Suffer the Poor Gay Pride Marcher

Now that it is July, that means it is no longer June which means that is no longer Pride Month.  This homage to the LGBT community where gays come out of the woodwork to march in ass-chaps was started in 2009 when Barack Obama declared June National LGBT Pride Month.

But, something sinister happened this year.  NO- it was not Trump’s refusal to recognize National Pride Month (along with National Colo-Rectal Awareness Month and others).  It was the presence of black activists showing up at Gay Pride parades and rallies across North America and basically disrupting them.

In DC, a parade was blocked by a group calling themselves No Justice No Pride.  This is a group of gay black activists and their supporters.  In Columbus, Ohio, things turned violent at a gay pride parade when black activists showed up to protest the acquittal of a Hispanic cop who shot and killed Philando Castile.  That led to four arrests.

In Toronto, gay pride was on full display along with a decidedly obese lesbian painted like the planet Earth.  Alexandria Williams, co-founder of the Toronto Black Lives Matter movement- lectured the helpless gays by suggesting that they were supporting and enabling a “historical and current culture of anti-blackness.”

The list of demands of No Justice No Pride run the gamut of the expected.  For example, (1) they no longer want police participation or presence at gay pride parades, (2) a paid organizer of “an indigenous people,” although their stated preference is someone of the Piscataway Nation, (3) barring corporate sponsorship of gay pride events specifically Wells-Fargo, Lockheed-Martin, BAE Systems and would instead prefer they monetarily show their support for gay pride by donating to programs that support the gay and Muslim communities (where did that some from?), and (4) showing solidarity with the BDS movement against “Israeli apartheid policies towards the marginalized Palestinians.”  In short, they are a bunch of gay/trans social justice warriors hiding behind the ass-chaps of the homosexual community.

So what exactly has the black community so upset at the gay community?  For one thing, gay nightclubs.  In Philadelphia, an uproar in the black community ensued when a gay nightclub owner was caught on video calling a black patron the N-word.  This led to an investigation by the Orwellian-sounding Philadelphia Commission on Civil Rights which determined a pattern of systematic racism against black patrons in gay nightclubs.  Several owners of these clubs were sent to mandated sensitivity training.  The original beef of the guy who used the N-word was that the patron in question kept begging for free drinks.

In New York City, a gay bar used white and Hispanic muscle-bound gays in their advertisement.  You can see the problem already- no black muscle-bound gay guys.  Screamed a headline, “Is a NYC Gay Bar Excluding Black Patrons?”

Another thing that has blacks upset is dating.  In an article for Huffington Post titled, “An Open Letter to Gay, White Men: No, You’re Not Allowed to Have a Racial Preference,” writer Donovan Trott laments the fact that gay white men seem not to have a preference for gay black men.  Apparently, he would suggest some form of gay dating affirmative action program to address this travesty.  Proving that a white gay cannot catch a break, he further calls white homosexuals who actually DO date black homosexuals “chocolate chasers.”  And unbeknownst to this writer, apparently some white gays have a preference for Asians, or as Trott calls them “rice queens.”  Such tolerance!

This writer has a theory about the current black animus towards the gay community and it has nothing to do with such made up conceptions like “intersectionalism.”  When the gay community started claiming that gay rights were the new civil rights battle for the 21st century, the black activists blanched at the idea.  To them, gay rights is not really civil rights.  And the reason is simple: when blacks were denied a table at a restaurant, a seat on a bus, or a water fountain, the privileged white male homosexual could just blend in and pretend they were not gay.  Not so when talking about skin color.  Hence, gay rights is not really civil rights.

Another possibility is that blacks are simply prejudiced against gays in general.  Criminalizing homosexuality is prevalent in the Muslim world and sub-Sahara Africa as well as many Central Asian countries, including India. Currently, 34 African nations make homosexuality a crime.  It should be noted that not a single white-majority country makes homosexuality a crime.   The black activists will claim that this is the result of white colonialism.  If so, these countries have had many years to rid themselves of the vestiges of this colonialism, but have refused.  Why?

It is a documented fact that in California Proposition 8 which barred gay marriage at the time made it over the finish line due to 70% support from the black community.  At times, the rhetoric from the pulpits of black churches was incendiary and vehement.  Even today, the black community disapproves of gay marriage more than whites by a 15-point margin.

In conclusion, I say let the gays and the blacks fight it out on the streets of America.  No Justice No Pride demands no police presence?  Save the taxpayers the money.  They want someone from the Piscataway Nation?  Let gay Sioux, Apaches and Lenapes protest.  They don’t want corporate sponsorship?  Fine…the companies can save money that way.

It all simply proves that intolerance and prejudice is not just a white or straight thing.

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