DailyKos Activism

One of my favorite Lefty websites is DailyKos- a series of rambling incoherent talking points long on emotion and devoid of logic.  They have these online petitions of which there are currently ten.  Without further ado in reverse order based on number of petitions:

#10- Stop All Trump Nominees- 3,498 signatures

This one starts out:

President Donald Trump’s appointments have been a true basket of deplorables—from unreconstructed racists to climate change deniers.  And despite (almost) unanimous opposition from Senate Democrats on high-profile Cabinet picks, we have not prevented Jeff Sessions from becoming Attorney General or prevented Betsy DeVos from getting Secretary of Education.

Yep…and there’s a reason for that.  Harry “One Eye” Reid changed the Senate rules allowing picks to be approved by a simple majority.  What goes around comes around.  Of course, the petition starts out in Leftist fashion by getting right to the name-calling.  Given the number of signatures, it would appear even the loons that read DailyKos have a thing against obstruction for the sake of obstruction.

#9- Support Sanctuary Cities- 13,320 signatures

This one asks that not only should existing sanctuary cities and campuses hold firm against Trump’s threat to cut off funding, but that there should be more cities, states and campuses.  So if I get this right, the fine folks at DailyKos are encouraging states, cities and college campuses to ignore, flout, and avoid federal immigration laws because they disagree with them.

In other words, they are endorsing the idea that governments and colleges can pick and choose which federal laws to obey.  There is no argument that the actions of the federal government areconstitutional, just based on Trump’s “hateful immigration” policies which thus far has amounted to enforcing existing laws and continuing deportations begun under Obama.

This sounds eerily synonymous with my high school American history lecture on the nullification crisis of 1832.  DailyKos is channeling their best impression of John C. Calhoun.

# 8 Delay Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch- 60,830 signatures

This one’s rationale is a weird one:

With the possibility of collusion with a foreign government hanging over the Trump regime, the last thing the Senate should be doing is considering a lifetime nomination to the Supreme Court. The legitimacy of this presidential regime is now in serious question, and this nomination should be, too.

In other words, the Left is under the erroneous belief that an unfinished investigation by the FBI will lead to an eventual impeachment of Trump and that therefore any Trump nomination is illegitimate.  Yet, these were the same people bitching about the Merrick Garland nomination and suggesting that the work of the Supreme Court would grind to a halt.  If delaying any action on Garland was egregious, delaying any action on Gorsuch is equally egregious.

#7 Protest Elimination of Meals on Wheels Program- 77,269 signatures

The Trump budget is not eliminating Meals on Wheels; they are eliminating the $3 billion annual Community Development Block Grant program that MAY partially fund a Meals on Wheels program.  According to Mick Mulvaney, Meals on Wheels funding accounts for 3% of the total $3 billion spent annually, or $90 million federal dollars annually.

Thinking about it, the purpose of the CDBG program is to “ensure decent affordable housing, to provide services to the most vulnerable in our communities, and to create jobs through the expansion and retention of businesses.”  Administered through HUD, other than the “services to the most vulnerable” aspect, one should question why a program like this is funded by something from the HUD budget.  It may be more logical to fund it through the Agriculture Department, much like Food Stamps and the school lunch program are funded.

Secondly and most importantly, Meals on Wheels is not even a federal program.  In fact, the main source of federal funding for these state programs is administered through HHS and funding in 2016 was $227 million for “home-delivered nutrition services.”  As far as one can tell, that program through HHS is not affected by the proposed budget.  It’s a great talking point for the Left, but one that is seriously misleading, if not false.  But, that has never stopped them in the past.

# 6 Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Ties to Russia by the Trump Campaign- 113,163 words

This one defines the phrase internal inconsistency.  The first error is in the opening: ” The Russian government interfered in our election, with the express purpose of helping Donald Trump.”  NO- they were attempting to undermine the electoral process in general, not with “the express purpose” of helping Trump.

Secondly, they sing the praises of the FBI which is investigating the issue, then argue that the investigation should be removed from the FBI before the investigation is completed.  The goal is not a fear that Congressional or FBI investigations will not be thorough.  The goal is to keep the issue alive for as long as possible.  There may come a day when a special prosecutor is perhaps needed, but that day is not now.

#5- Delay Every Trump Nominee- 155,423 signatures

Ooops!  They saw the error of their ways (see #10).  Instead of BLOCKING nominees, now they just want them DELAYED.  This can be achieved by forcing the Senate into 30 hours of debate on every nomination thus grinding the Senate to a halt.  Then they want a roll call vote on every nominee despite who it is or what job it is.  I think they should just bypass this petition and urge Democratic senators to pull an Abbie Hoffman and summon forth the ghosts of the free speech movement and stage a huge sit-in on the floor of the Senate.

# 4 Jeff Sessions Must Resign- 196,989 signatures

This one asserts that Sessions lied under oath in his confirmation hearing about contact with Russian officials.  This involves the fact Sessions briefly met with the Russian ambassador during the RNC convention and once in his Senate office, which is somewhat common practice for foreign ambassadors to do.

But, he was Russian which raises all sort of red flags on the Left.  Second, there is no action to bring perjury charges against Sessions that anyone knows of.  The real reason is that the Left dislikes Jeff Sessions probably because he is white, hails from Alabama and must therefore be racist.

# 3 Reject the American Health Care Act- 292,506 signatures

You sort of have to agree with them on this one although the reasoning is wrong.  They are against it because it rolls back Medicaid expansion which is the main method of getting more Americans covered by insurance.  In reality, more people are getting insurance through the government.

What perturbs the Left is the end of subsidies and defunding Planned Parenthood.  Now that TrumpCare is dead, we can move on and they can claim victory but it was really GOP opposition that sunk the effort.

# 2- Have Trump Release His Tax Returns- 538,507 signatures

They correctly note that it is a 40-year tradition and there is the problem: it is a TRADITION.  No presidential candidate is required by law to publicly release their tax returns.  The Left seems to believe otherwise.

They also believe there is something impeachable in those returns.  Personally, I would like to see what Trump is truly worth because what you are worth is determined by the IRS, not the FEC.  My guess is that the total is considerably less than the $10 billion Trump places his personal wealth.

Regardless, in the case the dolts at DailyKos haven’t noticed yet, Trump does not adhere to tradition.  It’s what they railed about when he was a candidate and what they rail about now that he is President.

#1- End the Electoral College- 936,109 signatures

The big bugaboo on the Left.  Yes, Hillary won the popular vote.  But, we don’t elect presidents that way and Hillary knew that.  They both played on the same chess board, as someone once explained it.  They love to look at that 2.9 million figure as do many of my liberal friends.  They rail about it always coming down a handful of states- maybe eight.  When I explain that Clinton’s 2.9 million margin of victory can be explained by her win margins in Cook and Los Angeles counties and then ask why an election should come down to two cities, they usually shut up.

The Elelctoral College is going nowhere and they know it.  They say they can get around it by states joining the Interstate Popular Vote Compact- an end around the Constitution, but with Republicans controlling most state legislatures and Governor’s offices, that is unlikely and possibly unconstitutional, although they claim the contrary.