Good News in the Culture Wars

Each week, I try to find seven stories which illustrate the lunacy of social justice warriors.  Some weeks, it is hard to whittle them down since there are so many.  In other cases, other front page writers and others highlight some stories in more depth and detail than I.   This entry is dedicated to some good news in the culture wars.

First, it is rather trendy on many college campuses to consider masculinity “toxic.”  To hear some on the Left, no father should send their daughter to college since the male student body is out to rape them.  This is all a part of the broader attack on masculinity in general and the promotion of ideas like “gender fluidity.”  But a study out of Florida State University shows that women in relationships with men rate their satisfaction in their personal life higher with men who exert assertiveness and power.  Far from being poisoned by toxic masculinity, wives with “manly” husbands see a spike in satisfaction.

Marvel has a new cartoon series out called “Black Panther and the Crew.”  The brainchild of Ta-Nehesi Coates and Yona Harvey follow the lead character as they investigate the death of a civil rights hero while in police custody.   Set in a future Harlem, robotic police controlled by a private contractor patrol the streets where they beat up the black residents of Harlem.  The whole plot wreaks of Sandra Bland.  Except there is a problem which Coates will no doubt blame on institutional racism- the sales of the comic suck!  They suck so bad that Marvel is pulling the comic after only two issues.

Meanwhile, website “Everyday Feminism” has run into financial trouble and is threatening to shutter the site.  They are asking the few who read this drivel to donate to the site because they need a $50,000 cash infusion.  Site founder Sandra Kim recently proved she is no businesswoman when she teamed up with “racial justice organizer” Dara Silverman to launch a program to “cure toxic whiteness.”  They were charging $300 to join this laughfest.  But when no one signed up, they had to drop the price to $97.

ESPN announced that their signature program, “SportsCenter,” was being sponsored by none other than Lefty propaganda MSNBC.  ESPN recently laid off 100 people over declining revenue which some blame on its Leftist bent in presenting sports coverage.  One anchor, Linda Cohn, recently stated that ESPN is losing viewers because it inserts (Leftist) politics into its sports coverage.  People watch sporting events and analysis of sporting events for…sports, not a political lecture.  Seems people are voting with their remote controls.

In April, Cameron Padgett paid Auburn University in Alabama $700 to rent space for a speech by Richard Spencer.  Although denouncing Spencer, the college announced they would allow the event to go on in the interest of the First Amendment.  But days later they cancelled the event citing security concerns.  Padgett then sued claiming a denial of his Free Speech rights.  The speech went on with about 400 people attending, many trying to shout him down, but eventually worn down by his 2 hour speech.  Padgett pursued his claim and Auburn has agreed to settle out of court for $29,000.  Perhaps, Mr. Padgett is on to something here…

ABC announced the cancellation of their hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” starring Hollywood conservative Tim Allen.  The show is their only highlight on Fridays and enjoys good ratings leading many to surmise that ABC cancelled the show because it was too conservative, or not liberal enough.  A petition has thus far garnered 115,000 signatures.  Allen told Jimmy Kimmel that living in Hollywood right now is like living in Nazi Germany.  It is now reported that ABC is reconsidering their decision to cancel the show.

Boycotts, petitions, and obstructionist lawsuits are tools of the Left.  But, it appears that some on the Right are borrowing those tools to good effect.  Perhaps if more people sued colleges for restricting free speech, there would be less Berkeleys.  Perhaps if more people signed petitions, networks would not cancel shows for political purposes.  Perhaps if more people voted with their remote controls (ESPN) or their wallets (Marvel Comics), we would not have politically correct lectures shoved down our throats on a sportscast or in comic book.