Meet America's Most Obnoxious Illegal "Immigrant"

With all the controversy over travel bans, Executive Orders mandating that immigration officials actually do their jobs, and the hysteria over mass deportations, it is time to introduce America’s most obnoxious illegal immigrant- Jose Antonio Vargas.

Born in the Philippines, the story goes that his grandfather paid a “coyote” $4,500 to smuggle the boy into the United States in 1993 when he was 12 years old.  How one smuggles as 12-year-old from the Philippines is never answered. On a container ship?  In the cargo hold of a plane?  Regardless, he’s here.  His grandfather also managed to obtain a fake passport, a fake green card and an illegally doctored social security card.  For more than ten years, these fake documents allowed Vargas to obtain employment in California.

He claims he was not aware that they were fraudulent until he was 16…although he obviously continued to use them.  Thereafter, he kept his immigration status a secret except to his high school principal- Pat Hyland- and a school administrator- Rich Fischer.  Despite this knowledge, the two helped Vargas illegally obtain a driver’s license.

While in high school, Vargas came out of the closet and declared his homosexuality to the world.  In an ironic defense of gay marriage, he railed against bans on it because it prevented homosexuals from being able to marry their way into US citizenship.  Wow!

Vargas began a journalism career and his high school mentors/co-conspirators helped him secure a private scholarship to San Francisco State University where he earned a degree in political science and black studies.  He interned for a paper in Philadelphia and the Washington Post, the latter offering him a job in 2004.  In 2009, he joined the Huffington Post as a technology and innovations editor.  In case you do not know what that is, it is sort of an ombudsman position.  Think Milo at Breitbart.

In 2011, he penned an article for the New York Times and outed himself as an illegal immigrant.  The sob story became popular and overnight Vargas became a journalistic sensation.  Along with other activists, he formed “Define America” with funds from the Leftist Tides Center.  He declared himself an American with “I just don’t have the right papers.”  In 2012, he wrote a documentary about an immigration enforcement law in Alabama called Is This Alabama.  The film was partially funded by the Center for American Progress.

In 2012, his sob story made the cover of Time magazine and he disrupted a Mitt Romney rally that year by posing as a journalist without credentials.  In 2013, he appeared before a Senate committee hearing to recount his story.  In 2014, he traveled to the border of Texas and Mexico to join Central American illegal immigrants then crossing the border in an effort to be arrested for publicity purposes.  In 2015, he co-produced the MTV documentary White People.

Vargas became a hero to the open borders crowd when he was arrested and used his illegal passport and a pocket copy of the Constitution as identification.  His surprised face complete with handcuffed hands made the rounds of the bleeding heart liberal press.  One of his biggest arguments is that illegal immigrants pay taxes.  However, he was hit with a $42,000 tax lien for…unpaid taxes.

This man who brazenly touts his illegal status actually won a Pulitzer Prize.  He actually called ICE and asked what they wanted to do with him.  They did nothing.  He has a slew of lawyers defending him including the ACLU, not to mention every illegal immigrant’s rights group and, of course, Bill DeBlasio.  In fact, DeBlasio has stated “he is what America is all about.”

In reaction to Trump’s election, he has been vocal.  He noted that Lou Dobbs once asked him what it felt like to be the country’s most famous illegal immigrant.  They were off the air at the time, he recounts, but it felt “…daunting.  Now that Trump is the president, it is terrifying.”  What is “daunting” is keeping his face front and center in a series of publicity stunts.

The fact is Vargas is popular with the smug liberal elites in the Acela corridor.  He has the backing of the press and talking head pundits.  Lost in their defense of Vargas is how they feel about the thousand of foreigners who legally are trying to enter this country.  Vargas himself is strangely silent over the plight of these people.  In fact, his actions and those of his supporters are a huge smack in the face of those thousands waiting to enter the country legally and those who did enter the country legally.

If ever there was a person worthy of deportation, Juan Antonio Vargas- Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, activist, and smug illegal immigrant- is the perfect candidate.  This writer would be curious to see how much that ACLU/DeBlasio support and Pulitzer Prize are worth in the Philippines.