Some Absolutely Strange and Amusing Events in the Culture Wars

Some are these are too funny to be true, but sad fact is that they are true.  There is the case out of Portland, Oregon where a judge has approved a petition by a man (we think) and he is now the first person to officially achieve the designation “genderless.”  Last year, the same judge approved a “non-binary” designation for another Portland resident.  The young “genderless” in question this year also officially changed his name to “Patch” since he announced that “even gender neutral pronouns don’t seem to fit me.”  One wonders if job applications and other official documents will now be required to designate “genderless.”

After Russian officials discovered that the yellow Power Ranger in the new movie was a lesbian, the government moved to prohibit Russian children from viewing the film.  Although not explicit in its depiction of the lesbian Ranger, a single line in passing about Yellow’s “girlfriend problem” prompted the Russian government to designate the film proper viewing for those 18 years and older.

Speaking of movies, the new CHiP’s movie is receiving some press given some silly 1970’s-era banter about homosexuality and inane jokes about erections achieved from motorcycle bumps.  Its ironic since the film’s writer and star Dax Shepard and his wife Kristen Bell are probably one of Hollywood’s most celebrated liberal couples off the screen.  Seems the average social justice warrior lacks a sense of humor.  But, considering the movie gets a paltry 28% from Rotten Tomatoes and is generally a bust, one would think they wouldn’t draw unnecessary attention to it.

Rasmea Odeh, a big mouth activist and one of the organizers of the Women’s March in Washington, will be deported to Jordan for lying on her application for US citizenship.  Seems Ms. Odeh conveniently forgot about that terrorism conviction in Israel years ago when she applied for citizenship.  Sadly, it doesn’t silence this harpy since the plea agreement calls for no prison time.  But, she can now organize women’s marches in Jordan.  That I would love to see.

Not content with protesting Chick-Fil-A, student protesters at Ohio State University are protesting the presence of a Wendy’s franchise at their student center.  Its not that Wendy’s has “homophobic” owners.  They oppose Wendy’s use of Mexican products…like beef.  Never mind that this is actually an attack against Mexican beef workers.  Their preferred method of protest?  A hunger strike of course.  So some 19 OSU students are on a hunger strike.  After it fails- Wendy’s presence on campus was never a problem until now- Wendy’s should deliver free burgers to the students.  And I hear their chili is pretty good.

It was recently revealed that alt-right personality Milo Yiannaopolis did not charge colleges a speaker’s fee for his recently ended “Most Dangerous Faggot” tour.  Can Robert Reich and Paul Krugman say the same?  What also wasn’t revealed is that he was financially backed by billionaire Robert Mercer who was also a donor to the Trump campaign.  At least now we know why Milo often referred to Trump as “daddy.”  Seems they both had the same sugar daddy.

A controversy is brewing in Britain over bookmarks.  One is “Male Lit” and the other “Chick Lit.”  If, for example, you sign out a book in a library by a male author, the bookmark suggests other male authors you may like.  “Sexism!” cries the British social justice warrior on social media.  As expected, the libraries pulled the bookmarks and apologized for their transgression.

A jewelry outlet in North Carolina came under fire for an advertisement campaign with the tag line: “Sometimes it is OK to throw rocks at girls” with a picture of a diamond ring.  An organized effort soon forced an apology from the jewelry store and a statement they did not condone violence against women…even if it involved throwing a $5,000 diamond ring on a finger.

And in the cultural appropriation department, Gucci has come under fire from the LGBT weirdos for “appropriating” something in their Ugly Mary Jane line of footwear.  The fine folks at Gucci neglected to realize that wearing Ugly Mary Jane shoes was popular among lesbian punk scenesters way back in the mid-1980’s.  But you gotta love capitalism.  Gucci is charging $2,000 for a pair of these shoes.

And proving the adage that words have consequences, three self-appointed judges of cultural appropriation have come under fire at a college near Los Angeles (where else?  San Francisco?).  The writers of graffiti- “White Girl- Take Off Your Hoops-” were outed by the college newspaper and now feel their safety threatened.  Seems the estrogen levels were surging when the message was anonymous, but with the anonymity stripped they aren’t such strong sisters after all.  Strangely, the graffiti was supported by something called the Latinx Student Union.  I say “strange” because I don’t know what a “Latinx” is.  So I did the next best thing and consulted an expert in politically correct speech- The Huffington Post.

Seems that many Hispanics dislike being referred to as Latino or Latina because those words are masculine and feminine.  We can’t have any of that in the SJW world, so why not make up a word…like Latinx.  Its gender neutral and brings in those Latin…er, Latinx gays, transgenders, transsexuals, asexuals, the + sign people, whatever…  But be careful when using this phrase.  One small spelling error and they become “Latex.”