The Senate "SHAMan"

Perhaps no one in the Senate best exemplifies the stupidity/idiocy/hypocrisy of the political left than Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.  Apparently upset about some 30 year old “controversy” drummed up from the past regarding Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Ms. Warren went on the warpath beating the battle drums against him with the attempted reading of a letter from Coretta Scott King who had miraculously been deified by the media for having had the good fortune of marrying Dr. Martin Luther King.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell then invoked Rule 19 of the Senate and shut down Warren’s dramatic reading of the letter.  Not one to be deterred, Ms. Warren- after her forced silence in the debate- did what any red-blooded fake Native American would do and took to social media with this message: “We won’t be silent.  We will persist.  And we WILL speak out.  The only sin is remaining silent.”

Elizabeth Warren is not one to take this lying down.  After all, she is the self-proclaimed intellectual inspiration for the Occupy Wall Street movement which may explain why the iconic image from that movement is a young protester defecating on a police patrol car.  He simply let loose what Warren lets loose from her mouth.

Of course, many on both sides of the aisle do commend Chief Hypocrite for her sincerity, as does this writer.  But then again, L. Ron Hubbard probably sincerely believed in the basic tenets of Scientology and that there are alien spirits hanging out in some volcano somewhere.  I’m sure Manson sincerely believed he was the Messiah.  Being sincere in one’s beliefs is no virtue when the beliefs suck or are false.  Like Hubbard and Manson, what starts out as a movement usually ends up as a racket, a cult or a corporation.  Warren encapsulates all three.

Consider her reaction when Rand Paul proposed an audit of the Federal Reserve.  You would have thought she was being forced on the Trail of Tears.  How revolutionary of her to cave to her donors and oppose such a move, especially considering the fact that Goldman Sachs basically bought a condo for her, so to speak.  Seems the intellectual inspiration for a movement did not like upsetting some donors so she over-reacted to the Paul suggestion.

But, Warren is, if nothing else, a cunning Chieftain of her tribe.  Many in her party were unhappy with Ms. Clinton as the heir-apparent to Barack Obama.  Brainwashed millennials who happened to be out of work after realizing their Gender Studies degree earned you a part time job at Forever 21 realized that being funded by the people you hated did not make Clinton a good candidate.  Instead, they subjected themselves to the spittle of Bernie Sanders.

Yet, despite the effort of Sanders, many thought that Warren would have been a better candidate.  But Warren had other things in mind knowing that a Warren versus Clinton competition would lead two women to fight for the same thing and the Democratic Party and the Left could not have that.  She recognized that Clinton had her machine and a huge war chest.

When Chief Shrillary went down to defeat at the hands of Trump, the Left was holding a big sucking power vacuum.  Who was going to fill it?  Nancy “Chief Robot”  Pelosi?  Chuck “Chief Big Tear” Schumer?  Jill “Waste Much Money” Stein?  Cory “Stage Act” Booker?  Nope- the altercation of the Sessions nomination was the opportunity Warren was searching for and she grabbed it.

Meanwhile, as Jeff Sessions was prosecuting voter fraud and crimes committed by the KKK in Alabama, Warren was…. plagiarizing recipes in a book.  Ms. Warren suddenly discovered that her cheekbones were higher than others and that she was a Cherokee Indian and she contributed some recipes to a book called Pow Wow Chow (which could be considered a slur against American Indians and Chinese).  I guess she figured no one would notice that three of her five “Indian” recipes had been previously published word-for-word elsewhere.

Having failed in the culinary plagiarism field, she then parlayed those suddenly high cheekbones into a lucrative position at Harvard University.  No one has ever proven that Warren took advantage of some affirmative action program at Harvard, but then again that is not how those programs actually work.  Regardless, she then embarked on a career of writing books about real estate and finance highly critical of banking processes.  Thus, we now know why she is the inspiration for a movement.

Except for a few tiny details she happened to leave out of her books.  While arguing against “flipping” homes, Warren and her husband did exactly that on at least four occasions in her native Oklahoma.  Again, Chief Hypocrisy rides in from the sunset.

Warren is a corporation, a cult and a racket.  Realizing that, one has to ask where the action is now?  What motivated her to launch that lame attack on Jeff Sessions?  The answer is simple and can be found on Amazon or at your local Barnes and Noble outlet come this April.  Yep- the Injun author is due out with another book this time telling us how to survive in the age of Trump.  It is called “This Fight Is Our Fight” although the self-proclaimed champion of the American middle class hardly lives a middle class lifestyle or lives in your typical middle class home.

One can expect the obligatory book tour afterwards and the equally obligatory great reviews from the liberal press.  The stunt against Sessions was simply round one of the publicity strategy.  Whether she, like Obama and Clinton, parlay this nonsense into a run for President in 2020 seems more than likely.  Who do the Democrats have better to take on a fake Republican than a fake American Indian female like Elizabeth Warren?  Let the war dance begin.