WTF? Feminists Gone Wild in Argentina

A pro-abortion intervention in Argentina, during the Women's March held in Tucuman on March 8. (Credit: Facebook.)

On March 8th as American women were not staying home from work en masse, but some were protesting just about everything under the sun other than equality between men and women, Argentinians took the protests to new depths.  In 2016, an Argentinian woman is murdered by her male partner every 30 hours on average.  That is something to protest.

In the northern province of Tucuman, protesters decided to protest for free and legal abortion for all, among other things.  Abortion in Argentina is illegal unless the mother’s life is in danger in this country that is 92% Catholic and the home of Pope Francis.  In what was described as an artistic representation by a group called Socorro Rosa Tucuman, a woman dressed as a pregnant Virgin Mary appeared in front of a cathedral whereupon an abortion was performed on her.  The act included fake blood and dismembered baby body parts.

Said their Facebook page:

“In Tucuman, the Virgin aborted in the cathedral the patriarchate, the mandatory heterosexuality and the mandates of this reprising society and demanded all misogynist of this medieval province to remove her image from every maternity ward, to stop forbidding abortions in her name, that he, throwing this abortion in the face of monsignor Zecca [the local Catholic archbishop], this rotten fetus, conceived only for the raping system that mandates us to forced maternity.”

What a load of crap!  Perhaps something was lost in translation, but this writer doubts it.  Comparing Jesus to a “rotten fetus” that created a “raping system” forcing women into maternity is a bridge to far.

In another city, a 19th century cathedral was defaced with anti-Catholic and pro-abortion graffiti.  In Buenos Aires, feminist protesters ripped down protective police fencing around Pope Francis’ former cathedral.  They chanted, “The only church that illuminates is the one is burning” and “Take your rosaries out of our ovaries.”  A man holding a Vatican flag was brutally beaten.  I should also mention these protesters were bare-chested with feminist slogans painted across their breasts.

The country has seen these types of disgusting demonstrations before. Argentina annually holds a National Women’s Congress. In October 2016 it was held in Rosario, the second largest city in the country.  A rally was held to end violence against women that turned violent.  Along the 1.5 mile marching route, stores and historic buildings were vandalized with sayings like: “Lesbianize yourself,” the ubiquitous rosary/ovary thing (they can rhyme), “castration for rapists” (OK- no problem here), and “Legalize cannabis” (huh?).

The organizers announced that the rally would end up at the cathedral where Pope Francis used to celebrate mass as it had in the past.  In previous years, parishioners would form a human fence to protect the cathedral while they prayed the rosary.  Men were usually in the front and in the past these feminists have sprayed their faces with red paint and have thrown human feces in their faces.  This year they had a man dressed like Pope Francis and topless women danced around him singing pro-abortion songs.

One group- The Union of Private Teachers- annually supports the National Women’s Congress, but will no longer.  One would hope more groups will come forward and protest the protesters, but sadly none have.  Instead, feminists are doubling down on the stupidity.  In response to police responding to a complaint about a topless sunbather on a beach, they organized an “Our breasts should not be censored” rally in Buenos Aires.

Given the statistic about domestic violence against women in Argentina (and that is just murders), one would think that feminists would direct their anger more precisely.  Instead, like their counterparts in the United States, they have turned feminism into a Leftist free-for-all including the legalization of abortion, prostitution, apparently cannabis, free contraception and a host of other nonsense.

One supposes we should count our lucky stars here in the US that the worse we are subjected to is screeds by Ashley Judd lamenting the fact she “suffers” a menstrual cycle.  But, the actions in Argentina illustrate that the far Left feminists will stoop to such lows to make a point.  A fake abortion performed on the Virgin Mary shows how deranged these people truly are.

Participants of Argentina's 31 National Women's Congress gather in front of Rosario's cathedral church to ask for the legalization of abortion on Oct. 9, 2016. (Credit: Facebook Argentinos Alerta.)