Culture War Absurdity Continues Unabated- July 18th edition

I just love the social justice warriors of the world.  Every week they never cease to amaze as to their level of intelligence… er, ignorance.  And so it was recently as these seven stories, in no particular order of importance, proves.


Responding to a letter from some group that dubbed themselves Americans United for Separation of Church and State, East Central University in Oklahoma required that the campus chapel-  that’s CHAPEL- remove all vestiges of crosses and all Bibles calling them “religious iconography.”

However, the college president has gone back on that edict describing her decision as “rushed.”  Gee… you think so?  You see, she “just wanted to show support for all cultures and religious beliefs.”  But, the tiny chapel at the  college of about 4,000 students is not out of the woods yet.

The esteemed college President Pierson has formed a committee of people “who represent a diversity of viewpoints” to determine the fate of crosses and Bibles in a chapel.


The answer is apparently low or no journalistic standards.  To wit, Buzzfeed published an article about a group of transgender women who were denied access to an online gaming tournament because they were unable to present female passports.

The only problem is that the entire story was made up by a group of Internet trolls.  And Buzzfeed fell for it hook, line and sinker.  They had to edit their article and issued a retraction admitting that they were trolled.

Unfortunately, Buzzfeed came to that conclusion when the trolls admitted they were responsible.  That is, if not for the trolls coming forward, there would have been no retraction because….well, Buzzfeed’s journalistic standards are so high.


When not complaining that the recent “Planet of the Apes” movie is racist, professional victim Tariq Nasheed is on the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement.  Perhaps, he should remain marching in the streets and off the Internet.

Instead, he decided to start a website database of suspected bigots to be posted by people.  The name of the website is “Suspected- Suspected Words Database.”  Unfortunately, the logo looks surprisingly like a swastika.  When this was brought to his attention by online viewers, they questioned, he denied, they persisted, he took website down.

But there is something more insidious.  Notice the website’s name.  Why say “suspected” twice?  The answer is simple: SS.

No word yet whether the new logo will be a large blue “X” with white stars on it on a red background…


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals like to draw attention to themselves to get their message out.  For example, they usually show up draped in only lettuce leaves to promote a vegan lifestyle devoid of meat.

They created a quite a stir at Wimbledon when bikini-clad models for PETA handed out dairy-free refreshments to the sweltering fans.  By PETA standards, this was pretty tame.  But, they drew the ire of feminists who claimed they were growing weary of the animals-first group using women as sex objects to draw attention to their cause.  In fact, they may be drawing up plans right now to form the People for the Ethical Treatment of Women.

For me, this begs a much bigger question:  Where did those Svedka vodka models go?


A judge in South Africa has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a conservative political party against an exhibit described as “anti-white art.”  For an admission fee, one can see an exhibit whose centerpiece is a huge print with the words “F$#! white people.”  You can even buy a shirt with the message.

However, the judge in the Equality Court in Cape Town decreed that the offensive message is “not hate speech.”  The judge went even further explaining that the message wasn’t even “racist.”

One wonders what Nelson Mandela would think.


Shanley Kane is an internet SJW who in the past has objected to such terms as “master” and “slave” in tech lingo and suggesting that women who start a business with a man are setting themselves up for rape.  It all has to do with oppression and the patriarchy to Kane.  She fancies herself the de facto feminist authority in the technology area.

In December 2014 while still at Breitbart, Milo Yiannapolis so roasted her that she deleted her entire Internet presence.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough as she came back in 2015.  Her latest cause du jour is denial that the moon landings ever took place.  Her reason?  You can’t believe everything you see on television.

When a NASA engineer attempted to explain how we know men actually landed there, he was accused of “mansplaining” the Apollo program.  She further suggested, in a twisted bit of logic, that whoever believes anyone ever landed on the moon has “daddy issues.”

Thus, the logic goes: the moon landing was faked—-> an expert explaining something is “crossing boundaries” on Twitter—-> stop mansplaining, you misogynist pig.  No one ever thought she was a member of MENSA, but she takes stupidity to new levels.


Shad Daley is a Trump supporter who infiltrated an antifa protest organized by refusefascism.org.  According to most accounts, his speech was a huge success…so successful that they invited him to speak at future protests.  The crowd cheered wildly at his impassioned rhetoric and were left breathless.

One problem though: Daley used all quotes from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” just updating it and removing German references and replacing it with American ones.

So, here we have a group of anti-fascist protesters wildly cheering the actual quotes from the biggest, meanest fascist of all time with these quotes taken from the textbook on fascism.

Hopefully, Shad is in hiding now that he has embarrassed these rubes lest they set the black bloc- that contingent of anti-fascists who act like fascists wearing black hoodies and black bandanas across their faces- on him to sucker punch him on YouTube.

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