The Great Transgender Hoax

The new civil rights movement of the 21st century so far is gay rights.  Having won the gay marriage question in the Supreme Court, it is time to move on and address another marginalized minority- the transgender person.  Except there is one glaring problem.  There is absolutely no science whatsoever behind the transgender agenda.  Not a single expert can point to some biological or physiological marker to prove it is possibly a biological phenomena.  If not, then it is purely a psychological problem.

As a psychological phenomena, it is based solely on feelings of “cross gender identification.”  As one writer once described it, acceptance of this phenomena would be akin to a cardiologist performing open heart surgery because a person had a feeling they had a clogged artery.  Yet when one reads about the malady (yes- malady), the American Psychiatric Association suggests among the “treatments” that a person live as a member of the opposite sex or even gender reassignment surgery, or genital mutilation by another name.

The APA calls cross-gender identification “gender dysphoria.”  Listed near this diagnosis is species dysphoria, or the sense that one is an animal trapped in a human body.  There is also BIID- Body Integrity Identity Disorder- or the feeling that a body part does not belong on one’s body.  In all three cases, the diagnosis is based on a “sense of” or “feeling that.”  In other words, there is no biological basis for the idea.

Would it really make a difference if there was a biological basis?  Consider the fact that abnormalities like Down’s Syndrome, cleft palates, sickle-cell anemia and spina bifida do have a biological basis.  They are all inborn.  Regardless, they are exceptions to the norm.  If being transgender was “inborn,” it would make it no less an abnormality.

Access to bathrooms of one’s identified, not biological, sex created an uproar in North Carolina.  Yet to accommodate what is at best described as less than 1% of the general population, the privacy concerns of greater than 99% of the population are subordinated.  The ostensible reason for opposition to transgender bathroom access is to prevent perverts hiding behind claims of transgenderism from doing perverted things in bathrooms…particularly to children.

“Nonsense!” the transgender community exclaims.  Transgender people have for years been using the bathrooms of their identified sex with no indications of pedophilia.   Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.  If that is the case, then why the need for legal protection now?  The truth is this is not some civil rights battle over access to bathrooms of one’s choice; it is an attempt to change the way people think about an abnormality.

Regardless, we do have examples from Oregon, California, Washington and Ontario of men dressed as women committing crimes of a sexual nature in bathrooms.  All these areas have bathroom anti-discrimination laws.  Regardless, it is not guarding against transgender people; it is guarding against the perverts who would hide behind trangenderism.

Of particular concern is the recent push by liberals to normalize abnormal behaviors and feelings in children.  We would not accommodate the child sufferer of species dysphoria nor should we accommodate the child of gender dysphoria.  Would or should we tolerate a child acting like a hyena?  Would or should we tolerate a child who thinks their eye is not a part of their body?  Any parent who justified such would be accused of child abuse.

Another concern is that women can compete with men in sporting events by hormone enhancement therapy- another suggestion from the fine folks at the APA.  The gap between men and women in sports is glaring and it is glaring because there are obvious biological differences between the sexes that cannot be overcome with surgery (i.e., genital mutilation) or hormones no matter how it makes a person “feel” or “sense.”  God…evolution…(take your pick) made it so.

There is a difference between sex and gender.  Sex is defined by biology, something that cannot be changed despite a designation on a birth certificate way after the fact.  Gender, on the other hand, is the perception of what you are.  At one time, gender was confined to grammatical classification.  It is time it be put back and left there.

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