Feminists Are Funny- The Proof Is the Women's March in DC

Recently, I have watched some YouTube footage of the post-inaugural Women’s March in Washington and come to an unmistakable conclusion: What on earth was it all about?  Given the speeches, the sponsors and the signs, there was no logic, rhyme or reason.  One doubts that half the crowd knew what exactly it was they were protesting.  I understand it: they have a Constitutional right to protest, but these people proved you also have a Constitutional right to public stupidity.

Was it abortion?  Defunding Planned Parenthood?  Gay/lesbian/transgender rights?  We know the Left sees pro-life women as “not really women” and that may explain why they told a pro-life feminist group they were persona non grata.  How diverse of them.  Most polls show that women are evenly split on abortion so you would think that these icons of diversity and tolerance would at least have some pro-life women.  If you think about it, the one thing they all have in common is the ability to bring life into the world.  How ironic!  In fact, one of the chairwomen of the march- Linda Sarsour, a Muslim which is a religion that bans abortion- supported banning the pro-life group from the march.

And the signs were as silly as the chants.  A popular one read, “My [email protected]#!y grabs back,” which would make the carrier of said sign a certifiable freak if their vagina had fingers.  Not to be outdone, apparently another sign carrier’s vagina is equipped with teeth as the sign read: “My [email protected]#!y bites back.”  Others were: “When will you [email protected]#head men die?,” “[email protected]# you, orange Hitler,” “I hate Trump as much as my bra,” and the ubiquitous “Not my president.”  This one caught my intention: “Make them pay for razors if we pay for tampons.”  Or my personal favorite carried by some overweight transgender (I think): “Cinnamon rolls, not gender rolls.”  Given her weight, one understands the cinnamon roll reference.

The mainstream media celebrated this freak show.  People magazine dedicated more pages to it than the Inauguration.  Others noted the alleged “grassroots” feel to the whole nonsense.  Maybe it started out that way, but it was soon hijacked by a plethora of Soros-funded and associated groups.  The whole charade descended into a hissy fit under the banner of feminism which allowed several thousand people to show their “moral superiority” over us red state rubes.  Sadly, they never even realized they were but props in a temper tantrum.

I get the whole intersectional thang which this writer finds amusing to watch unfold as black feminists combat white feminists who combat black lesbian feminists who combat white transgender amputee feminists and the race to the most oppressed descends further into the abyss of silliness.  Some white women wore shirts apologizing for the 53% of white women who voted for Trump.  Which brings me to the gist of this entry.  If you start with some white guilt, add in some diversity, shake it all around, you end up with a Muslim woman as a feminist icon.

A common site was women of all stripes wearing the Muslim hijab (one man was seen wearing one).  Shepard Fairey- the one who created that creepy Obama picture- created the poster for the event (how grassroots): a tarted-up woman wearing an American flag hijab.  Yeah, right!  Meanwhile, in the month leading up to the march:

  1. a Pakistani Muslim girl was burnt alive by her mother for shaming the family;
  2. a Muslim woman strapped a bomb to her child in Nigeria;
  3. Yazidi girls were sold into slavery, and;
  4. countless women in Saudi Arabia walked seven paces behind one of their husbands.

The icon is, of course, the aforementioned Linda Sarsour who began her speech: “As-salamu alaykum,” or  “I stand here before you unapologetically Muslim-American” to thunderous applause.  The sisterhood in Berlin greeted it with that familiar phrase of terrorists before they detonate the bomb or shoot up gay nightclubs:  “Allah akbar!”  It is ironic that an 11-year-old recording on a TMZ bus created more outrage than gang rapes and groping sprees, stoning for adultery, genital mutilation and regular beatings women endure in Muslim countries.

And who is this Linda Sarsour?  The following are some of her accomplishments:

  • unapologetic supporter of the Hamas-backed BDS movement;
  • in 2004 noted that men pictured recruiting suicide bombers were “family friends and members;”
  • falsely maintaining that the “State of Palestine existed before Israel;”
  • Tweeter of doctored maps to prove a state of Palestine existed;
  • supporter of Occupy Wall Street on behalf of “all Muslim New Yorkers;”
  • honored by Obama in 2011 as a “champion of change;”
  • in 2012 stated that the underwear bomber was really a CIA agent (and they say Alex Jones is crazy…well, he is);
  • in 2014 criticized those who criticized Sharia law;
  • in 2/15 claimed that the fight against Sharia law was causing Muslims to be slaughtered in America and mosques to be burnt;
  • defended a Muslim shot and killed after he lunged at a police officer with a knife…after it was revealed he was under FBI surveillance…after it was revealed he was an adherent of ISIS propaganda;
  • August 2015: supported Muhammed Allan, a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and recruiter of suicide bombers;
  • October 2015: posted a picture of a youth attacking an Israeli soldier with the tagline, “Definition of courage.”  When criticized, she referred to said critics as “Zionist trolls;”
  • December 2015: scoffed at the idea of Muslim assimilation into American society;
  • attended rallies for Al-Awda, a group with terrorist links;
  • solicited funds for Palestine Children’s Relief Fund which actually helps fund Hamas.

And her husband isn’t much better.  He has mourned the death of Hamas master terrorists Adel and Imad Awadallah, praised a terrorist who shot an Israeli border guard, expressed support for the terrorist group Fatah, and lauded the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (which brings back memories of that scene from Monty Python’s “The Life of Brian”).  They must have some dinner table conversations in that house…

The bottom line is that if you are going to build it as a “women’s march,” include all women despite their beliefs on abortion.  That topic alone does not define “womanhood.”  And don’t turn it into a Islamophile gathering.

It does prove one thing:  That women, besides having the ability to give birth, have a leg up over men in another area- organizing gatherings of women.

Basically, Trump should be thanked.  He managed something Michelle Obama could not do in eight years- get women to exercise.  If calories were burnt, then I guess we should thank these dupes for something.