The Culture Wars: A Study in Absurdity- May 23rd Edition

Yes…it is time for yet another installment of the culture wars absurdity and silliness brought to you by moi.  Seven stories in no particular order of interest that piqued MY interest over the past week.


We all knew this was coming, but social justice warriors have it in for Mother’s Day since it is “gender exclusionary.”  One such SJW, writing for the Toronto Star, states: “gendered holidays are generally a drag for non-binary parents who don’t identify with a single gender.”  They propose- and I kid you not- a “Non-Binary Parents Day” to be celebrated July 17th.  Others have suggested combining Mother’s and Father’s Day into a single holiday- “Guardian’s Day.”   Don’t buy stock in Hallmark if this comes to fruition.   Others have posted videos describing how they are traumatized by these gender-specific holidays.  Note to these people: It does not celebrate YOU, but the person who gave birth to you and chances say that it was a female!


A study out of California Polytechnical Institute has found that reddish-brownish squirrels, indigenous to the Eastern part of the country, are suffering and are the victims of “racialized,” gendered,” and “specieist” media coverage.

The problem started about 100 years ago when the reddish fox squirrel trekked west and, being more adaptable than their grayish squirrel indigenous to the west, are replacing the gray guys in urban and suburban areas.  According to a paper by a professor (Teresa Loro-Bidart) pompously titled “When Angelino Squirrels Don’t Eat Nuts: A feminist posthumanist politics of consumption across southern California,” she argues that the appearance of the eastern squirrels have incited anti-immigrant sentiments and general bigotry.  Seriously… somebody studied this and someone published it.

So the next time you discover a squirrel in your trash can, remember that they are yet another oppressed class of life.


Under a grant from the Trump administration, a professor at the University of Georgia received $230,000 in federal funding to study how racial microaggressions (code word for: “You’re racist…you just don’t realize it”) hold black people of color from studying science.  The professor is also tasked with determining what policies colleges should put into place to penalize or deter these microaggressions.

According to the professor, Mary Atwater, a professor of math and science who happens to be black who apparently overcame these microaggressions, she plans to study:

…how people of European-American descent engage in subtle, indirect or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group in science education…

One waits with baited breath to see the results of this study.


A student group in Canada has apologized for using a Lou Reed song- “Walk on the Wild Side-” during a campus event.  The group apologized and issued a statement regretting using the song because it contained “hurtful transphobic lyrics.”

To anyone unfamiliar with the song, one supposes they objected to the words of the opening verse:

Holly came from Miami F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she
She said, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side,
Said, hey honey, take a walk on the wild side.

The song is actually an autobiographical sketch of people Reed had met in the pre-punk days in New York City- that melting pot of weirdness.  There really was a transvestite “Holly” from Miami as well as a Candy who would perform oral sex (verse 2), Little Joe (a male prostitute- verse 3) and a “Sugar Plum Fairy-” a male who went by that name (verse 4).  Granted, these are hardly people I would want to associate with, but he did and he immortalized them in song.

No word yet on whether blacks are offended when he refers to them as “the colored girls” in the introduction to the do doo-doo bridge of the song.


Piper Harron is a professor at the University of Hawaii who caused a ruckus by suggesting (on social media, of course) that white men should resign or drop out of the workforce because they are taking up space in said workforce rightfully belonging to trans and minority woman, of which she is one (a minority woman).

Since uncovered is her autobiographical sketch where she states she earned a degree from NYU where she “survived external and internalized misogyny (she was misognynist towards herself?)” and “survived external and internalized racism.”  She also praises the fact that she “grew a human body in (her) own,” gave birth to said body and that her body even produced milk.  She lauds the fact she wrote her thesis while being a stay-at-home mom.

Chapter 4 of her thesis starts:

Mathematics, let us in; Let us welcome in the sun! Let us open the doors and clear the way; Our week is far from done.  And all the underrepresented minority women sing “Doo doo-doo, doo doo doo.

You see, that last part about the “underrepresented minority women” singing that “doo doo-doo” is actually the aforementioned Lou Reed song.  Hence, Ms. Harron appropriated the lyrics from a white singer’s song.  I smell some cultural appropriation here.


The city of Berkeley, California- that shining beacon of free speech in America- was recently reported to be organizing a symposium on how to deal with fascism in their fine environs.  By “fascism,” they mean anything to to right of the Black Panthers.  Sara Kershnar, an activist and aid to a city councilsomething, suggested that they invite actual pro-terrorists to the forum.  NOTE:  Not to go all ad hominem or anything…what the hell: the other side does, Ms. Kershnar is actually more grotesque than Lena Dunham frolicking on the beach topless like a stranded manatee.

Literally, the suggested speakers were a who’s who of Leftist terrorists like the recently released (by Obama) Puerto Rican FALN leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.  But there is some good news.  For whatever reason, the forum was never held.  Thank God for small miracles, but it would have been interesting to hear these people speak in an open, civil forum.  Yeah, right!


Remember that dark, brooding, dystopian Inaugural speech Trump delivered back in January?  Probably not since we’ve been through so much in four months of the Trump presidency that it is hard to remember what happened a week ago.

Well, recently crowned “The Next Democratic Messiah,” California Senator Kamala Harris who has all of four months under her senatorial belt addressed the graduating class of Howard University with these words:

You are graduating into a time when we see a revival of the failed ‘War on Drugs,’ and a renewed reliance on mandatory minimum prison sentences. A time when young [illegal immigrants] who were brought to America as children fear a midnight knock on the door.

This just conjures up images of Elian Gonzalez.  That’s right…that occurred under Bill Clinton’s presidency.  She even suggested that a late night Tweet could start a war.  She ended her speech with these words:

We need you. Our country needs you. And the world needs you. Get out there and do your thing.

By that, she meant protesting and marching and all that fun stuff Lefties do to bide their time.  Ms. Harris can jump start her Senate career by doing “something” like having a post office in California named after someone.  What the hell… it worked for Hillary Clinton and look where she is now.

That’s it for this week.

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