The Ungrateful Immigrant

[TRIGGER WARNING: The following article contains language that may be offensive to some immigrants- legal and otherwise. It is not meant to disparage immigrants in general…just the jerky ones.]

Whoever invented the phrase “Beggars can’t be choosers” has not met the louder voices of today’s immigrant. There was recently a story out of Minnesota where Muslim immigrant/refugees from Somalia- a war-torn Muslim country- are not asking for, but demanding a tax-funded halal non-pork food shelf at a taxpayer-funded food pantry in Minneapolis. Said Imam Hassan Mohamud: “It’s about human rights also, basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food.” Add halal food to the never-ending list of basic human rights. That same Imam complained that there was a “literacy” issue because he happened to find pork in a can of beans (Um…it’s labeled “Pork and Beans).

These are the same refugees/immigrants who demanded a $48 million Sharia-compliant youth center to keep kids out of trouble and prevent them from joining gangs. In return, Somali cab drivers have evicted blind passengers with dogs from their vehicles, and refused to transport any passenger with alcohol. The city’s airport and one college have been fitted with foot-washing basins. Ironically, the vast majority of “Americans” who have joined ISIS are Somalis from Minnesota.

But, it is not just Minnesota where this is happening. In a small town in Kansas, refugees have established a Somali Community Center and some parts of Smalltown, USA, Christians are now a minority. Go to San Diego and you will find another enclave known as “Little Mogadishu.” The Iftin Charter School introduces children to “the wonders of Arabic” where 99% of the students are Somali, not Arabic.

And as bad as these incidents are here domestically, in Europe they are worse. Immigrant/refugees flooding into Europe are basically shopping for a country to call their new “home.” The news is great at portraying the poor refugee fleeing war-torn Syria, yet are silent reporting the fact that many of these “refugees” hail from countries other than Syria and Iraq. A perfect case is that of Hungary which is seen as having only a veneer of prosperity. To them, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia are way stations on their way to more prosperous countries like Germany, France, and Sweden.

Along the way, out of good old-fashioned Christian, Western bigness of a heart, the Hungarian government, with the help of the International Red Cross, distributed boxes of food at a refugee camp. Most of the food ended up in the garbage heap for one of two reasons: (1) it was not halal, and (2) the box bore the red cross symbol which offended many Muslims being it was a cross. It seems this triggered horrible feelings and visions of the Crusades.

Nowhere is their ungratefulness more evident than in Germany. Angela Merkel received initial praise for her handling of the refugee crisis. It may have demonstrated a big heart, but it came with a bigger price tag. Besides the obvious spike in terrorist plots being thwarted in Germany, the country is now inundated with ungrateful refugees. These migrants have discovered the wonders of a thoroughly Western construct- the lawsuit. Some are suing the German government and some cities for housing and food.

In Hamburg, every apartment has been filled yet that does not stop these migrants from flooding the city and demanding housing. One refugee sued the city stating “they lied to us.” Besides initiating lawsuits, they are also engaging in hunger strikes and threatening violence if their growing list of demands is not met.

A poll out of the Czech Republic shows that a majority of citizens are wary of these migrants. Two years ago, 50% of Czechs believed immigrants should be allowed to live by their own customs and traditions. Today that figure stands at less than 25%. And 75% of Czechs believe the incoming Muslims are a security threat. Neighboring Slovakia is even more suspicious and has passed laws to deal with the threat. France is a country on a permanent security alert. In Sweden, which is a huge welfare state with liberal asylum policies, some areas of cities are no-go zones for police. If ultra-liberal Sweden cannot handle these ungrateful migrants, then it is doubtful any country can.

Thus far, I have concentrated only on the ungrateful Muslim, but there are ungrateful Hispanic immigrants here in the United States also. The best example is a recent speech by University of California president Janet Napolitano. She, you may recall, was head of Obama’s DHS and perhaps one of the biggest boosters of Obama’s “dreamer” policy/amnesty. In fact, she wrote and implemented DACA. That did not stop these “dreamers” from attacking her speech and yelling her down. Since becoming college president, she has committed $5 million in university funds to meet the needs of students/children of illegal immigrants. They even get free legal aid from the university system. When asked what specifically Napolitano had done wrong to elicit such a demonstration, they could mention nothing other than “she needs to do more.”

There was the case of the “undocubus” making it’s way across the country loaded with illegal immigrants making stops along the way to educate us citizens of their plight and how their rights are being violated by our laws. Is it just me or does this seem like the perfect opportunity to round up at least 40 illegal immigrants in one fell swoop?

Then there is the case of some guy from Colombia who came to the United States and became eligible for citizenship in 1990- that is almost three decades ago. This man said: “Trump is dividing us as a country. He’s so negative about immigrants. We need to speak up.” Today, he is one of many immigrants rushing to gain citizenship before the parade of boxcars with Trump’s name emblazoned on them carry these immigrants to the border or concentration camps or something like that. The problem is, as regards this man, he is not part of “us” because it is not your country until you are a citizen. He and others like him have had 27 years to make that decision, but instead have suckled at the teat of American kindness.

Today’s immigrant is not like those of prior years. The great wave of immigration that flowed through Ellis Island in the early part of the previous century would never think of hunger strikes, lawsuits and public demonstrations for “rights” they have no right to in the first place. Under the policies of Clinton, Bush and Obama, that saying that opened this entry has been turned upside down. Today, it appears a beggar truly can be a chooser, get their way and encourage even more bad behavior.