The American Left and Ivanka Trump

The American Left has a palpable dislike for Ivanka Trump.  Whether they attack through articles that analyze her or in mean-spirited skits on Saturday Night Live, their disapproval is clear.  Apparently because they dislike her father, she too must dislike her father, or at least criticize him more openly and forcefully.

Her speech before the RNC convention is considered by many to be the best by anyone there.  Said one Leftist analysis of it:

Ivanka Trump is a talented speaker and possibly gifted politician who on Thursday night gave the best speech of this week’s Republican convention. In it, she acknowledged the changing role of women in America before delivering a pack of false promises about Donald Trump’s interest in addressing gender inequality.  This portion of Ivanka’s speech was beautifully delivered, cogent, and mostly right on the money. It was also, with regard to her father, an enormous crock.

In September, 2016 she gave an interview to Cosmopolitan which was cut short, according to her, because of the negativity in the questions.  More on that in a bit.  Naturally, that cut off was used against her.  Of course, what would one expect from Cosmopolitan,  a magazine that looks down on Republicans and conservatives when they are not yet again publishing articles on how to spice up one’s sex life.  Seriously- how many times do they have to tell us that shower sex or sex on the kitchen table spices up a relationship? There is only so many things a human body can do and I think they’ve covered them all, sometimes twice or thrice.

What got them and the feminist Left’s knickers twisted was her crusade for paid maternity leave.  Although it may be heart-felt and misguided, this seems to be at the top of Ivanka’s agenda.  The interview turned sour when the interviewer brought of the role of the father.  Perhaps because Cosmopolitan pushes the line that abortion-on-demand is a form of birth control, they have no concept of the word “maternity.”  That phrase refers to pregnancy and the aftermath of birth.  To best of my knowledge, only women-  possessing a uterus- can give birth.

It is ironic that the feminist Left tries their hardest to exclude men/fathers at every turn, but when it comes to paid maternity leave, suddenly fathers should also be afforded paid time off.  If they are so expendable (Cosmopolitan dedicates a lot of ink to female masturbation), then why the sudden need now in this context?  Paid maternity leave has nothing to do with the decision of two gay men to adopt a child as the article suggested.

There was also that well-publicized confrontation on an airliner between some New York liberal and Ivanka Trump.  Apparently her presence in coach triggered some horrible emotion that led to a rant on the plane to the point of the guy being tossed of the airplane.  The person in question was Dan Goldstein, a Brooklyn lawyer.  Ironically, Goldstein’s husband (yes- husband) had Tweeted from the airport that good old Mr. Goldstein had been chasing after Ivanka and their family to harass them.  To the rest of the world, that is the definition of stalking.  To the Left, it was justified because…you know- her father and all that.

A picture she Tweeted out of her and her child while at work also drew the ire of the Left.  Rest assured if that had been a picture of some Leftist Hollywood harpy with their child, there would be glowing praises about how she balanced work and family.

The reason they behave in this manner is twofold.  First, Ivanka Trump represents a danger to their definition of what a modern feminist should be.  To them, instead of celebrating the fact that she is a successful businesswoman while also being a loving and caring mother- something one would expect the feminists to hold up- she is torn down.

Second, she is an effective spokeswoman.  Would you rather listen to Ivanka Trump who happens to be a success in business, is highly educated, cares for her children, has created her own successful fashion line, and seems to be a voice of reason within the Trump empire, OR would you rather listen to washed up old feminists like Amanda Marcotte and Ashley Judd?  For visuals alone and ease on the eyes, the answer is simple: Ivanka Trump.

During the campaign while in the Philadelphia suburbs, Ivanka attended a dinner at which she was asked an uncomfortable question by another guest about her father.  She answered with poise and reserve and the dinner proceeded, although she left early.  The press portrayed it as her running away from a tense situation.  In fact, she had to get back to her children and it was getting late.  The fact that a “powerful” woman would place her children above a silly political dinner is an idea foreign to the Left and feminists.

The whole controversy over her clothing line and outlets like Nordstrom, Nieman and Marcus and T.J. Maxx caught her by surprise.  Although they claimed it was due to declining sales, it was obviously a political decision because of who her father was.  Isn’t this anti-feminist to define a woman by her male relatives?  Or is this their view of Republican or conservative women in general?  Can only liberal and Democratic women have an identity of their own?

These self-proclaimed gatekeepers of all things “feminist” do not care about women.  They care only about their own warped egos wrapped in the politics of female identity as they define the term “female.”  Prachi Gupta, who did the Cosmopolitan  interview, now says that if you cover Ivanka Trump in anything less than a negative light, “…you are contributing to the normalization of a man embraced by white supremacists…”  In other words, there is no “Ivanka Trump” the individual, just “Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter.”

How original of the feminist movement to deny the individuality, femininity and humanity of a fellow woman.