This Week in the Culture Wars: More Tales of the Absurd

It Is Now Official: Milk in Racist

PETA- a far Left Wing group that favors driving the domestic agricultural industry into destruction and who cares more about a cow raised to produce milk than an aborted fetus- released a video with this incendiary line: “Did you know that milk has long been a symbol used by white supremacists?”

That’s right.  You drink milk, you are a closet Nazi.  They claim it is the neo-Nazi drink of choice (which suggests they have strong bones and teeth), has long been used as a symbol of white supremacy (right up there with the swastika and Confederate flag) and is a thinly disguised “veiled allegory for racial purity.”

The smoking gun for this latter claim?  It figured prominently in the recent Jordan Peele movie “Get Out,” which became an incidental comedy rather than a horror movie.

The Rise of the Millennial LBGTQA+ Zombie

According to a poll conducted by the Harris Polling company, 12% of those in the millennial age group now report that they are LGBTQ (and the other things).  They are also the generation to least report that they are straight.  Three percent report being agender (whatever that is), another 3% is gender fluid (which I guess means they alternate based on the position of the sun in the sky), 2% transgender (that is, friggin confused), 2% unsure (hint: look between your legs), 1% bigender (isn’t that gender fluid?), and 1% genderqueer (which means they dress weird).

This would indicate that the brainwashing that occurs in academia and extends now into K-12 schools along with the media’s fixation on gender studies issues is having an effect on our youth.  It should also be mentioned that the poll was conducted on behalf of the gay rights activist group, GLAAD.

Even Banks Are Being Brainwashed

Well, it is not just the media, the educational system and higher academia succumbing to the LBGTQA+ propaganda machine.  HSBC Bank which operates in over 70 countries is now using gender neutral titles for customers on credit cards and other banking services.  Besides the dirty titles Mr., Mrs., and Miss, customers will now be offered such gender neutral titles like Ind, Sai, Myr and Mre (which stands for “mystery”…I think).  Said banking officials, these changes will make transgender customers “feel confident” that the organization “has been taught to better understand them.”  Translation:  the brainwashing has paid off.

The Irony is Not Lost

In the 1990’s, a subspecies of a subspecies of the human species came up with a new term for Hispanic members of the LGBTQA+ squared community- [email protected]  This was to get around the gender binary of males and females who were often referred to previously as Latinos and Latinas.  However, using the “@” symbol was obviously confusing since it looked too much like the traditional “Latina” I theorize, so they invented a more inclusive moniker: Latinx.

Now comes the funny part.  Latinx has exploded on college campuses and on many Leftist websites and publications.  But there is a problem- no one knows how to properly pronounce the word.  So after about two years of popularity, Latinx is now going out of vogue and being pushed there by assertions of “cultural imperialism.”  The dramas and dilemmas created over a letter is amusing and they can’t even pronounce the damn word.

To Battle Censorship, We Need More Censorship

It was Censorship Awareness Week on the campus of Wellesley College in Massachusetts, a vapid incubator of the worst breed of the social justice warrior.  And the good faculty of that esteemed institution of higher learning penned a letter in the same week protesting the appearance on campus of Dr. Laura Kipnis.  She is a fierce critic who questions a common belief on the college brainwashed: that there exists a campus rape culture prevalent throughout America.

Using such controversial tools like scientific proof, statistics and commonsense, her lectures often blow holes in the beliefs many hold near and dear to their tender college hearts.  The reactions are painfully predictable: ban her appearance, or failing that try to prevent other students from listening to her message.  Ironically, Kipnis is probably more of a feminist than an actual feminist since she asserts that laws, procedures and policies that attempt to alleviate a mythical problem actually perpetuate a paternalistic society and cast women as the weaker sex.  That is a lot of words for commonsense.

Now They’ve Gone Too Far

Marvel Comics is suffering through a sales slump and one executive thinks he knows why.  It seems that in an effort to appease the SJW crowd, Marvel created some minority and female characters.  The problem is that Marvel’s fan base just is not interested in them.  For their part, the SJWs are now blaming Marvel for not pushing the push for diversity in comics.

Last But Certainly Not Least: Video Games Promote Fascism

A popular online meme has popped up which asserts that gamers- those who play video games incessantly- are a few steps from becoming Holocaust deniers, but wishing there was a Holocaust even if it didn’t occur.  Leftist website Salon has described Trump as “Gamergate” and The Guardian claims that the real “gamergate” gave rise to the alt-right.  But then again when you have some actual gamers believing that “Call of Duty” is some form of right wing psy ops program, what can you expect?  Games like “Civilization” and “Star Craft-” games which require strategic thinking- have been labeled fascist by some since they give players a chance to control civilization.  To the SJWs, gaming and fascism go hand-in-hand.  What better way to attack a $90 billion industry?  Bottom line: its a cute meme on the Internet and little else.

The meme describes ten steps to fascism:  (1) play video games—> (2) enter gamer/nerd culture—> (3) adopt libertarian atheism—> (4) become anti-SJW—> (5) vote for or support Trump—> (6) become alt-right—> (7) appreciate Nazi memes—> (8) become a white nationalist—> (9) deny the Holocaust—> wish the Holocaust happened.   Funny…I made it to (4) without going through 1, 2 or 3.