Culture War Mania- August 1st edition

It is time once again for me to bring you the best and brightest from the social justice warriors and their descent into deepening madness.  Hence, the seven- in no particular order- stories from the past week.


The movie “Dunkirk,” director Christopher Nolan’s big budget film that looks at an real historical event opened the weekend of July 21st.  With a 92% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, it ranks right up there with “Spider Man: Homecoming” and “Baby Driver.”

But apparently one reviewer- Brian Truitt of USA Today- sees a problem with the movie.  Says Truitt:

The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of women and no lead actors of color may rub some the wrong way.

Yes, it is true that Denzel Washington, Will Smith and Morgan Freeman are nowhere to be found in this movie.  Neither are Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman or even some famous British actress.  And surprisingly, one will not find the soothing sounds of Lil Wayne, Tupak Shakur or Snoop Dog in “Singing in the Rain.”

The movie “Dunkirk” is about a bunch of white guys (we’ll call them the Germans) trying to kill a bunch of white guys (we’ll call them the English) in a white country (we’ll call it France).  How about that?  No black British soldiers at Dunkirk, definitely no black Germans trying to kill them.


Trying yet again to prove she is relevant, “comedienne” Chelsea Handler took to attacking Melania Trump by tweeting out: “People think the First Lady of Japan pretended not to speak English to avoid speaking to Trump.  Its called #pullingamelania.”

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that Handler attacked Melania Trump.  When asked in January whether the First Lady should have her own show, Handler responded, “To talk about what?  She can barely speak English.”

Let the record show that Melania Trump speaks FIVE languages: English, French, German, Serbian and Slovene.  Handler?  She speaks two: stupid and ignorant.


One of the last great bulwarks against the transgender agenda has fallen.  That’s right: the Duke’s Men of Yale- an all-male a capella group- has decided to open their membership to females, or one’s preferred gender identity.  The group formed in 1952 which is 20 years BEFORE women were even allowed at Yale.  Another sure sign the apocalypse is upon us.


A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that the new Dr. Who of the popular British sci-fi series was going to be a woman.  One would think there would be no backlash against this decision, but apparently a few fans in some comment sections on some innocuous social media sites think that Dr. Who should remain male.

However, the entertainment press is portraying these few stray voices which, according to one report, amount to about 2% of all comments, as THE VOICES of a misogynistic Dr. Who fan base.  In other words, although the fans overwhelmingly like the idea of the a female Dr. Who, the press is concentrating on the very few to portray all fans as misogynistic.  This has led the series and writer and producer, Stephen Moffat, to offer some advice:  “Shut the f%$! up!”


The Rhode Island School of Design, a prestigious East Coast art school, will be offering a course this fall titled: “Transracial Bodies, Transracial Selves.”

Says the course description:

Blackness, Whiteness, Asianness, Latinness, the whole rainbow of racial identification, is still construed as biologically inescapable and inevitable…which  is contrary to the everyday experience that actually finds racial identification as a process that is always transracial.  Declaring ourselves racially, we all cross restricted zones in becoming ourselves.  In this course, we will use the discourse of transgenderism to build an alternate vocabulary of race.

There is so much that can be said about this hogwash.  The troubling part is that people are actually paid to come up with crap.  I’m not quite sure what “transracialism” is, but it sounds suspiciously like some Michael Jackson syndrome malady.


There has been some give and take here at Redstate about Trump’s military transgender ban.  But through it all, we miss the point.  Instead, we should be looking to the entertainment industry for real in-depth analysis.

For example, Samantha Bee had this to say:  “After consultation with our staff, here is our statement regarding @POTUS’s transgender tweets: F$#! YOU.”  Well, we really don’t expect anything more intellectual from a political badass like Samantha Bee.

Rosie O’Donnell had this to say: “Donald Trump does not care about vets-or women-or the poor.  He’s a lying bulky bastard.”  Rosie O’Donnell calling someone a liar or, worse, bulky, takes some chutzpah.

My favorite is from George Takei, one of the most annoying homosexuals in the universe: “With your ban on trans people from the military, you are on notice you just pissed off the wrong community.  You will regret it.”  One supposes that Takei will be organizing an army of gays and transgenders in ass-chaps to march on the White House.  Perhaps, a reunion of the Village People is in the offering.  Bush had to dodge shoes thrown at him in Iraq.  Trump may be dodging sequin purses from transgender people very soon.  Stay tuned…


In a headline in Huffington Post: “Powerful Photo Shows That Women Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get Periods,” the goofy online publication makes a truly goofy claim.  The picture is one of Cass Clemmer sitting on a park bench, legs outstretched with a blood stain in the crotch.

Here’s the problem: Cass Clemmer is a woman who thinks she’s a man and dresses and acts the part.  She is also a self-proclaimed “menstrual activist,” whatever the hell that is and, quite frankly, I don’t want to know.  Against all evidence, reason and, most importantly, biological fact, Clemmer and HuffPo make this incredibly stupid comment: “Not all people who menstruate are women and not all women menstruate.”

Well, that’s it for this week.  See you in two weeks because this diarist is taking a week off from the culture wars because it is getting exhausting scouring the depths of the Internet.

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