The Deplorables and the Despicables

In what was probably the most contentious presidential campaign in recent history, Hillary Clinton described half of Trump’s supporters as belonging in a basket of deplorables.  If that is true, then there are over 30 million deplorable people out there.  Of course, Clinton’s claim to fame and her “rightful” place in the White House was that she was the first major party candidate who happened to possess a vagina.

While there may be a shred of truth in her characterization of Trump supporters, she was grossly off the mark in numbers.  Her speech in Reno decrying the alt-right and the Leftist media picking up on it simply added to their alleged stature when, in fact, they were but a fringe group on the “right” trolling the Internet.  We can make a very good case that the alt-right is not really “conservative,” let alone “new.”  It is the rejected paleoconservatism of blowhards like Pat Buchanan who have been relegated to the fringes coupled with socialist populism.

Obviously, its adherents flocked to Trump.  Even today, their websites sometimes refer to him as an emperor god and dress his pictures in the garb of Charlemagne or Napoleon.  But, their “movement” is 100% antisemitic (revealed by the commentary regarding Trump’s choice to be ambassador to Israel) and perhaps 85-90% racist.  In effect, they are a collection of Internet trolls and Clinton and the Left, by highlighting their alleged influence in an effort to paint every conservative and Republican as racist, antisemitic, misogynist, homophobic, etc., violated the biggest rules of Internet etiquette: (1) don’t feed the troll, and (2) don’t engage crazy.

On the other side, the Left has outdone the deplorable through their despicable actions and words in the week of the Inauguration.  Starting with the grandstanding boycott of the Inauguration by over 60 members of Congress, this was truly NOT an act of political courage.  Every one of those politicians represent a liberal, Democratic district where a pedophile donkey with a “D” after their name would win election.  Their actions will not meet with repercussions in their home districts and we will, unless they retire, be seeing them again in 2018.

This was followed up by the demonstrations on the day of the Inauguration by a who’s who of Leftist causes which almost descended into comedy as the anarchists who don’t know what they want vied with the environmentalists who vied with the anti-capitalists who vied with the you name it for attention.  In the end, despite some photo opportunities and smashed bank windows, their vaunted demonstrations were met with a “ho-hum” response.  Thankfully for latte lovers, they did not take out their misplaced anger on the nearest Starbucks outlet.

Perhaps the biggest despicable act was the Woman’s March in Washington where again an amalgam of issues was pulled in under the umbrella of feminism.  Of course, to the Left you are less a woman- in fact, not a woman- if you happen to be pro-life.  The New Wave Feminists, a group of pro-life “feminists,” was considered persona non grata and kicked from the march.

Instead, we were treated to screeds from Gloria Steinem and Michael Moore.  Perhaps the most despicable performance came from alleged actress Ashley Judd.  Anyone with the stomach to watch her six minute rant should do so.  To this writer, I was unsure whether it was unintended comedy, or whether I was watching a mental breakdown in action.  Not to be outdone, Madonna- in a sad attempt to make herself relevant again- thankfully did not make offers of oral sex, but was nevertheless despicable.

While many panned Trump’s speech for being too “dark,” then Judd’s speech/rant/poem/whatever was downright dystopian.  Really?  Suicide notes replacing rainbows?  Gas chambers replaced by shock therapy?  Blacks being shot and imprisoned indiscriminately?

And after it all, they dispersed to return to their Hollywood and recording careers.  Ashley Judd complaining about her menstrual period notwithstanding, no one will remember this march one year from now except the attendees who patronized a museum along the way.  They had their day in Washington, heard some speeches, clapped along to crappy songs and left.  The Leftist media will portray it as a “turning point” of activism and other blather, but it really isn’t.

While the Right admits that we have some deplorable people “on our side,” we hold them at arm’s length and try to purge true conservatism of their beliefs.  Conversely, the Left embraces their despicable elements and offers them up as heroes and icons.

Perhaps the nation is the most politically polarized it has been in many years, but no state has seceded (although California has threatened- a threat we should take them up on).  But, this is polarization by design because the Left thrives in an atmosphere of chaos and polarization.  This strategy is ingrained in their political DNA.

In the end, we need to ask ourselves whether this country can tolerate a minority of deplorables or a majority of despicables.  If this past week was any indication, we are in for an interesting four years.