How Has Trump Pissed Off Liberals This Past Week?

It was yet another eventful week in the young presidency of Donald Trump.  The following is a look at some things that got the Left’s knickers in a twist.

A Budget Blueprint is Released and There Will Be Dead Grandma’s and Starving Children

The reaction to Trump’s proposed budget has been expected- over the top rhetoric over a document that has zero percent of passing in Congress.  Instead, it should be viewed as a blueprint of priorities such as OMB Director Mick Mulvaney is doing.  But that does not stop the Left from crying foul because some after school programs and Meals on Wheels programs MAY get the ax.

Looked at more objectively, the blueprint actually matches up with the Constitutional duties of the national government- national defense and insuring domestic tranquility.  Well…maybe not so much “tranquility” as long as we have George Soros funding “The Resistance.”

Don’t fret, Lefties.  NO presidential budget has ever been approved as presented.  Community block grants will still be made, schools will find other ways of funding ineffective after school programs, and the Defense Department will not be getting an additional $54 billion because people like John McCain will find “savings by eliminating waste and fraud” that never seem to come to fruition.  There may be a few more fundraisers on your local PBS station and the arts may have to turn to the Hollywood donors to whom the arts pander, but besides that, very little will change.

Oklahoma Will Slip Into the Gulf of Mexico After Fracking Regulations are Rescinded

In response to fears and complaints over fracking- that process that allows the US to become an energy powerhouse- the Obama administration enacted rules designed to regulate the practice on federal land.  An Obama-appointed judge in Wyoming blocked the rule after agreeing with industry officials that the BLM was prohibited from regulating fracking.  That decision was being appealed to the Tenth Circuit of Appeals, but it is now on hold because the Trump administration expressed their intention to rescind the rule.

The administration said they will propose rescission of the rule within 90 days.  That sets into a motion a process that will likely take about a year to fully implement.  Since the rule never really went into effect, nobody is worse the wear for it.  Hence, the apocalyptic rhetoric coming from the environmental Left are the lonely wails of Yoko Ono.

Chemical Plants Will Poison the Environment Because No One Knows What Are in the Chemical Plants

In response to an explosion at a chemical plant in Texas in 2013, the EPA passed a rule requiring those who store chemicals make public the amounts and types of chemicals stored therein.  Industry officials complained citing national security stating that such a regulation would make it easier for terrorists to target refineries and storage plants.  Seems like a logical argument to this writer.

But, the Left claims this is just Scott Pruitt being Scott Pruitt and by that they mean beholden to the energy/chemical industry.  The rule was a knee-jerk reaction to a single incident that would have made no one any more safer than if the rule were not in place.  Not a single one of those 15 killed in 2013 would be alive today if that rule were in place.

Oh!  The Humanity!! 46 US Attorneys and One Recalcitrant One Gets the Boot

Never mind the fact that this is standard procedure with any incoming administration.  In fact, after winning a second term, presidents often replace political appointees from their first term.  The problem appears to be the one such attorney refusing to resign and then being fired.

This writer has no sympathy for government lawyers losing their jobs especially when it is standard procedure.  I especially feel no sympathy considering they all will likely end up in elite law firms with considerably higher pay.  Justice will not grind to a halt.  Instead, Preet Bharara refused to resign and was fired.  That’s called grandstanding pure and simple.  He got his 15 minutes of fame and will probably get a six figure salary.  Boo hoo !!

The Russians Were Spying on Clinton and the British Were Spying on Trump

Amid the Russian hacking “scandal” that propelled Trump into the White House at the expense of poor Hillary Clinton (sarcasm intended), Trump asserted via Twitter that the Obama administration “tapped” Trump Tower.  Although no such evidence has surfaced except in the mind of Trump, Sean Spicer in a press conference asserted that a British spy agency was partially responsible for the spying on Trump.  US intelligence had to apologize for the assertion.

Spicer based this assertion on a comment that Judge Andrew Napolitano had made on Fox News.  Even though he has not been a New Jersey Superior Court judge since 1995, he prefers to be called “Judge Napolitano.”  After listening to him on rare occasions, one is left with the impression that Judge Judy sometimes makes greater legal sense.  Heck- sometimes Kimberly Guilfoyle’s right breast makes more sense.  Regardless, Napolitano never really did tell us how he came to know that this British agency was involved.  Spicer cited speculation as fact.  Perhaps it was an “alternative fact” or maybe it was something else.  Whatever the motivation, it is another nail in the Trump credibility coffin.  Trump and Spicer need to put up or shut up.  Whoops!  Forgot I was talking about Trump here.

North Korea Put on Notice, an End to Strategic Patience and Mushroom Clouds Over San Francisco 

In South Korea, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the policy of strategic patience (i.e., doing nothing) was over and that all options were on the table as far as North Korea’s nuclear ambitions were concerned.  “All options on the table” is interpreted by the Left as “imminent military strike.”  This sent all sort of chills through the world’s Left and one expects someone to resurrect Nena’s “99 Red Balloons” any day now.

It would be shortsighted to summarily take military action off the table in any situation.  After all, isn’t that why we have a naval presence in the Pacific and troops stationed in South Korea with whom we annually conduct military exercises?  Hopefully, this administration will show a little more backbone with North Korea than Obama did with Iran, another rogue state.  The difference is that North Korea does have nuclear weapons.  That military action could be taking out their missile delivery systems, not necessarily an armed invasion.

A country like the United States should not cower before a two-bit midget dictator in North Korea.  His ballistic missiles are more misses than successes.  Maybe he can threaten allies like Japan and South Korea, but deployment of the THAAD system would be a fine deterrent.  Or perhaps we can outsource a missile defense for South Korea and Japan to Israel.  Again, don’t expect mushroom clouds any time soon.