Leftist Depravity and the War on Normalcy

[TRIGGER WARNING:  This article includes descriptions of sexual acts that some may find disturbing.]

Ashley Judd ranting about her menstrual period and Madonna offering promises of oral sex if one voted for Hillary are words.  Unfortunately, there is this disturbing trend of late on the Left where words are being replaced by actions.

Take the case of Micah Rhodes, a protest leader in Portland, Oregon.  He and his group of protesters have been responsible for blocking traffic and just being general a-holes in their attempt to show their displeasure with Trump.  He was recently arrested during a protest, but his court appearance was a charge of pedophilia.  He faces four counts of second-degree sexual abuse.  Apparently Mr. Rhodes met underage victims on a site called Grindr, were aware they were underage, yet sodomized them anyway.  In fact, Rhodes had, as a juvenile, also engaged in such activity and was charged and supposedly under supervision.

There is also the case of Luke Kuhn, a DC-area activist who recently was a leader in the lame attempt to disrupt the Inauguration.  He who would burn down houses and who hates police is an apparent pedophile who has advocated for the legalization of pedophilia in boy chat rooms online.  He did so as a member of the Utopian Anarchist Party (yes…such a thing exists).

Charles Wade of Black Lives Matter fame and ranked #40 among the top 100 black activists was arrested for trafficking a 17-year-old prostitute. Hence, #40 on the list is a pimp.  Donna Hylton recently gave a speech to the Women’s March in DC to thunderous applause.  Most people were likely ignorant of the fact that she along with five other well-meaning friends kidnapped, drugged, burned, tortured, sodomized and eventually asphyxiated a 62-year-old real estate broker.

There is a strange pattern here.  It would seem strange when a feminist march in Washington is co-chaired by a Muslim woman- a religion that is not feminist and is homophobic.  Liberals and Muslims seem like strange allies, but not if viewed in the light of making degeneracy normal.  One could make a case that depraved perverts have hijacked the Left’s decadence for their own particular peculiar perversions.

The liberal media has, on occasion, taken to justifying pedophilia.  Slate, Salon and Vice have all featured articles sympathetic to pedophiles.  In one Salon article, an admitted pedophile is given a voice and several pages of digital ink in an article titled, “I’m a Pedophile, But Not a Monster.”  In it, the author begs that we be sympathetic, understanding and supportive of people who crave sex with children.  The progressive left ran to the defense of transsexual Sarah Nyberg only after she/he began fighting white supremacists.

And the list goes on.  Anthony Weiner is facing child pornography charges.  Terry Bean, a key Obama donor, gay rights activist and Democratic operative, stands accused of raping teenage boys.  Clinton pal Jeffrey Epstein was caught trafficking underage girls which made Wade’s pimp activity look like small potatoes.

The perversion goes beyond pedophilia and has invaded the arts.  At the recent Sundance Film Festival, some musician named Flying Lotus debuted a film called Kuso.  Among the scenes that sent viewers running to the doors (or bathrooms to throw up) was footage of an erect penis being stabbed.  In another scene, a man has intercourse with a talking boil on a woman’s back.  There is a doctor with a child-size cockroach up his anus and other scenes of genital mutilation.  There are the scenes of a man having sex with a turkey-human hybrid, aliens forcefully removing a fetus from a uterus (then smoking it) and a woman grinding her teeth on concrete until they disintegrate.

But then again, the Left and degeneracy seem to go hand-in-hand.  There are certainly historical antecedents.  In the 1920’s, German intellectuals justified the rampant prostitution in Berlin where children were sometimes sold into revolting sex acts.  Thirty to 40 years later you had the bearded Allen Ginsberg and other beatniks coming out as little boy lovers.  Ginsberg even joined NAMBLA.  Michel Foucalt, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, three French intellectuals on the Left, wanted the age of consent in France lowered to 13.

From the decadence of Berlin in the 1920’s to the sex trafficking by black activists today, the one common thread is duplicity.  Proponents of justice, they ignore “justice” when it does not suit their narrative.  The reason is simple: they do not care about justice.  They do care about their own self-gratification.  If society has to be burnt to the ground to satisfy the burning in their loins, so be it.

They are not at war for justice.  They are at war against normalcy.  To the Left, the concept of “normal” is the worst thing imaginable…worse than pedophilia and other perversions.