The Sad Hypocrisy of the Alt-Right

Trying to understand the alt-right is like peeling the layers of an onion trying to get to the core to see what are their basic beliefs. We know they portend to be nationalist in nature and somewhat populist. In a previous article, I noted that there is nothing inherently wrong with being “nationalist.” It is when it becomes hyphenated as in black nationalist or white nationalist that it starts to take on ominous overtones.

In some sense, not all of their arguments are lacking in some merit on certain issues such as the insidious nature of the politically correct culture in which we live and which the Left keeps pushing the boundaries. But when you get to that core of the alt-right onion, you are left with one unmistakable impression: they are a bunch of hypocrites who have more in common with the Left than conservatism when it comes to rational debate, and others who cloak their racism and anti-Semitism in a shroud of philosophical jargon and mumbo jumbo more worthy of the word salad of your average schizophrenic.

Being nationalists, they naturally are anti-globalists. In fact, one of their websites proudly displays: “Taking Anti-Global Global Since 2009.” As such they oppose large multinational companies, opposition to trade agreements, and a disdain for international organizations like the IMF, WTO, World Bank, European Union and United Nations. They view groups like the G(insert number here) with suspicion. As such, they share much in common with the more anarchist Left and groups like Occupy Wall Street than they do with true conservatism. Instead of defecating on police cars, the alt-right prefers to spread their defecation on the Internet.

A look at any of their many websites- some known and some obscure- reveals that they despise these organizations. One popular site- American Renaissance– regularly runs articles critical of the United Nations. In effect, they oppose international organizations that they believe impinge upon American sovereignty. As I stated earlier, not all of their arguments are without merit. There are many of us true conservatives who believe that the United Nations, for example, is waste of US taxpayer dollars and should be defunded if not expelled from New York.

Recently, the United States abstained in a UN Security Council vote which condemned Israel for their settlements among other things. The abstention basically allowed the resolution to pass 14-0. Among those on the alt-right, this action was long overdue. In his follow up rambling speech regarding Middle East peace and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many on the alt-right took to the defense of John Kerry.

One article by some miscreant named Linh Dinh states:

Much of the world has long viewed the Jewish state as a serial landgrabbing killer. Indirectly, Kerry converged with this near consensus, “the settler agenda is defining the future of Israel. And their stated purpose is clear. They believe in one state: greater Israel,” but this settler agenda is the very definition of Israel, for it was founded on stealing other people’s land and killing them…Obama must have gotten a kick out of having a Jew, Kerry, shame the Jewish homeland… Leaving office, Obama can finally afford to pipe up some truth.

Another article by another miscreant named Philip Giraldi states:

Even as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his gaggle of war criminals continue to foam at the mouth over the United Nations vote it is, in truth, difficult to blame Israel for what is happening. Surely even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that the settlements are illegal under international law and are an impediment to any peaceful resolution with the Palestinians, which is what Resolution 2334 says.

So, Netanyahu commands a “gaggle of war criminals.” But more importantly, suddenly the United Nations, not to mention John Kerry, are to be commended. Suddenly, these voices on the alt-right believe in the sanctity of “international law.” In another article, they make the claim that Israel is actually assisting and fostering ISIS in Syria. Why? Because, according to the alt-right, the more Syria has to fight ISIS, the less time they have to fight Israel. These deductions they base on unsubstantiated reports from UN peace keepers in the Golan Heights.

What becomes readily apparent is their rank hypocrisy. Quick to criticize the foreign policy of John Kerry and Barack Obama and even quicker to criticize international organizations like the UN, the alt-right suddenly becomes their booster when Israel is involved.

They have also aligned themselves with human rights organizations when it comes to the Palestinians. Again, Palestinian rights has found an unlikely ally in the United States. The anti-globalists have suddenly become advocates of the instruments of globalism, namely, the United Nations when Israel or Jews are involved. At the core of the onion is smelly, rotten antisemitism plain and simple.

Since the Camp David Accords there have been seven Israeli prime ministers representing a range of Israeli ideologies from left to right and all seven have failed in their efforts to reach peace with the Palestinians. The primary impediment to peace is not Jerusalem or settlements; it is Palestinian intransigence. When the Gaza strip area was ceded to the Palestinians, it became a base to lob rockets into Israel and launch terrorist attacks.

The fact is that the Palestinians have not shown any inclination or proof that they deserve a homeland. Poverty and corruption define the Palestinian Authority. There is really no semblance of a functional government. In short, they have proven themselves unworthy of a homeland and the responsibilities that go with it.

Of course, the alt-right will resort to another leftist debate/argument tactic- the ad hominem attack- best exemplified by their denunciation of an op-ed by John Bolton who they described as unworthy of a position in the administration of their god-emperor Donald Trump because he “has a Groucho Marx moustache.” When you can’t win an argument nor hold a candle to the intellect of someone like Bolton, the next best thing is the personal attack.

The alt-right is not some vanguard movement and something new with their fancy words and their sillier memes. They are, at heart, fake conservatives, hypocrites and antisemitic.