The Democratic Party's Autopsy: Let Me Spell It Out For Them

The Democratic Party is stunned by the defeat of their hero, Hillary Clinton, at the hands of Donald Trump.  All kinds of reasons are being proffered from the proliferation of “fake news” on social media, the “stupidity” of the Electoral College, sexism against Clinton, do they or don’t they continue with identity politics, voter suppression, etc.  As this writer sees it, there are six main reasons the Democratic Party failed to retain the White House.

REASON 1: THEY OVERPLAYED THE PC CARD-  Everyone here is familiar with the insidious nature of “political correctness.”  It leads to censorship and shouting down of the opposition devoid of any logical argument on the part of the PC/SJW crowd.  College campuses are ground zero in the PC battle and before Trump announced his candidacy, there were silly protests on many campuses.  Some of those protests were so ridiculous they revolved around proper Halloween attire.  Resident assistants were/are being trained to be on the lookout for “white privilege” and microagressions against minority groups.  Speakers are banned from college campuses because their message may hurt the feelings of students.

In classes, if certain items are discussed, professors provide “trigger warnings” lest something in the course content hurt some student’s feelings.  The ills and warts of Western culture are emphasized over the many greater number advances of Western civilization.  One study showed that most Americans under the age of 30 actually believe the United States invented slavery.

Much is made of the “evil” of the alt-right and there truly are some evil people in that movement- racists of the lowest form and nothing more.  But, not every Trump voter is “alt-right,” nor are they racist.  Instead, Trump’s ascendancy was a backlash against the constant preaching from the social justice warriors.  Accusing Trump of fear-mongering, they have resorted to fear-mongering themselves.

Reason 2- Bush was a fascist-  Trump supporters main reason for liking him during the primaries was “he tells it like it is” even if “it” isn’t like that.  The fact is that there were better outside candidates than Trump in the primary with Ted Cruz being probably the best example.  But, they did not choose him and instead went with the guy who “told it like it was.”

Obama, in some comments, put Trump in a different league from McCain and Romney.  He viewed Trump as unfit to serve as President, but never doubted the ability of the other two.  Long before Trump characterized Romney as a loser and out-of-touch, the Democrats and liberals had done the same.  Long before Trump attacked McCain’s war record, the Left had done the same.  As one Lefty noticed- Bill Maher- they cried wolf one too many times.

Of course, the ultimate target of their scorn was George W. Bush who was often characterized as a “fascist.”  He hardly fits any of the items that would land your name under that moniker.  But when everyone who happens to oppose the Leftist agenda no matter who they are is a “fascist,” or a “racist,” or a “sexist,” or a “xenophobe,” or anything else, when the true fascist, racist, sexist or xenophobe steps forward, no one is left listening.

Perhaps another candidate would have wilted under such accusations, but Trump didn’t.  As a result, he convinced enough people that he stood with them and became a “warrior” in their minds.

Reason 3: The Left overplayed their hand-  Remember when a Trump rally in Chicago had to be cancelled due to demonstrations?  Those alleged grassroots demonstrations were anything but “grassroots,” but a well-coordinated and planned action backed with Soros money.  It explains why pre-printed signs and slogans were at the ready.

We have since discovered that Democratic operatives- some linked to the Clinton campaign- paid demonstrators to infiltrate Trump rallies in an effort to incite a violent reaction.  This was intended to dissuade Trump supporters and convince the rest of America that Trump was evil and had to be stopped.

When those demonstrations occurred (and Chicago was not the only instance) I turned to my wife and said it is incidents like these that are forcing people to become Trump supporters.  They merely confirmed in the minds of many what Trump was saying he was up against.  Just as those attacks that Trump was a fascist drew some GOP voters into his fold, these demonstrations likely drew independents and fence-sitters into his fold.

Reason 4: The Mainstream media-  Today, there is much talk about “fake news,” but the biggest “fake news” was the media’s coverage of Trump.  Considering that the mainstream media is in the back pocket of the Democratic Party, they provided Trump with an estimated $1.9 billion in free publicity.  Some were asking why Trump didn’t open up his personal coffers.  Why should he when he was receiving so much free publicity?  He garnered that publicity with a Tweet here and there, or dropping some ad-lib line into a speech at a rally.  He played the media like the proverbial fiddle.

With every report of some crazy Trump comment, the media portrayed it as the dooming of his candidacy in the primaries.  But, instead his poll numbers went up.  It wasn’t that the electorate was racist or xenophobic; it was that Trump was being viewed more and more as a “warrior.”  Despite the many polls showing that his negatives far outweighed his positives, one aspect of those polls was overlooked- his electability.

The media coverage, although not necessarily intended to prop him up and sometimes intended to tear him down, simply reinforced in the minds of many a growing distrust of the media.  And the only reason the media covered him so much can be summarized in one word: ratings. That $1.9 billion bought a lot of coverage for a man who was already a household name.

Reason 5: Populism is in-  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump spoke the same language of populism only from different sides of the political spectrum and in different manners.  But, this is not unique to the United States.  A wave of economic populism and nationalism is spreading over Europe fueled by the influx of immigrants where the native population fears their unique cultures are being destroyed.

Sanders never went there, but Trump did on occasion.  It has been building in Europe for the past decade and only now is populism paying political dividends culminating in the Brexit vote in Great Britain.  Trump tapped into these feelings in America and ran with them.

But, like all things successful, they are rife with possible pitfalls.  In the short term, Trump will not enjoy a honeymoon like other Presidents enjoyed.  That may have the effect of confirming things in the minds of many Americans: if there is so much opposition to him, there must be something to him.  The planned demonstrations scheduled to coincide with the inauguration will likely backfire, especially if Trump resorts to Twitter and drops a few lines about them.  The media’s crying about access to Trump will only send their credibility into further decline.

Reason 6: Hillary Clinton sucked. They can blame sexism and cite the popular vote total until the cows come home. The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton as a politician cannot hold a candle to her husband, Bill Clinton. A cursory look at some data reveals that many of the people who voted for Obama in 2012 did one of three things in 2016: voted for Trump, voted third party, or stayed home. There was no enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton despite the prospect of being the first female president. If having a vagina is your biggest selling point, then you have problems.

For better or worse, we are stuck with Trump as a President.  At this point, this writer is most worried about Trump failing as a President and the likely backlash against him and, by proxy, the GOP/conservatism.  If that should happen, the Left is lying in wait and will return with a vengeance.  Trump’s American vision may not look all that great, but the Left’s vision is even scarier.