Gorsuch, Armpits, Spies and a Libertarian Epiphany

A sampling of some news and observations:

The Gorsuch Hearings Begin and Al Franken Fancies Himself a Constitutional Scholar

The hearings began in the Senate for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia.  Of course, this is just another vehicle for the Left and Democrats to get into a snit over the fact he will be the next Supreme Court Justice.  Chuck Schumer told a waiting crowd of reporters that many Democrats are worried because Gorsuch would not specifically answer questions.

One wonders why that is.  Could it be perhaps the treatment of Robert Bork at the hands of the Democrats many years ago changed how nominees approach these hearings?  Could it be that the prune-like octogenarian Democratic princess Ruth Bader Ginsberg took not answering questions with any specificity to new levels and is the template for any Supreme Court nominee these days?  Inquiring minds want to know.

In fact, they want to know how an ex-comedian like Al Franken made it onto the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Once you get beyond Franken’s obnoxious sarcasm, there is only two words to describe him: dopey dork.  The Left may have eaten it up (they did), but Franken cannot hold a candle to the intellect of Gorsuch.  The funny thing is that despite all the grandstanding, even if the Democrats worst nightmares come true and Gorsuch is a stone cold conservative in the mold of Alito or Thomas, it does not change the balance on the Court one iota.

The Armpit Hair Wars

Now that modern feminism has solved the mythical pay gap and that all men and women are equal, and that we’ve established that the “gender binary” is a social construct and has nothing to do with sexual organs or chromosomes, we can now move onto bigger issues.  Like whether or not Wonder Woman should be depicted with armpit hair or not.

The feminist blogosphere is scandalized by the fact that an upcoming film depicting the adventures of Wonder Woman has a woman without armpit hair.  Whereas I thought bathrooms were the next great battle, here I find out it is female armpit hair.  Of course, this all has to do with the patriarchal mentality of Western culture that forces a false sense of beauty on the oppressed sisterhood.

Or maybe it is because we have evolved beyond the Neanderthal stage of evolution and armpit hair on women is just gross.  I’m sure we will hear calls of “BOYCOTT!” come June when the film is released instead of protests against genital mutilation and other causes truly worthy of a feminist intervention.  Funny how when you run out of things to legitimately protest one turns to the absurdly ridiculous.  Which begs the bigger question:  Where have you gone Lynda Carter?

James Comey Goes to Capitol Hill

FBI Director James Comey testified before an open hearing of the House Intelligence Committee.  Naturally, in a public hearing not too much of vital interest is going to be revealed.  But Comey did confirm that as part of their counterintelligence efforts, they are looking into possible ties between Russia and the Trump campaign and have been since July 2016.

Let me go through this again: Yes- Russia tried to interfere in the electoral process not because they feared a Clinton administration (Really…think about that…Obamalite with a few cruise missiles), but to undermine a central American value.  Yes- they will do it again.

More importantly, it is now official and public knowledge that possibly for the first time in American history, both major party candidates were the subject of active FBI investigations.  What the hell went wrong in 2016?

What’s a Tomi Lahren and Why Should I Care?

Apparently a lot of people here and elsewhere are upset over some comments someone said and that someone is Tomi Lahren.  While trying to become one of the mean girls on the television program “The View,” Lahren announced that she was pro-choice.  This is supposed to lend gravitas to the pro-choice movement since Lahren is considered a conservative although her statement on that show was cloaked in libertarian gobbledy-gook.

I confess to not knowing who she is other than what I read about her.  She apparently worked for The Blaze and was/is some kind of social media phenomena among those who classify as “millennial.”  There is your first clue that something is amiss (they like socialism but cannot define it).  The problem for Lahren is that you cannot say that abortion is murder one month then have some libertarian epiphany and become pro-choice a few months later.  That would make you a supporter of OR complicit in murder.  This only proves that hypocrisy knows no bounds.

In short, I don’t care what Tomi Lahren thinks about abortion.  Too many people have dedicated too much ink to somebody undeserving of that ink.

Why Isn’t Ben Sasse President?

The more I see and hear of this guy, the more I like him.  His appearance recently on some news outlets is the thing of legend.  He managed to give a live interview to CNN in one part of the Capitol as he was questioning Gorsuch in another part of the Capitol.  This is the stuff of legend.  This dude can actually bilocate (physically be in two places at once) and gives new meaning to the phrase “multi-task.”

Seriously- he was on “Meet the Press” with my favorite bearded dufus Chuck Todd.  I have yet to see Sasse back away from or compromise his principles.  He’s quick on the draw with his answers and is unequivocal in his answers.  He has a resume to draw on and has shown himself to be a reliably staunch, yet practical conservative Republican.  If Trump falters seriously before 2020, the GOP has their man.  Besides, it would be kinda cool to have president from actual  flyover country.