Culture Wars- August 15th

In a seemingly never-ending service to the readers here and in an attempt to spare readers the unseemly task of scouring the Internet for social justice warriors gone wild, I present this edition of culture war craziness.  The seven best stories from the past week, in no particular order:


A Muslim organization- an offshoot of CAIR- is calling for the termination of McDonald’s employees in Decatur, Alabama after they found pieces of bacon in their McChicken sandwich.  The family, which according to their own statements, have an affinity for McChicken sandwiches stated they have never encountered bacon on said sandwiches elsewhere.  Therefore, according to CAIR, this was a deliberate act of bigotry right up there with spray-painting the “N word” on garages and swastikas on synagogues.  The McDonald’s in question is investigating the incident.  No word yet whether the SPLC will label McDonald’s a hate group.


Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is a Swedish artist who recently painted a picture entitled “Ecce Homo” which depicted Jesus Christ as a transvestite.  Guessing she was cutting edge, Wallin never apparently realized that such depictions are nothing new in cutting edge art- making fun of Jesus and Christianity, that is.

When it was suggested that the advante garde Wallin do an “Ecce Mohammed,” she had this to say:

I will never do an Ecce Muhammad. Partly because Muslims do not portray their god as we do in Christianity, partly because of the obvious risk that it will only be even more wrong. It’s a big area and so far I can not do it enough to use it in my image creation…

In other words, Ms. Wallin literally fears for her neck or other body part meeting the sharp end of a knife.  This is weird since, after all, Islam is the religion of peace and all that.


Roseville High School in Michigan recently created quite a stir when they sent out a student dress code for the upcoming school year.  Right up there with forbidden outer wear was tank tops, sagging jeans, see-through clothing and the American flag.

Outraged parents contacted the school which had to send out a clarification noting that “disrespectful” depictions of the American flag was what they really meant and referred parents to page 34 of the online student handbook which did not say anything about the American flag, but flags in general.



The Moonman, the now iconic figure given to winners of MTV awards shows for music videos or movies, is undergoing a change.  Not a physical change, mind you since this is their official logo and has been used since the station actually played music.  Instead, the award will now be referred to as the “Moon Person” because nothing says “woken” like changing the name of something.

MTV President Chris McCarthy explained that they did not want the logo boxed in by a given gender identity.  He said: “It could be a man, it could be a woman, it could be transgender, it could be non-conformist.”  Unless you are a historical revisionist, it is a fact that twelve people have walked on the moon.  Of these twelve, all were MEN.  To the best of this writer’s knowledge, none of the twelve were or are transgender, or even non-conformist.

It is high time that we banish all patriarchal references to men.  I suggest the next word to go under a makeover should be “menstruation.”  Perhaps we should call it personstruation,” but then that would so sound too much like “perspiration.”  Of course, renaming the “Moonman” to “Moon Person” may offend some and bring about accusations of being person-centric.  Hence, I suggest the even better “Moon Being.” Still better, how about “Ugly Looking Gold Statue?”


That’s right- character actor James Cromwell was arrested in 2015 with some other environmental activists protesting something or other because they had nothing better to do that day.  Sticking it to the man, he refused to pay the $375 fine which landed his ass in jail (although he just recently served the sentence).

Among other epiphanies such as jail is not a nice place and decrying the fact that Americans place climate change about #12 on their list of concerns, he naturally came armed with some anti-Trump observations, such as: “It’s very easy to vilify an idiot who happens to be the president of the United States. We have to educate people”  His advice to Hollywood?  They have to become more politically active.  Say what?

Like most Leftist idiots, the distinguished character actor whose best role was playing second fiddle to a pig, he fails to realize that the detachment of elites in Hollywood, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, etc. is what sent many voters into the arms of Trump.


Al Gore’s most recent endeavor was to release a sequel to his now largely discounted movie… er, PowerPoint demonstration “An Inconvenient Truth” which we have since discovered was no inconvenience because there was little truth.  The sequel, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” is aptly named since it debuted on American screens ranked #15 because it garnered only $900,000 (which may pay part of his electric bill).

Critics gave it a 77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while viewers gave it 48% which means that even among the few who forked over $12 to see this propaganda thought the movie sucked.  Not to be deterred, some critics have rushed in to defend the movie and Gore claiming its failure is the fault of Paramount since they did little advertisement and promotion.

It typical whore-like fashion, Gore had gone on the talk show circuit imploring people to pack theaters to send a strong message to Trump that America really did care about climate change (and to line his pocket).  The jury’s decision is in to the tune of this movie ranking #15 and only grossing $900,000 with nowhere to go but down.  Prediction:  Hollywood will reward him with another Oscar for documentary film, or more appropriately, the award for Movies That No One Pays to See.


“Slate” is an online “news” site with an…um, liberal bent.  This past week they managed to publish two articles that bear mentioning.  The first is by some professor (they use professors to make it sound intellectual) at the University of Washington who suggested that science is not necessarily truth.  This writer has to agree with her as it concerns climate change, but other than that?  Yeah- not so much.  This is not some intellectual, philosophical meme on the nature of science, but comes to the strange conclusion that because most of the greatest breakthroughs in the many scientific fields from physics to psychology are made by… WHITE MEN.  Because these advances in theory are by white men, their “truths” should be suspect.  She further states that these white men actually stole ideas from indigenous peoples (a code word for any non-white male).  This is silly since we all know that ancient aliens imparted their knowledge to these ancient indigenous people.

Not to be outdone by giving voice to this nutcase, columnist Ruth Graham makes the preposterous assertion that Muslims are more accepting of gays than white evangelical Christians.  This is based upon a Pew survey when people were asked whether homosexuality should be accepted by society.  In that survey, 52% of Muslims and 42% of white evangelical Christians said “yes.”  While I am sure all the Muslims responded honestly (sarcasm intended), she then further asserts that Muslims are more willing to assimilate into Western culture and society than their white Christian counterparts.  Going even further, she then asserts that the reason for this is because acceptance of the LGBT agenda is now a mainstream American value.

There is so much bulls#@! here that this subject can be its own article, but I wouldn’t waste thought or digital ink on what amounts to the musings of a moron.

Well, see you next week because this stuff is just never-ending.

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