riot.  And its not even an American thing as the violence in Hamburg, Germany during the G-20 summit showed.  At Berkeley, in Portland, in San Francisco, etc. it was the Left largely responsible for the violence.  Setting cars on fire, throwing Molotov cocktails, and just plain wreaking havoc is a tactic of the Left.

It is also a characteristic of your average juvenile delinquent with one major difference: the juvenile delinquent does not attribute their actions as advancing some higher purpose.  Until very recently, the violent Left got a pass from the media and elected officials because they were protesting something “antithetical to our American system of values” by engaging in behaviors that were, ironically, antithetical to our American system of values.

Did you ever see a bratty child scream over their parents or block their ears and say, “I can’t hear you?”  Or run into their room and slam the door because they did not want to hear what a parent said?  Is that any different from what is collectively happening on campuses today when a conservative speaker appears?  What makes it worse is that the message may be so benign and have nothing to do politics or beliefs; its simply because the speaker is conservative.  Instead, they protest (sometimes violently), shout down, blow whistles in the faces of speakers to drown them out, or just generally act like douchebags when they are not running for the “safe space” of their door-slammed bedroom.

Disagree with the Left and you are “racist,” “sexist,” a “homophobe” or a “xenophobe.”  Its name calling and its a time-honored tactic of the Left to shut down debate.  In fact, to most of our allegedly conservative elected officials, it is pure kryptonite.  Do children engage is debate?  Do they appeal to reason?  Do they logically argue and rebut your facts with their facts?  Chances are they also resort to name-calling: “You’re so unfair…I hate you!”

During the electoral cycle, we heard many voices on the Left say they were moving to Canada if Trump won.  Unfortunately, precious few (if any) actually followed through on the promise.  This childish reaction is akin to the reprimanded child holding their breath until they turned blue.  Of course, no one really cared if haggard looking celebrities like Cher or Madonna parted our shores.

The Left’s policies are nothing but the government being a substitute for a parent and giving an allowance.  They demand free health care, free college tuition, a “living wage,” the magical $15 minimum wage, free contraception, etc.  They will even create a “right” to such things because “well, Missy’s parents give her a big allowance.  Why can’t I?”

And being a part-time teacher, the Left acts like the bane of my educational experience- the teacher’s pet.  The constant virtue-signaling of the Left (and by some on the Right of late), recitation of “proper beliefs” and then telling us how good they are as they beam with pride is a disgusting display.  Nobody likes the teacher’s pet except the teacher’s pet themselves.  Trust me- not the other classmates and not the teachers.

This chain of virtue signaling is nothing short of peer pressure, another phenomena common among the immature child.  They become swept up in a whirlwind of political correctness to the point that wearing a Pocahontas costume for Halloween is seen as a racist act.  When you have a Muslim Palestinian terrorist-loving woman talking about human rights as the face of a movement… well, need I say more?

Since Trump’s inauguration, celebrities have publicly fantasized about bombing the White House.  Others have mused on the assassination of the President while still others have symbolically decapitated Trump.  I doubt Madonna really wanted to bomb the White House, Johnny Depp was really calling for Trump’s assassination or Kathy Griffin wanted to hold Trump’s decapitated head in her hands.  Instead, they were fantasizing and play acting just as children do with their Barbie or GI Joe dolls.

My personal favorite belief of the Left is that Trump is the second coming of Adolph Hitler.  Today, they see Nazis everywhere.  To hear the SPLC speak, America is swimming in a sea of white supremacists and Nazis hiding in your closet and under your bed.  This fringe of the population, although clearly detestable, has been blown out of proportion by the Left, much like the scrape of a tree branch on the window of a child’s bedroom at night.  They have created the biggest bogeyman they can think of and tried to convince the rest of us (the parents) that there really is a monster under the bed or in the closet.  There is no dispelling this belief because there is no changing the mind of a child.

So, in many ways, the Left is stuck in an infantile worldview.  Given their insistence that the government provide everything to them from contraception to a secure retirement, it is obvious they haven’t solved the breast feeding thing.  Their acting out and tactics prove they haven’t solved the potty training thing either.  And their actions are simply those of public political masturbation- getting their jollies because they set a car on fire, stopped a speech from happening, or punched a Nazi in the face.