More Culture War Silliness- September 5th edition



And now its once again time for the amazingly absurd, asinine and foolish battles in the never-ending culture war- a weekly service provided by your’s truly- where we run down the seven best (in no particular order) stories from the front lines of the war.  Special warning:  You are entering a No Trump Zone (well, sort of…).


The International Olympic Committee has announced that transgender athletes will be permitted to participate in any sport for their preferred gender, not the one on their birth certificate.  While Western nations always thought that those in the former Soviet bloc were doing this anyway, it now becomes apparent that they were simply ahead of the times.  Although some male figure skaters often skirted the boundaries without breaking outright into overt femininity, starting in Seoul in 2018, it won’t make a difference anymore.  In fact, the IOC is adding a new sport in the 2018 Winter Games- Cross Dressing Cross Country Skiing.


Vidya Narayanan is former female Google engineer who decided to strike it out on her own and form her own company and great for her!  Such is the spirit of the entrepreneur in this great country where anybody with an idea and a dream can make it become a reality.  She formed a company called UrbanAMA- an “ask me anything” service.

However, the train started to go off the rails when Ms. N decided that she would have a quota system because the tech industry was so male-dominated, according to her.  Hence, she passed over more qualified men applicants and hired women in their place.  Realizing that things were not working out, Ms. N increased the pay of the women hoping their performance would improve.  Nope!  That didn’t work.  The result is that today Ms. N is now the only female employee at UrbanAMA.

This is not to insinuate that women cannot do the work in the tech industry.  But it does prove that social engineering in business, like government and academia, has a hidden price called failure.  Ms. N learned the hard way.  Incidentally, if one looks at the “team” at UrbanAMA, which has turned a financial corner, one will find Ms. N along with 11 males.  Yep- she’s the only female left.


Hispanic students at the University of Virginia recently had a loud party broken up by university campus police.  According the Latinx Student Alliance’s Facebook page, they took umbrage with the campus cops and the manner in which the party was broken up.  Said a spokespersonx:

Based off of these interactions, it clear that discrimination due to the Lawn residents’ skin color occurred on a space that UVA promotes as a welcoming and representative area for students… (the cops) aggressively interrupted with an asserting ‘LISTEN’…

Obviously, correct grammar is not a requirement at UVA.  The correct line should be “it is clear,” not “it clear,” and it should be “an assertive,” not “an asserting…”  But, I digress.

So apparently some rather loud Hispanic students were told to break up their party, the cops told a student host to “listen,” and we have created a magical case of discrimination against Hispanic students.

Note: Latinx is the newly created, more inclusive designation instead of using the masculine Latino or feminine Latina so as not to offend the male/female transgender, asexual, whatever person.


At a Greek Life retreat at the University of Mississippi, some in attendance were traumatized by the site of a banana peel in a tree prompting the event to be abruptly shortened.  It appears that a student named Ryan Swanson, failing to find a garbage can nearby, threw the peel of his lone banana in a tree and is guilty of the heinous hate crime of littering.

Makala McNeil, president of the historically black Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, brought this obvious act of racism to the attention of university officials.  She stated: “The overall tone was heavy.  I mean, we were talking about race in Mississippi and in the Greek community so there’s a lot involved.”

Apparently in this discussion of race in the Greek community, there is more importance attached to a misplaced banana peel than there is to the fact there is an historically all-black (that is, no whites, Hispanic or Asian membership) sorority on campus.  Something doesn’t smell right here and it isn’t a discarded banana peel.


A recent survey by some group confirms that racism runs rampant in college libraries.  The study found that nearly 75% of college librarians are white and nearly 90% of college library supervisors and managers are white, which stands to reason if their ranks hail from a pool that is 75% white.  The study lamented the fact that there is a lack of people of color within the ranks of “ssshhing” librarians.

Another study has noted that academic libraries have “struggled” with a lack of diversity for decades.  This writer hasn’t been to an academic library in some years, but I can confirm that public libraries suffer from a lack of librarians under the age of 65 which is obvious discrimination against the young and favoritism towards the aged.


The “music” network recently held their annual video awards which is an amazing feat since they rarely play music videos anymore.  Apparently believing this year’s Trump Hatefest would draw viewers, reality slapped them in the face.  MTV’s biggest night of the year was an utter failure garnering only 5.4 million viewers.  It was such a failure that it set an MTV record for lowest ratings EVER.

Enter the Washington Post to explain that the low ratings were caused by HBO’s “Game of Thrones” which had 17 million viewers.  Of course, that doesn’t explain why MTV’s awards show has been in decline since before HBO had “Game of Thrones” as opposition.  The real reason is that MTV literally sucks and has for years.  When they do play the music, the music sucks.  The performers suck also.  When you try to cover your suckiness with sucky politics you get sucky ratings.

Gone are the days of Michael Jackson’s moves, Madonna’s sexuality (thankfully) and Nirvana’s raw angst.  Welcome to the days of the gluteus maximus endowed Nicki Minaj and the breast-endowed Katy Perry freak shows complete with over-the-top infantile political statements.


While America watched pictures and scenes of neighbors rescuing neighbors despite their skin color or ethnicity in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Katy Waldman over at liberal rag, “Slate,” had to go p**s on everyone’s cornflakes.  Said Ms. Waldman:

But does catastrophe illustrate, or does it transform? What if America is less a glorious nation of do-gooders awaiting the chance to exercise their altruism than a moral junior varsity team elevated by circumstance?…

it is misleading to characterize Houston as an exhibition of the “best of America” when what it represents is a contingent America, a “paradise” specific to the “hell” around it. 

Hopefully, Ms. Waldman never ends up in the path of a natural disaster.  and if so, she better hope its in Texas.


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