John Lewis Is a National Disgrace

Let’s dispense with words here- Georgia Congressman and “civil rights icon” John Lewis is a national disgrace. We can throw New Jersey Senator Cory Booker in that category also (more on him later). Lewis did not cure cancer, he did not go to the moon, he didn’t even study a peanut. His claim to fame is that he walked across a bridge, got clunked on the head and the rest is, as they say, history. For this, he is offered up as a saint and martyr in the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. Lewis did not even have the decency to remain in his native Alabama having sought the greener political pastures of a gerrymandered district in Georgia.

He first reminded us he is still “relevant” by testifying against Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General because…well, Jeff Sessions is white, may have said some things (possibly taken out of context) twenty years ago and hails from- GASP!- Alabama- the state that Lewis, incidentally, abandoned after his celebrated bridge crossing. Lewis is a man who “sacrificed much” as he and the press relentlessly reminds us. He will occasionally pop up in the news to relive that day of the bridge crossing. In fact, he walked arm-in-arm with that racist- Jeff Sessions- doing just that in 2015.

In his testimony, he did not directly say that Sessions was a racist and unqualified to be Attorney General. Instead, he implies it. He tells us not to trust Sessions’ demeanor or smile because he’s from Alabama and we all know everyone from Alabama has a white sheet in their closet right next to the can pf gasoline for the next cross burning.

Not to be outdone, he doubled down on his irrelevancy by declaring Trump’s presidency “illegitimate” because of alleged Russian interference in the American electoral process. This caused an expected Twitter reaction from Trump which further elicited a knee-jerk reaction from the liberal press shocked that Trump would dare attack a “civil rights icon” on the weekend of the celebration of Martin Luther King Day no less. Unfortunately for Lewis and countless other “civil rights icons” Trump spoke an inconvenient truth. As he blubbered through an interview with the enthralled Chuck Todd, he made it clear he would not work with the incoming administration, nor attend the inauguration. Boo hoo!

In the same week we saw the press fawning over Obama’s candy coated farewell address, Cory Booker broke tradition and Senate decorum by testifying against fellow Senator Jeff Sessions. Again, the “testimony” was replete with innuendo without a scintilla of proof that Sessions is either a racist or unqualified for the job. If Lewis’ intention was to remind us that he was still relevant, Booker’s motivation was blatantly political and self-serving. The performance was so transparently bad that Rob Schneider now ranks as a better actor than Cory Booker.

Said Booker:

If one is to be Attorney General they must be willing to continue the hallowed tradition in our country of fighting for justice for all, for equal justice, and for civil rights. America needs an Attorney General who is resolute and determined to bend the arc. Senator Sessions’ record does not speak to that desire, intention, or will.

That, my friends, is a statement so loaded with horse poop I feel dirty repeating it. Cory…you lack the rhetorical edge of Obama!

And like Lewis, what exactly is Booker’s claim to fame? He never crossed a bridge and got attacked by police. Instead, he was the mayor of Newark, New Jersey before becoming Senator. Under Booker’s leadership, murders went from 67 in the year he took office to 112, the year he left office. Unemployment in Newark hovered in double digits his entire tenure. Amid financial mismanagement, he laid off 163 police officers (probably why the murder rate went up).

There was the great Pampers incident where he delivered the diapers to the family who complained online… NOT that they were poor, but that Booker’s street crews had not plowed his street of snow for three days. About that murder rate? Booker is probably too frightened to do much given his fear of the mythical T-Bone, the notorious (and non-existent) drug dealer who wants him dead because he was such a crime fighting mayor.

So there you have it- Jeff Sessions is unqualified to be Attorney General and the 2016 election results are illegitimate. Brought to you by a civil rights has been whose claim to fame is walking over a bridge and a wannabe President and ex-mayor of a failed urban city. In fact, Booker’s Newark has much in common with Lewis’ Clayton County and his former stomping grounds- Selma, Alabama. Perhaps that is brought these two together in the opposition to Sessions- abject failure in their previous incarnations.

Meanwhile, the hypocritical preening Senator from New Jersey thanked Sessions a year ago for celebrating that march from Selma to Montgomery. No one denies that Sessions has worked tirelessly with black Congressmen to advance their legislation in the Senate. He is the first ranking Republican of the Senate Judiciary Committee to hire a black chief counsel. As Alabama attorney general, he worked to desegregate public schools, largely disband the KKK in that state, and actually played a role in having a Klan member executed.

Can Booker say the same? How many Klansmen has he sent to jail? Hell- given the crime rate in Newark, how many people in general has he sent to jail?

They both exemplify the hypocrisy of Democratic Party identity politics. These righteous warriors are, in fact, legends and icons in their own minds. To wit, there is only one black chief-of-staff in the Senate and he belongs to a Republican- Tim Scott of South Carolina who before, Booker, was the ONLY black in the Senate. But perhaps Scott has a white sheet in his closet, or a swastika armband in his night stand. The leader of these standard-bearers of diversity and inclusiveness- Chuck Schumer- has been criticized for the lack of diversity in his Senate office.

And they haven’t learned anything. The Million Woman March scheduled for this Saturday after the Inauguration is the Balkanization of the Democratic Party based on identity politics in microcosm. For them, solidarity on the basis of gender is not enough because black women have been oppressed by white women at times. It’s even a made up word- intersectionality.

As for Lewis, he joins the ranks of people like Jerry Nadler, Yvette Clarke, Ted Lieu, Raul Grijalva and other refugees from the Island of Misfit Congresspeople who happen to represent crime-infested, racially gerrymandered dying districts in boycotting the Inauguration. Maybe they’ll block or cross a bridge into Washington instead.

When David Axelrod of all people claims that Lewis’ statements are dangerous and disconcerting, you know the Left and the raceturbators and political opportunists have gone off the deep end. John Lewis is not an “icon;” he’s a disgrace.

Oh- and happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.