The Unbearable Liberal Elite

Perhaps the worst thing in the world of American politics is the liberal elite composed of Utopian wannabe philosopher kings who believe their vision is better or superior to those of us mere mortals. They hide behind what they believe to be rationality and an Enlightenment mode of thinking. As Mark Levin accurately noted, “Utopianism is regressive, irrational and pre-Enlightenment.”

As far back as the Greeks, Plato- who actually advocated for the notion of the philosopher-king- said Utopians believe that the individual must subordinate his will to the state. That is, individuality and its accompanying liberty stand in opposition to the demands of the Utopian vision.

The author Thomas Wolfe updated this notion by coining the phrase “radical chic.” This is when liberals use their ideology as a marker to tell the world that they know better and they are superior to low lives that occupy those vast expanses of America that regularly show up red on an electoral map. To them, we of the vast red wasteland live in a false world where we are blinded to the oppression and injustice of the America in which we live. And lest anyone believe the liberal elite can be beat, it was one of their own who ascended to the Presidency in 2008 denouncing those who clung to Bibles and guns. It was one of their own whose presidential campaign team in 2016 denigrated the fact that Rupert Murdoch raised his kids Catholic.

The presence of the liberal elite is a good reason to have an Electoral College in the first place. That vast red wasteland offsets the locus of power of the liberal elite: the Boston-to-DC corridor, and the state of California. There are stops in between and elsewhere like Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago and Seattle, but chances are the elite will live and work in those first two areas.

Celebrity and education count, although billionaires are usually absent from the mix. They do not want to pontificate too much lest they kill the goose that laid their golden eggs (capitalism), although there are a few of the self-flagellating type. They usually emerge from elite liberal arts colleges that happen to have Ivy on their walls and are located on the East coast, or other “top notch” schools such as Stanford.

Living in their insulated little worlds, one doubts they have to wait in a hospital emergency room with their kids, or rearrange a day in their life for a trip to Jiffy Lube. They have scant knowledge of us wastelanders as they hide inside their castles. Strangely, when reality proves their vision wrong- Benghazi, Brexit, Trump, etc.- there is nothing to fall back on except rage and even more disdain for the lowly. Mark Zuckerberg is very poetic about building walls…so poetic he built one around his property in Palo Alto to keep people out.

San Francisco has become a mecca for the liberal elite given the rise of Silicon Valley nearby. It has also become a beacon of unaffordable housing except for the rich, famous and elite. While they walk lockstep with the disadvantaged and the oppressed, they do their utmost to keep them at bay preferring they not live in their liberal oasis on the coast, but welcoming them into the city to cut their lawns, serve their dinners, and open their doors. And they aim to keep it that through their onerous zoning laws, exorbitant rents, and nanny-state regulations that only they can afford. Today, the black population of San Francisco has dropped dramatically from the 1980’s- you know, that era of Ronald Reagan.

Their tactics are no different than your average despot the world over and throughout time. Look at the liberal elite’s reaction to a small government movement called the Tea Party. They were denigrated and called everything from Nazis to terrorists. One supposes they should have left their trash and defecated on a police car to get some liberal cred.

Perhaps the most galling aspect of these people is their rank hypocrisy. When the Oscars snubbed black nominees (apparently they want affirmative action for nominations), Will Smith- a man worth about $260 million- felt “oppressed” because of the color of his skin. Al Gore runs around the country warning of climate change in his private jet and demands that the limo be kept running. But his carbon footprint makes no difference because “he purchases offsets.” Realizing no one listens to that drone any more, the elite have trotted out another of their own- the more visually appealing, yet equally obnoxious Leo DiCaprio. One wonders if Gore’s and DiCaprio’s Oscars can be recycled. Matt Damon rants about public school funding, but sends his kids to private school. Instead of donating to groups like the NEA or the Democratic Party, he could donate to an actual public school.

Today’s mind-numbing blowhards emanate from their power structures in DC, New York and Hollywood. Meanwhile, their ilk scoff up $260 tickets to see a collection of minority performers re-enact the Federalist Papers on Broadway (to a rap song, no less), then have a performer dare lecture someone who has done more in 5 years than the cast has or will ever accomplish in their collective life times. It’s amazing how some rant against the decadence of capitalism and consumerism and embrace (in words and token acts of yoga club membership) the spirituality of the East… then purchase a $7,000 piece of art.

Of course, all the pontificating simply serves to salve their consciences and feel morally superior to everyone else. But that is all they achieve- a feeling. In effect, they are sneering at the rest of us and saying that although their consumption is ravenous, those excesses should be ignored because of their superiority. With their consciences now clear, they can splurge on the latest “bling,” hire low-paid domestic help and purchase another $7,000 piece of art. After all, they believe in global warming and have appeared in a PSA urging electors to vote their conscience.

Besides being useful tools to wash their cars, clean their mansions, cut their lawns and cook their meals, the liberal elite have found another use for the “oppressed-” someone to alleviate their guilt vicariously by championing for them. Of course, they would never be like us wastelanders who actually live and sometimes work beside the oppressed, or whose children attend the same schools as the children of the oppressed, or who sit next to the oppressed in church every Sunday. They spout the progressive politics of equality, empowerment and liberation from American corporate greed and thievery all the while living a life that takes full advantage of that alleged greed and thievery.

Perhaps this is why study after study has shown that conservatives and the many in the vast wasteland of red America give more to charity to help the poor and oppressed while living next to them, working with them, and attending church with them. And perhaps that is a huge difference between the liberal elite and conservatives: they talk while we do. Liberalism truly is a maddening mental disease and the liberal elite is the worst manifestation. Living their lifestyles while projecting an outward image of some selfless monk is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, not to mention disdain for them. And they wonder why Americans would vote for Trump.