More Absurdity From the Culture Wars- April 26th edition

In a continuing effort to keep Redstate readers abreast of current events and trends in the never-ending culture wars and to provide some comic relief, I present the seven best stories from the past week (in no particular order):

Not Being Designated “Transgender” is a Violation of Your Constitutional Rights…or Something Like That

A transgender woman (?) in Idaho recently came up with a novel idea to have the state officially change her gender on her birth certificate.  According to the complaint filed with the court described the state’s refusal “stigmatizing.”  She/he/it also complained it was a violation of their First Amendment rights because it “…prevents transgender individuals from accurately expressing their gender” and violates their “rights… to refrain from speaking by forcing them to disclose their transgender status and to identify with a gender that conflicts with who they are…”   Sadly, if the person moved a little west into Oregon, the case would be decided by now in their favor.

Your Weekly Hate Crime Hoax Exposed

Ever since Trump was elected, we have been inundated with reports of alleged hate crimes being committed.  Unfortunately, we have also been inundated with reports of these hate crimes being proven hoaxes.  The latest came from the campus of USC where, no doubt, many threatened snowflakes on campus felt traumatized.  Someone put up a sign that said, “No Blacks allowed” along with a Confederate flag and a “#MAGA” sign.

Good old investigative work- like looking at surveillance footage of the incident- revealed that the culprit was a non-student who happened to be black.  His motivation?  He had a disagreement with someone.  The campus police stated that he would NOT be charged with anything since no crime was committed.  Hmmm….

Now Supporting Smoking Pot is Racist

This past week saw yet another celebration of our pot-friendly country telling us of the wonders of pot smoking.  Yes-  April 20th- or 420- passed and the social justice warriors took to Twitter to remind us how we are perpetuating a vicious cycle of institutional racism.  Never mind the fact that the phrase “420” refers to the time some stoners in San Rafael, California convened to get high after which they attacked the local 7-11 in search of Twinkies.

The moron SJW crowd still believes 420 is a police code for smoking marijuana as if cops would radio: “420 in progress” (420 is the code for homicide).  Perhaps the worst that 420 and smoking pot has wreaked upon America is jam bands like Phish which, I am told, smoking weed enhances the sonic experience.

So why is it now the equivalent of burning a cross on the front lawn of your nearest black neighbor?  As one said (a Ms. Jen Ashley Wright): “4/20 is a day where we celebrate a crime that gets white ladies book deals and black men thrown in jail.”  Ms. Wright is the racist in making an institutionally racist assumption that only black men smoke weed because we all know that despite white ladies getting book deals, black rappers who smoke pot get record contracts.

Wanted: Lesbian Ponies

My Little Pony always seemed a little gay to this writer, but now some rainbow colored SJWs are demanding an actual lesbian pony.  One outlet, “Equestrian Daily,” follows the travails of the My Little Pony series and believes it is time for Starlight and Trixie to step out of the stable and declare their lesbian love for one another.

Other publications have questioned whether this should be allowed given that the series appeals mainly to children.  But, “Equestrian Daily” responded that other cartoon series have moved in a more “progressive direction.”  This writer will keep readers apprised of this controversy in the world of equestrian as the story develops.

What If Captain America Decapitated Barack Obama?

The University of Alaska at Anchorage is refusing to remove a painting depicting Captain America holding the decapitated head of Donald Trump dripping blood on the clinging body of Hillary Clinton.  The painting is part of a state-funded art exhibit on campus.  It has received some notoriety of late after another professor posted the picture online.

The University is leaving the picture in place arguing that they are protecting artistic expression.  OK- good enough.  But one wonders what if a professor at the University of Alaska had drawn Captain America holding the decapitated head of Barack Obama over a groveling Mitt Romney at Captain America’s feet?  Would that be artistic expression worthy of university protection?  Or, would it be a hate crime?  Inquiring minds want to know…

The New York Times Denies Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation has gotten some press here at Redstate of late.  Our own Streiff has written at least three articles that I can remember in the past month.  It is a hideous practice.  In fact, it is so hideous that the New York Times refuses to use the term.  Instead, they are using the more generic and antiseptic “genital cutting” term.  The reason?  According to them, “female genital mutilation” is a “culturally loaded” term.  Indeed it is as in Muslim culture.  An adept reader asked the editorial board why they abandoned the phrase and that is the only reason we know why they use the other term.

Beware If You Are a Shy People: You May Be Racist

Oxford University- that prestigious college in Britain- has determined that avoiding eye contact with someone could be a sign that you are a closet racist.  So is asking someone where they are originally from since this would imply they are “not British.”

This may present a problem to those who may be shy and avoid eye contact or even conversing with others.  And pity the poor autistic person who may avoid eye contact or not be particularly verbal with others.

Well, that’s it for this week and I will be back with another edition of the wild, wacky, and absurd world of the culture wars.