Russian Adoptions and Junior: When Objective Truth Is a Lie

The Washington Post ran a story on Monday about the now infamous Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump, Jr., a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya, and a whole bevy of other people.  Everyone should be familiar with the circumstances under which the meeting took place where some obscure, obese publicist engineered the meeting supposedly to deliver some dirt on Hillary Clinton.

To the best of everyone’s knowledge, no such dirt was delivered but the notorious Ms. V, who has apparently replaced Natasha as Boris’ cohort in the Bullwinkle series, did talk about the adoption of Russian kids by Americans and the Magnitsky Act.  Leaving aside the White House intrigue and speculation on who “leaked” said information that the New York Times was going to run with- the e-mail chain- Junior went into crisis management mode, released the e-mail prior to the New York Times publishing it, and insisted that the meeting was mainly about Russian adoptions.

I say “mainly” because from some accounts, Ms. V was pressed for the dirt on Clinton, something she did not have.  In fact, her post-controversy comments said that those at the meeting pressed her for information.  It has been my contention from the start that the obese publicist used this “dirt on Clinton” line- possibly at the insistence of some Russian oligarch- just to get her foot into that office in Trump Tower.  It is quite possible that she arrived in New York with the every intention of talking about the Magnitsky Act and its effect on Russian adoptions.  In fact, she was seen at a hearing on Capitol Hill  that partially dealt with the Magnitsky Act that week.  In fact, again, she runs a non-profit dedicated to repealing the Magnitsky Act.   This bolstered by William Browder’s Congressional testimony :

The Russian government has also used its resources and assets to try to repeal the Magnitsky Act. One of the most shocking attempts took place in the spring and summer of last year when a group of Russians went on a lobbying campaign in Washington to try to repeal the Magnitsky Act by changing the narrative of what had happened to Sergei.

He names the lawyer as one of those responsible.  Therefore, it is quite reasonable that she intended to sell her case to the Trump campaign, not deliver dirt on Clinton.

The WaPo story- described on some Trump-Russia conspiracy websites as a “bombshell-” states that on Air Force One on his way back from Germany, President Trump dictated a statement for Junior noting that the meeting was about Russian adoptions, not about alleged dirt on Hillary.  Yes, the reason Junior accepted the meeting was because he was under the ASSUMPTION he would be given that dirt.  But also- YES- the meeting was about Russian adoptions from all accounts of those present at the meeting.  So,  President Trump dictating a statement for Junior that the meeting was about Russian adoptions is NOT a lie because that IS what the meeting was about.

That is, in the twisted minds of the Washington Post and the conspiracy theorists out there, when someone tells the objective truth, it is a lie at worst, or a cover-up at best.  I understand full well what the e-mail chain said and that Junior released it before the NY Times could publish it to steal some of their thunder, or as they say, “get ahead of the story.”  Still, I fail to understand the controversy of the “adoption story” statement dictated by the President since that is what the meeting was about after all.

So if we are not dealing with a lie and we are not dealing with a cover-up, then we are simply dealing with a perception.  I know the conspiracy theorists will chase this apparition as they do every other one until the next smoking gun bombshell dud hits the press.  I guess they were too busy following the Mooch drama and White House staff shakeup and things were too quiet on the Trump-Russia front, so any little tidbit in that direction perked their ears and they ran with it.

It is getting ridiculous when truth is now portrayed as a lie or cover-up.   Most people who think something nefarious was afoot will naturally ride their high horse and say the meeting should have never occurred given the assumed reasons.  It isn’t that someone was allegedly delivering dirt on a political opponent; it WAS that this someone was Russian and nothing more.  Insert most any other nationality and this is a non-issue!

Granted, the messaging by the White House may leave a little to be desired here, but like most bombshells in this saga, I’m afraid we are left with yet another dud.  Trump dictated a statement for his bone-headed son who, in retrospect and hindsight, granted a meeting to a Russian lawyer that has the appearance of something conspiratorial.  If this is the best the conspiracy theorists can do, keep chasing your tails.

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