The Beautiful Implosion of the American Left

The recent “protests” by Leftist groups in the United States are a beautiful thing to watch.  Unfortunately, it is a non-conservative/non-Republican parading as such- Trump- who is exposing the worst of the Left.  Perhaps the riot at UC-Berkeley is most indicative of how far low the Left has sunk.  This campus was once at the forefront of the free speech movement in the 1960’s that swept across American college campuses leading to sit-ins and demonstrations.  Today, it has become a symbol of the intolerance of the Left to free speech in all its forms.  They obfuscate the fact that they are restricting free speech by elevating themselves as defenders against “hate speech.”

The “demonstration” was against the invited appearance by Breitbart editor Milo Yianapolous, an openly gay, Trump-supporting, perhaps alt-right (although he denies membership) speaker.  Yes- some of his rhetoric is designed to be controversial and to evoke a reaction from the crowd.  He is a rhetorical bomb-thrower.  But, rhetorical bombs are certainly less dangerous than say… fireworks, burning structures, and Molotov cocktails.  All of those were present in Berkeley thanks to the protesters.

Naturally, the Left circled the wagons.  The Lilliputian Robert Reich suggested that this was some kind of false flag operation by right wing operatives.  However, the “distinguished” professor and ex-Labor Secretary fail to mention that most of the perpetrators of the violence were members of the “black bloc-” a group of angry anarchists who protest anything.  They show up wearing black hoodies and black bandanas across their faces for anonymity.  They were also the most arrested group at the rather lame protests against Trump’s inauguration in DC two weeks ago.  Reich is correct that the more violent elements probably were not students, but they were clearly not conservatives either.

Not to be outdone, in the midst of the riots, the quite unfunny comedienne Sarah Silverman tweeted out a message suggesting a military coup to dump Trump.  Other postings on social media have skirted the boundaries of speech by suggesting someone take out Trump.  Surely, the Secret Service will be quite busy over the next four years.

The rhetoric and meltdown on the Left would be amusing but for the violence we have witnessed.  Part of it is attributable to the urban concentration of Leftists where a poster on a light pole can galvanize thousands in a week.  Leftists can be at the demonstration site in 15 minutes.  It is a lot easier to quickly organize a Leftist demonstration since liberals cluster in urban areas.

One also has to look at these demonstrations through the eyes of both the conservative and the liberal.  To those of us on the right, we view these shenanigans with a certain level of disgust.  To the left, they view them with if not pride, then responses exuding with excuses.  In short, conservatives have a low threshold for disgust.

Since November 8th, 2016 the rhetoric has been incendiary against Trump as noted above.  He entered office with the lowest approval ratings of any president-elect, perhaps rightfully so.  There was no “honeymoon” for Trump and in a way that is a good thing.  Holding any politician’s feet to the fire as they entered office rather than celebrating a cult of personality such as what happened in 2008 should be the role of the media.  But, we have seen the media repeatedly cleaning up the egg on their collective faces as they rush to “correct” incorrect stories.

A perfect example is the alleged death of a woman who had to return to Iraq as a result of Trump’s travel ban from certain countries.  It was great “news” to give a human face to the “tragedy” of the travel ban.  Except there was one problem that cleared up by the woman’s imam- she died five days previous to the travel ban.  A simple check of the facts before running with the story would have revealed the truth, but in their zeal to carry forth the Leftist line they instead lowered their journalistic standards.  Expect more of the same.

A group that preaches tolerance for just about anything (the Left) is, as the riot in Berkeley and the demonstrations at NYU showed,  intolerant of anything that runs counter to their mindset.  They are, however, tolerant of new lows perpetrated by their own.  For example, a writer for the increasingly not funny Saturday Night Live- Katie Rich- tweeted that Barron Trump would be a homeschool shooter.  Apparently even 10-year-old children are acceptable fodder for Leftist rants.  Joss Whedon, director of Avengers, has called Ivanka Trump a “dog.”  There were the reports of Ivanka Trump being harassed on an airline flight.  And the list goes on.

In short, the Left is lashing out as expected- childishly.  They are attempting to be included in a society and the dialog without actually being a member of that society.  It is a perverse form of individualism where they act out their individual desires and beliefs without being accountable to standards, logic or commonsense or anything that defines a functional society.

It is a sad circular form of thinking- much like the circular pattern of water in a toilet after being flushed.  They are rationalizing their decline and turning it into something positive in their minds.  Many may not believe that Barron Trump is a future mass killer, or that Ivanka Trump is a dog, or even that people should be harassed on airplanes no matter who they are.  But, the symbolic association with those who do rationalizes their dying beliefs.

Chaos and anarchy, to them, is now the only means left to gain equal footing.  Devoid of any new and workable ideas, they have resorted to street violence and protests directed at window panes.  This chaos gives them their sense of equality.  This allows them to feel important and the more chaotic the situation, the greater the sense of importance.

Ironically, the man at the center of the Berkeley riots- Milo Yiannapolous- recently caused a ruckus in alt-right circles by saying that the future of conservatism lies in ideology, not white-centered identity politics.  This caused many in alt-right circles to declare him their favorite pejorative term- cuckservative.  His argument was that if conservatism was defined by white-identity politics, conservatism was no better than the Left.  (Incidentally, he has repeatedly stated he is not a member of the alt-right; only that he gave them a voice on Breitbart).

And there lies the crux of the problem for the American Left: they are devoid of ideas.  Those ideas they hold and have implemented have been proven costly errors.  As Thomas Sowell once stated: “Much of the social history of the Western world, over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good”

Having been proven failures, they now act like the petulant child about age 6 acting out in the streets, on social media and at boring award ceremonies.  If throwing rocks at police, disrupting speakers, Tweeting death wishes on elected officials, or even holding sit-ins on the floor of the Senate makes them feel any better, then let them have their collective catharsis and allow them to come to the realization that the election of Trump is a symptom of their own failings.  Unfortunately, this writer believes they are so deranged that they will never learn their lesson.  It will be a very long four years.