Ah Geez...Another Planned Strike/ Boycott/ Protest or Something

On Wednesday- March 8th- the United States will be subjected to “A Day Without Women,” basically a strike by women having a hissy fit against… well, they really muddled the reasons with each successive Leftist special interest group joining the protest.  According to some harpy screeching in The Guardian who states:

“What is striking about these mobilizations is that several of them combined struggles against male violence with opposition to the casualization of labor and wage inequality, while also opposing homophobia, transphobia and xenophobic immigration policies. Together, they herald a new international feminist movement with an expanded agenda: at once anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-heterosexist and anti-neoliberal.”

In other words, they are protesting just about anything and everything.  We normal people should hold a protest demanding to know what the hell “casualization” is.

Apparently some hormones were excited the day after the Inauguration and the neo-feminist movement- which has little to do with equality between the sexes since the definition of “the sexes” is so obscure now- believes they can motivate millions of women to walk off the job if only for a day to protest against (or for?) all those nice things listed above.

And here is the best part according to some of the organizers.  Even if you DO go to work you can celebrate your femininity by refusing to do domestic work, care for your kids, or even refusing to have sex on March 8th.  One organizer said: “We call this a strike from gender roles and from social reproduction activities…”  Yeah… whatever.

Then in April, on Earth Day whenever that is, we will be subjected to the Million Scientist March in Washington or something like that where one supposes the pink kitty cat hats will be discarded for white lab coats and goggles.  We will hear speeches about the intersectionality between science and Islamophobia and feminism.  We will be lectured about climate change where Bill Nye will demonstrate how the earth will spontaneously combust into a ball of flame.  Maybe Dr. Oz will tell us of the wonders of a weight loss program.  And of course, the anti-Monsanto “GMOs are killing us” crowd will be there.  In other words, an excuse for bearded environmentalists to show they are still relevant if only for a day being that they did so “well” at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

But the biggie is scheduled for May 1st or International Worker’s Day.  This is a general strike of workers nationwide, but mainly another “Day Without Immigrants” on a grander scale.  Says Carlos Rodriguez, one of the organizers:

“Our strike is not targeted to Trump.  Our strike is more than anything targeted to the American public.  We’re hoping that by engaging in boycotts and strikes, we have the American public understand that immigrants are needed in this country.  What I see in immigrant communities is folks are saying, ‘Ya basta,’ enough is enough. We’re tired and ready to do what’s necessary to be seen.”

So, the strike is directed at “us bastards” who do not understand the plight of the (illegal) immigrant.  Of course, none of us bastards do not have a misunderstanding of immigrants, just the illegal ones who broke the law and violated our borders.  Naturally, groups like SEIU are also supporting this strike/boycott.

One group organizing this is called Cosecha.  Their website states in big black bold letters: “WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO LIVE LIKE THIS.”  By this, they mean their (illegal) status to be in the country, the separation of their families (?), and exploitation of their work.  Hmmm…

Hopefully on May 1st, an armada of ICE and DHS agents will be on hand taking pictures and possibly making arrests.  Maybe they can just drop a net over the whole lot…a literal dragnet…immediately process them and deal with them appropriately (i.e., deport them).

What the activists and advocates for illegal immigrants fail to understand is that us bastards are not against immigration per se, just the illegal ones.  Those protesting in the streets have nothing in common with waves of past immigrants who would never march in the streets demanding anything.  In fact, they would be worshiping the American soil on which they walked.  Today’s illegal immigrant is the definition of spoiled brat.  It is actions like this and words like these that make people stiffen their resolve against illegal immigrants.

At some point something changed where the United States became a huge charity and the words on a statue in New York harbor became sacrosanct law and American policy where we are obligated to take in anyone legally or illegally.

But you have to hand it to Trump if he is the motivation behind all this.  He managed to do what Michelle Obama could not achieve in eight years- get people to exercise and lose weight.  One supposes that is the best part of all this.  America can use a few less overweight women and immigrants.