What Is Normal Anymore?

George Cicciarello-Maher is a professor at Drexel University in Philadelphia.  On Christmas Eve, he tweets, “All I want for Christmas is white genocide.”  The following day he tweets that the massacre of whites during the Haitian revolution was “a good thing indeed.”  When the poop hit the fan, it was just satirical humor and shame on us for not realizing it.  The good professor then claims he is a victim of harassment because of his Twitter actions.  In fact, he says those who “harassed” him were racist fascists.  When Drexel investigated, the now-victimized professor claims the university was giving in to genocidal racists.  The advocate of genocide becomes the victim.

A teacher in Minnesota and his gay lover, under investigation for child molestation, commits suicide.  According to the suicide note, they preferred their own destiny rather than losing their freedom and being at the mercy of the justice system.  A search of their home found child pornography and a hidden camera in the bathroom.  It is believed the teacher molested 10 children in the span of three years.  The school holds a moment of silence for the dearly departed pedophile.

Singer Arianna Grande sings songs about having sex until you hurt.  She is photographed seductively licking a doughnut.  When a fan “catcalls” and notes her self-propagated sexuality, she calls out all men for “slut-shaming” in a series of Twitter rants.  Arianna Grande is elevated to saintly status by feminists.

History majors at George Washington University- named for that slave-owning, racist, white Father of Our Country- are no longer required to take US history courses to get a degree… in history.

A four-year-old has made the “decision” to have sex change surgery.  The Department of Education in New South Wales approves the procedure and fights for the child’s “right” to have the surgery.

Several young Muslim girls, some as young as seven-years-old, undergo female genital mutilation at the hands of a Muslim doctor.  But, it’s not really “mutilation” because of multiculturalism and all that, you know?

A symposium in Los Angeles featuring police officials designed to address the concerns of the minority population of the City of Angels is interrupted by sloganeers of the Black Lives Matter movement who chant obscenities and unfounded charges at police officials cutting the symposium short.  Black Lives Matter calls their actions a success.

A Democratic candidate for President essentially has his chances ended when he makes the shocking and unacceptable statement that “all lives matter” in a debate.  In fact, the sentiment that “all lives matter” is now considered a racist statement.

A white woman does her best imitation of the John Boehner skin tone, teases her hair and calls herself African-American.  She even writes a book about being black.  When called out after being head of an NAACP chapter in Washington, she claims that race is just a social construct.  Her “race appropriation” is explained away and swept under the rug.  Nothing to see here, folks…move along to the next minstrel show.

A student from Princeton goes on the news after penning an article which expressed a vision of a colorblind society where people were judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin.  These were the same sentiments expressed by Martin Luther King decades before.  The Left goes nuts and pillories the student for failing to acknowledge his “white privilege.”

Black-on-black violence plagues cities like Chicago and Washington DC, but Black Lives Matter is strangely silent on the issue.  Instead, they focus on the killing of the occasional black person, some of whom are later found to be involved in a criminal activity (not all, but some) by the police.  Meanwhile, cops are ambushed in cars and protecting protesters.  In response to the unrest, a member of Congress hangs a picture depicting police as pigs in the US Capitol building.

A 280-pound model rails on Twitter about the fact the complimentary bath robe in a hotel does not fit her.  She even has time to take a selfie of herself in said bathrobe in front of a mirror and post it online.  The hotel apologizes for not having a plus-size bathrobe.

The United States, a country $19 trillion in debt, finds money to assist deported individuals from El Salvador build businesses and acclimate their transition back into their own country.  Then again, the government finds $152,000 to help lesbians adopt children, $100,000 to develop a socially-conscious puppet show, and $4.6 million to assist the “emotional wellness of refugees.”

A video game featuring a little Italian guy who saves a princess is called unsuitable for children because it is misogynistic.  A lesbian relationship is inserted into another video game and it is called “a step forward for video games.”

A nine-year-old transsexual makes the cover of National Geographic while a YouTube transgender male personality made the face of CoverGirl.  We are proudly told that National Geographic and CoverGirl made history.  Meanwhile, a top-rated ABC show is cancelled because its star is too conservative and the show may too overtly stress traditional family values.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State along with her husband who happens to be an ex-President lead the Clinton Foundation that receives large donations from foreign governments, officials, and businessmen.  In essence, it is a huge pay-to-play scheme.  But…but…they do charity work, you know?  Like in Haiti and all that.  Trump has his name plastered on hotels.  That is an impeachable offense.

And speaking of Trump, he accepts a call from the leader of Taiwan shortly after winning the election.  Taiwan happens to have a big, threatening, authoritarian, somewhat Communist neighbor separated by a small stretch of water.  But accepting that phone call was verboten, or a provocation of some kind.  Oceans will rise and countries will fall because the President-elect accepted a phone call… from a democratically elected leader.

Some people say the world is going to hell in a hand bucket.  We are well past the point of being in that hand bucket and the water is filling up.  And this has been happening well before Donald Trump arrived on the scene.  Perhaps, he emboldened the voices of weirdness, or maybe he just drew them further out into the open.  Whatever the case, we live in some strange times and if the current trajectory continues, they will get stranger and we will sink deeper in the mire.