For Real Trump Derangement Syndrome, Read The Palmer Report

If anyone wants to witness Trump Derangement Syndrome at its frothing best, I suggest you visit The Palmer Report.  This website, which passes for journalism, has been taken to task by outlets like “The Atlantic” for its outrageous claims of journalism and click-bait headlines prompting a quick rebuke from Bill Palmer, the site’s founder and chief contributor.  Picking up on every shred of “evidence” and proclaiming basically everything the proverbial “smoking gun,” Palmer blogs almost three times a day about the impending implosion of the Trump presidency.  It is a startling look into the wishful thinking of the Left where the views of people like Laurence Tribe, John Podesta and Adam Schiff are elevated to the word of God.

I am not going into who Bill Palmer is or where he came from, but suffice to say, he fancies himself a journalist where he should be more appropriately be considered an opinion writer, or even better, a believer in conspiracy theories on par or worse than Alex Jones.  He will defend his “journalistic instincts” by noting that his articles are linked to stories from the New York Times or other websites and indeed they are.  Yet, when one reads these links, we find that Palmer’s take goes far beyond anything in those links that, unsurprisingly, rely heavily on “unnamed sources.”  In short, those linked stories are worth squat and Palmer’s take is beneath squat.

To Palmer, every time Trump takes to Twitter it is because Trump is trying to detract from the latest startling revelation that never seems to come “any day now.”  For example, on June 16th, the Palmer Report noted that the Justice Department put out a three-sentence statement about ignoring leaks from foreign intelligence services (surprisingly, no link to the statement).  Palmer then notes that three hours previous, based on an unsubstantiated report from “political insider” Claude Taylor (on Twitter no less), an upcoming revelation of a compromising tape of Trump (insinuations of “golden showers” here) was about to be released.

And just who is “political insider” Claude Taylor?  He was employed in the Clinton administration who worked in the volunteer office for a $35,000 salary.  If that is a “political insider,” then I’m Jesus Christ.  Taylor has made these inside “political” observations also: (1) Trump was considering resignation, (2) Trump’s children have been recorded talking about illegal acts by British, German and Qatari authorities and (3) terminated US attorney Preet Bhara turned over his Trump files to NY Attorney General Eric Schniederman.  All of these claims are false and no less a Lefty outlet than DailyKos has taken Taylor to task for his statements.

We are now a month removed from this revelation, yet have not seen nor heard of the “pee pee” tape.  Not to be deterred, Palmer claims that those who have the tape are just waiting for the right time.  That same day, Palmer again ran a story based upon the imaginative mind of Claude Taylor that Steve Bannon was being investigated for obstruction of justice because he allegedly physically threatened White House staff.

Another “political insider” often quoted by Palmer is Twitter-named Puesto Loco who Palmer says has contacts in the intelligence community.  One look at Puesto Loco and one can tell that he has more in common with Unabomber Ted Kascynski than with anyone in the intelligence community.

When Jason Chaffetz announced his resignation from the House, the Palmer Report surmised it was because the Russians had compromising information on him.  They also colluded with Paul Ryan so that he could win reelection.  And the list goes on.  Apparently, the Russians did not have an interest just in Trump, but with every Republican.  Which begs the bigger question: where was the Obama administration when all this was happening?  Were they that inept that they allowed such a deep penetration by Russian intelligence?  If so, wouldn’t that justify the termination of the man in charge of domestic counterintelligence, James Comey?

Note to Bill Palmer:  linking to dubious sources like Puesto Loco or calling a $35,000/year low level staffer in the White House two decades ago a “political insider” does not make your site reputable.  Nor does linking to sites that are allegedly above reproach like “Newsweek” and the “New York Times.”  Nor does basing your speculation on the speculation of others in turn based upon comments from “unnamed sources.”

When taken to task by some, Palmer’s retort has been to threaten lawsuits when not e-mailing profanity-laced diatribes.  Perhaps the funniest accusation involves the following two stories.  The first involves Rachel Maddow who has become the laughing stock of journalism for her revelations that have fallen remarkably flat.  In early July, Maddow  came into possession of a classified document which proved the Trump-Russian collusion story.  However, she claims MSNBC did their due diligence (a laughable proposition right there) and determined that the document was a fraud.

Palmer has a unique take on the story.  In his conspiratorial mind, the forged document was delivered to Maddow by the Trump administration hoping she would run with the scoop.  Then they would pull the rug out from under the story thus proving that the mainstream media was against Trump.  In short, they were setting up Maddow for an incredibly embarrassing fall, as if she needs any help in that area.

The second story from July 5th is equally laughable and attempts to show legitimacy to the rantings of Palmer by invoking the name of Harvard professor Laurence Tribe.  He quotes Adam Schiff as saying, “I believe there’s evidence of both collusion and obstruction in Trump-Russia probe.”  Of course, this is the default knee-jerk commentary by anyone with a “D” after their name.  To emphasize what Schiff is apparently aware of that no one else is, Palmer quotes a tweet from Laurence Tribe: “When Adam Schiff says there’s evidence of both collusion & obstruction, you can take that to the bank.”  Noting that Tribe is “one of the foremost legal and constitutional experts in the United States” supposedly adds legitimacy to these musings.  In short, there you have it:  end all probes because Adam Schiff has spoken and Laurence Tribe believes him.

When not ranting about Russia, Palmer is raising the specter of Orwellian mental health commissions to examine Trump using the 25th Amendment as a pretext.  This would make Palmer a supporter of such actions in the past by the likes of Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-tung and Adolph Hitler.  He has played up the snub that wasn’t a snub by the Polish first lady’s handshake.  And when Trump allegedly brought up the issue of Russian interference in the 2016 election at their meeting during the G20 summit in Hamburg, that was proof that Trump was Putin’s puppet.

Palmer falls in with a long line of conspiracy theorists who will never be satisfied when proof exists contrary to the scenarios playing in his demented mind.  Just as there are those who still believe the CIA killed Kennedy, or that 9/11 was an inside job, Bill Palmer carries on a fine tradition in America- that of the grand conspiracy…the perpetrator of the perfect crime.

It is ironic that he would question the intelligence of Trump and his administration and portray their actions as that of a mentally unstable person who should not hold the highest office in the land.  Yet, he then weaves a conspiratorial story worthy of a great spy novel with twists and turns that only a genius could invent and get away with.

So which is it, Bill Palmer?  Inventive genius or crazed madman/puppet of Russia?  While anyone is free to opine on anything on the Internet including conspiracy theories, an ex-elementary school teacher passing himself off as a journalist is another thing.  At the least, it is opinion.  More accurately, it is junk.  At its worst, it is the definition of fake news.


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