The Transgender Confusion Conundrum

The Federal government has decreed that schools are obligated to grant transgender students access to facilities that correspond to their expressed gender. There are a few exceptions which underscores the silliness of these dictates. The vehicle by which this is achieved is Title IX- a one line statute which prohibits gender discrimination in any educational institution that receives federal funds (basically every school and college). So far, so good but the Obama administration has so stretched Title IX beyond its intended purpose that it is today unrecognizable. They have used Title IX to force colleges to adjudicate accusations of sexual assault with no pretense of due process. Harassment under Title IX, given the Obama administration’s definition, now includes anything that may offend anyone.

The exception proves the ludicrous nature of these dictates. For example, the dictate involving access to facilities does not allow someone who identifies as a male from joining the football team. And why not? Obviously, because of the physical differences between those people born male and those people who identify as being male. In short, when push comes to shove, they are just girls identifying as boys, not boys because there are these obvious physical differences which proves that the “gender as a social construct” theory is a ruse. If there are these inherent physical differences- an absolute fact,- then “social construct” holds less sway.

In 2004, transsexual Alan Finch stated that “You fundamentally cannot change sex…transsexualism was invented by psychiatrists.” If that is true coming from a man who went through such surgical lengths to become a woman- something that takes more balls (pun intended) than being transgender- then imagine what transgenders are. This truth has not stopped the advocates of an invented sex status from trying to change society and that is what this is all about. It goes far beyond bathrooms, locker rooms and membership on a football team.

This is about changing society by winning hearts (not minds) and legitimizing a fake made up sex status. Television liberals are rushing to find the latest transgender sob story. Leftist sites recommend transgender cartoons and inclusion of transgender characters on television. Transgender kid camps where Johnny is allowed to run free as a princess are encouraged. As NPR said, it is all a way to “loosen the reins of gender expression.”

Today, it is politically incorrect to speak out against the transgender craze. Political correctness is one thing and philosophical and biological correctness quite another thing. The fact is that one cannot change from XX chromosomes to XY ones.

Ah…but what about that gender is a social construct garbage often trotted out? If this is true, then anyone trying to assume these gender specific identities is perpetuating a lie (the social construct) and then following through with a caricature of that construct. Why is a transgender person bringing in these artifacts? If a person is truly beyond the “gender roles,” then why put on lipstick and prance about in bad floral dress? This is all nonsense and has more to do with the individuals concerned and their need to be seen as masculine or feminine and has nothing to do with rejecting the gender binary. They are saying: “Gender roles are fake cultural constructs, but let me now embody that illusion.” It makes no sense. In philosophical terms, it lacks internal consistency.

Yet the world seems content to move transgender from disorder to condition to heroic. It isn’t heroic. But it certainly is confusing and confusion. What is the motivation? It appears the gay bandwagon has reached critical mass so it is time to move on and search for the next great battleground.

A transgender could be a cross-dressing straight guy, a tomboy, a bisexual undergoing hormone therapy or someone temporarily confused. What can be more confusing than someone looking down at their penis and seeing a vagina? In fact, confusion is the most apt definition here since no one can even agree on what constitutes “transgender.” There is one constant though: you better accept them for whatever they claim to be. But why should anyone accept or respect someone’s identity based solely on their say-so?

If I say that I, a white man, identifies as a aborigine from Australia, does that make me an Australian aborigine? Even if I go about acting like an aboriginal Australian in loin cloth and lighting fire by rubbing two sticks, I am not an Australian aborigine, although I may very well end up in a psychiatric ward.

In a sixth grade (age 12) class one day, two students were playfully “fighting.” I admonished Michael that “boys don’t hit girls.” The class yelled, “But Michael is a girl!!” Imagine the surprise and confusion (and embarrassment) I felt. But, my confusion was born of “Michael’s” confusion. The sexual identity CLAIMS of children are now taken as fact and this mindset is fostered by the media and the medical establishment.

A friend of my family has a young girl, Rachel, who at the age of 12 declared that she was bisexual. The family took it with a grain of salt until Rachel’s bisexuality changed into her being transgender…at her declaration. The family took her to a psychologist who admonished the parents for forcing their social construct upon their 14-year-old daughter. By age 17, Rachel (now Ryan) wanted a sex change to become a male. The family actually investigated the costs until, thankfully, Ryan/Rachel thought otherwise. Today, Rachel (again) is undergoing intense psychotherapy after two suicide attempts. It is not that the family or her school(s) were ignorant of her sexual confusion; in fact, they were more than supportive. But, one wonders how many more Rachel/Ryans there are and this writer surmises they are the majority of “transgender” people.

Today, we are inundated with lectures from the Left and especially the LGBT and feminist communities about transgender rights. One such website claims that to deny these rights, one is perpetuating the “vile oppression of patriarchal heteronormativity.” If one has to make up words and then mix them up into some type of word-salad to explain a simple act of confusion, then one has much in common with your average schizophrenic.

Again, this is not about bathrooms and such. Those are sideshows where the invented rights of an extremely small minority now trump the privacy rights of the overwhelming majority- an equally disturbing phenomena. Instead, this is an attempt to fundamentally change the definition of gender much like the LGBT community’s fight to change the definition of marriage. They basically won that fight and are simply upping the ante with transgender rights.