Social Justice Warrior Dementia

The more I read about and the more I listen to “Internet sensation” social justice warriors, the more I become convinced these people suffer from a mental affliction. It is social media that has given a voice to a plethora of people who can best be described as narcissistic whiners and little more. The first thing anyone notices about the more infamous social justice warriors is (I’m sorry to say this) they are not possessing of looks anyone would want to associate with on a regular basis. Simply, they all look a little “off.”

It’s not wrong or evil to say that. We have all probably walked up a street, saw the person in shabby clothes pushing a grocery cart and avoided them because we do not want to be hassled for a quarter to buy a cup of coffee which we all know will really go towards a bottle of cheap wine. It isn’t that we hate or wish any ill-will on the person; it is just that we just don’t want to be bothered with them at that particular time. There may be a day when you throw some change their way and that is how it is with the SJW. Sometimes, you just get curious and you tune into one of their screeds on YouTube, or read one of their Twitter rants spread over five Tweets. But, in the end, you really don’t want to “be” that person. In fact, you take some pity on them.

Tumblr seems to be the most preferred outlet for these self-anointed, self-flagellating warriors of all things politically correct. One Pakistani blogger- Mehreen Kasani of Pakistan- said this about the moniker:

It’s a pathetic title…I do my part of social activism,I work against drones as an activist and writer. I work with sexually abused children. I’m on a media regulating panel. Social work, right? But I don’t need a title that’s been abused by many.”

“Abused by many…” including Ms. Kasani. The fact is that these are not “warriors” at all, but attention-seeking, primarily millennials who have, at their tender ages, contributed absolutely little to society other than accumulated debt and words. As a result, they make a total mess of the ideals they are wishing to defend because they make fools of themselves along the way.

Plus, they are quite irritating. If you have a Facebook account, chances are you have at least one Facebook friend who whines about some physical malady by using the location option to show that they are at some physical therapy establishment in order to garner likes and hugs from “friends,” and words of encouragement. They are attention-seekers. The same can be said of the Internet SJW- attention seekers with the side benefit of a “cause” to make the whining sound legitimate. In this way, followers and “likes” are a way of validating their self-esteem.

But a funny thing has happened on their way to their 15 minutes of fame. While drones, female sex organ mutilation and child sexual abuse are all serious subjects, the backlash against the SJW has put the actual issue on the back burner. That is, the warrior is what the fight is about, not the issue. In effect, feminists like Jessica Valenti, Amanda Marcotte, Milo Stewart and Anita Sarkeesian sully feminism by becoming the Internet faces of feminism.

And there are more than enough examples of stupidity setting themselves up to be straw men. To wit:

1) The moron feminist who insisted that men who sit with their legs apart on the New York subway was a crotch display used to display confidence and dominance. The more logical explanation is the presence of testicles;
(2) The moron who said the white rapper Macklemore couldn’t possibly support gay rights because he was a white, straight male meaning that only minority, non-straight “something that identifies as something other than male” can support gay rights, and;
(3) That great Tumblr blogger- Every Flavored Bean- asserting that Disney and Pixar are sexist because every female character in their animation has the same chin.

It’s a silly, insane feedback loop. This writer encourages anyone to state some stupid comment on a popular website such as “Light poles are sexist because they are phallic symbols that perpetuate a patriarchal society” in a feminist blog. Within days, some non-feminist will attack you for your stupidity and claim you are indicative of all feminists. They will be motivated by getting Internet-cred points, or because they just like attacking feminists.

This will cause other feminists to intercede and say that the original comment (the one about light poles) is not indicative of all feminists and they will try to distance the light pole controversy from their cause. Then the non-feminist will likely up the ante. By this time if the original SJW has enough cred, the mainstream media may pick up on the story causing that original SJW to make even more outlandish assertions in “the name of (insert cause here).” It is a crazy feedback loop of never-ending nonsense that they get caught in, much like a pathological delusion.

If one thinks about it, the alt-right shares much in common with these people and just as someone has to jump in and “attack” the SJW- usually some alt-right voice- so too does the SJW jump in and attack the alt-right view. But, there is a major difference: those on the alt-right usually don’t have colored hair, they aren’t trans-somethings, and they don’t have a face that can stop a clock, like Amanda Marcotte. But their propensity to make outlandish assertions as a means to garner attention, the fact they have too much time on their hands, and their lack of immunity from the feedback loop places them on the same pathological road as the SJW.