May Day Approaches: Get Ready For Some More Obligatory Protests

Although we likely have to deal with the Science March on Washington scheduled for Earth Day 2017, a bigger “movement” is brewing that will start on April 4th and culminate on May 1st, or May Day.  There won’t be pagans dancing around May poles, but an assortment of Leftist loons will emerge from their sheltered safe spaces and take to streets to protest a plethora of alleged ills perpetrated by a sexist, misogynist, patriarchal, white ethnocentric capitalist system keeping the poor downtrodden in their rightful place under the boots of a fascist government.

So why start on April 4th?  Because that is the anniversary of a speech regarding Vietnam delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. many moons ago.  Being organized by yet another amalgamation of groups with a racial/sexual/anti-capitalist chip on their shoulders called “The Majority,” the prime movers are Black Lives Matter, Mijente (a Latinx group), Fight for $15, the Indigenous Environmental Network, and other assorted goofballs on the Left.

We know why April 4th- the anniversary of that King speech and his assassination one year to the day later, but why May 1st?  It is because it is a fine communist/socialist holiday.  The Majority says that May Day celebrates the Haymarket affair (riots) in Chicago, although I believe some Northern Hemisphere pagans would disagree.  And naturally all things come back to Trump.  Says their website:

“In the context of a new president using grandiose promises of job creation to mask the fundamentally anti-worker and pro-corporation nature of his policies, it is imperative that we put forth a true, collective vision of economic justice and worker justice, for all people.”

No matter what Trump does, even if it his policies are a stunning success reducing unemployment to o.o% and everyone makes the mythical, pulled-out-of-one’s-butt $15/hour wage, it is Trump and therefore they will protest it!  Disguised as “mass political education,” these disparate groups are banding together to essentially march and engage in public stupidity with equally stupid slogans and speeches.

They are also calling for a May Day strike which so far, they claim, has the backing of over 300,000 farm workers, food servers, cooks and (naturally) members of SEIU.  They will be joined by immigrant groups which sounds like a fine plan to round up some illegal immigrants in one fell swoop.  So, the lettuce and broccoli won’t be picked for a day, some ethnic restaurants may close, and managers will be flipping burgers at your local McDonald’s and hotel guests may have to make their own beds.  Boy- that sure is grinding capitalism to a halt!

One McDonald’s worker in Memphis- a Ms. Latierika Blair all of age 23- said: “We’re joining together with the Movement for Black Lives because our two movements have a common bond in fighting the racism that keeps down people of color everywhere.”  That is, McDonald’s is a racist employer not because they don’t hire black people, but because they do not pay Ms. Blair what SHE thinks she is worth.  Memo to Ms. Blair: McDonald’s work is considered “entry level,” as in entry into the labor market.  Unless you have managerial aspirations (and I hear McDonald’s pays fairly decent wages to managers), the purpose of “entry level” status is to show your relative worth in the marketplace.  The fact she at age 23 makes $7.35 an hour tells you one of two things: either she entered the labor market at age 23 OR she is a really crappy worker.

The problem I have with these people who claim injustice is their deflection of blame for their own shortcomings onto someone or something other than themselves.  Which is fine; they live in America and they are free to express themselves.  But they are seldom prepared to suffer the consequences for their actions and expressions.

And the boredom seems to be setting in earlier than most expected.  Michael Moore’s vaunted “100 Days of Resistance” has resulted in exactly one protest organized by the fat slob…two days before Trump’s address to Congress…not even in Washington!  According to a poll conducted by Lake Research, the most active organizers in this “resistance” movement are women (77%) over the age of 45 (66%).  In other words, to paraphrase The Who:  “Meet the old protester; same at the old protester.”  Even though there may be young faces marching on the street, it seems that after their appearance on the street, they return to their jobs- even if they pay $7.35 an hour,- their homes and their lives.  Perhaps the most heartless form of protest was suggested by Cosmopolitan: withholding oral sex from your partner.  If this is what the “Resistance” has descended to, Trump should be heartened.

Eventually, Americans will tire of all the protests, demonstrations, marches, boycotts and strikes and adopt a “ho hum” attitude which is why watching large groups of ignoramuses make asses of themselves does not bother this writer.  Which is yet another thing that makes this country great: your right to be a douche bag in public and have that right protected by the very thing you want to negate.  Par for the course for the Left.