Cecile Richards Reveals What It Is Really All About

Cecile Richards Reveals What It Is Really All About

The effort to defund Planned Parenthood is an ongoing battle.  The pending Senate health care reform bill along with the passed House version actually cuts funding for Planned Parenthood.  Some have characterized this as an “existential threat” to America’s top abortion mill.  It appears that Ivanka Trump may have had the most logical solution to the dilemma when she suggested that Planned Parenthood spin-off their abortion services.  In this way, the remaining Planned Parenthood would be eligible for federal Medicaid funds to do all the other “good services” they provide, like mammograms.  Just kidding- Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide that service.

But speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival (what will trendy Aspen think of next?), Richards says hold the phone because it ain’t happenin’.  The reason in her own words?  “The minute we begin to edge back from that is the minute that they’ve won.”  

This has nothing to do with women’s health and everything to do with winning “a war” that plays in her demented head.  In fact, she doubled down on the battle talk and said, “We’ve got to quit apologizing and hiding.”  To Richards and her ilk, no apology necessary for providing elective abortion on demand or being caught red-handed selling fetal body parts (despite the method of journalism used to expose the gory truth).

Richards even turns the cards and conveniently forgets the real victims- discarded human life- and plays the victim card.  She notes that hospitals provide abortions, yet they get Medicaid funding for other services.  That statement is factually false.  But, it did not stop her from declaring, “Somehow, Planned Parenthood is being held to a completely different standard.”  Boo hoo!

In a classic case of twisting logic and projection, she notes, “There was a time when the Republican Party embraced individual liberties…”  Yep- and first among those liberties is the right to life.  In fact, everything else is kind of moot without that precursor.

Then, she reveals her true colors even more:

It’s more important than ever that we stand loud and proud for the ability of any woman—regardless of her income, her geography, her immigration status, her sexuality, her sexual orientation—to access the full range of reproductive health care…We’ve got to pull the curtains back and be open and honest about this procedure that one in three women will have at some point in their lifetime, and their right to make that decision.

“Loud and proud” to have an abortion.  Only on the Left can killing on demand something reproduced be classified as “reproductive health care.”  One supposes in some twisted way, abortion does solve a “problem.”  But then again, that is what the unborn are to Planned Parenthood- a “problem,” or as my favorite moonbat Amanda Marcotte says, no different than a blood clot or abscessed tooth.

Richards is also under the impression that attitudes favorable toward abortion are on the precipice of some renaissance.  Her reasoning?  Recent articles in the likes of Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Glamour, and an episode of “Scandal.”  Geez…if Teen Vogue says its OK, then end the debate right here and now.

She also said that the vast majority of Americans believe abortion should be safe and legal.  Even the most staunch conservative does not believe abortion- necessary or on-demand- should be unsafe.  In fact, it is why states pass laws that ensure abortions are provided with at least the same sanitary conditions as a dentist’s office.  Regardless, she is flat out wrong as countless Gallup and Pew polls have pointed out since Roe vs. Wade with neither side reaching “vast majority” status.

She sees defunding Planned Parenthood the first step towards…well her words say it best:

A cautionary tale: These folks aren’t just against Planned Parenthood.  They’re against birth-control access. … Anyone who thinks that … if we didn’t provide abortion services, somehow, they would quit this attack on women—I’m sorry. It’s just the beginning.

And once abortion is tackled, it is on to contraception…and then every woman’s uterus and ovaries!  At this point, Richards is obviously becoming delusional and irrational.

She closes her screed with a suggestion to continue the fight: continue to perform abortions (why not? They’re a great money-maker) and de-stigmatize abortion (to get more “customers”).  It is a classic business plan.  Who knew Cecile Richards was the Ray Kroc of abortion!

She concludes:

Having been pregnant myself, my children are the joy of my life. But that was my decision to make. And I’ll fight until the end of my days for every woman to make that decision themselves.

This is typical drivel from people like Richards who convert the killing of innocent life into some constitutional right nowhere to be found in the Constitution.  Richards is no worse than your average terrorist.  Instead of yelling “Allah akbar” as they pull the detonation device on the suicide vest, Richards yells “constitutional rights” as she kills innocent human life.  Both have so radicalized themselves that they can’t distinguish wrong (murder) from right (protecting innocent human life).

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