What Do Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis and Black Lives Matter Have In Common?

While the media seems infatuated with the alleged effects of possible Russian “interference” in the American political process, a more insidious form of interference and influence is being overlooked by that very same media. The reasons become abundantly clear soon enough. Trump won because Clinton sucked, plain and simple. But, the Left marches on much as they have since 1993 and the birth of the Open Society Institute founded billionaire George Soros. Since then, he has given over $7 billion to Leftist causes. The list includes: ACORN, Apollo Alliance, the Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood, NOW, Media Matters, Moveon, and many environmental groups. He wants greater power for the World Bank and IMF while insisting on less American influence in those groups.

What is his goal? The answer is threefold: (1) weaken institutions in Western democracies, (2) hinder free markets- ideological and economic- in the name of “democracy,” and (3) subvert national sovereignty.

Given the media’s concentration on Russian hacking and the WikiLeaks publication of John Podesta e-mails (most of which were not derogatory of Clinton herself) these revelations are important only to political junkies in the Beltway. In effect, the media is making a story where none likely exists while avoiding another set of hacks by DCLeaks of the Soros-funded Open Society Foundation. One document titled “List of European Elections 2014 Project” revealed his plan to affect the outcome in European elections. Over 90 projects were documented.

Soros has funded “revolutions” in Poland, Serbia and the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia. He has funded opposition parties in a variety of energy-rich former Soviet republics that maintain bases for the war in Afghanistan. He has caused friction between the US and Russia. In fact, Belarus, Russia, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have banned his “philanthropic” organizations.

Yet, the media is obsessed with alleged Russian influence. This is understandable given some research. ProPublica is a leftist investigative journalism organization that has won two Pulitzer Prizes for their work. It is also highly funded by Soros and others. Since 2003, he has donated more than $48 million to media organizations and journalism schools. The Columbia Journalism Review which is published by the Columbia School of Journalism has received over $600,000 from Soros. Since money talks, it is obvious that the media would downplay the role of Soros and overplay the role of Russia- a country that has obviously decided that he is a menace and has banned him.

The Open Society Foundation has a stated goal of expanding the electorate by 10 million voters mainly by lowering barriers to registration, increased ballot access initiatives and a weakening of voter ID laws. One of the biggest instigators against voter ID laws is the Brennan Center for Justice, an organization that has received more than $7 million from Soros since 2000.

He is no partnering with groups to influence the 2020 Census by redefining minority populations to better the chances of Democrats when it comes time to redistrict the House. Those groups are the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, the Leadership Conference, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and Demos.

He has funded a group called Avaaz that seeks to enfranchise over 8 million Americans living abroad. This same group also worked hard against the Brexit vote. One spokesman said: “Avaaz is just as strongly in support of trying to stop Brexit as we are of trying to stop Trump” and that it is “part of the same challenge” of suppressing populist, anti-globalist movements.

He donated more than $30 million to the Clinton campaign directly or indirectly. That made him her single biggest donor. In effect, Clinton is a puppet of Soros. And now having lost, he is actually funding many anti-Trump protests paying some up to $15 an hour to protest.

Soros realized that Clinton was the ideal figurehead to advance his socialist agenda and she whored herself out to his money.

As if that was not bad enough, other groups fell under the sway of Soros money. In 2015, Soros invested $650,000 in technical and organizational support for Black Lives Matter (BLM). A hacked memo from February revealed that BLM would be a vehicle to help shape the Democratic Party’s platform. Another memo questioned the appropriateness of this tactic, but those questions were dismissed.

It may help explain why the BLM diatribe of complaints extended way beyond police shootings. It includes, among other things, a radical restructuring of the tax code, public financing of elections, a ban on campaign contributions, universal Internet access, free tuition in public colleges, reparations for blacks, and stronger union protections. They waded into international affairs by accusing Israel of genocide and a cutting of military and economic ties with Israel. In short, it meshed nicely with the Soros socialist Utopian vision. Soros’ Open Society Foundation even found the unrest in Baltimore over the Freddie Gray death not tragic, but “a unique opportunity” to further their agenda.

In short, BLM whored themselves out to Soros money.

Worse yet, there is another group that fell under the Svengali gaze of Soros money. It was revealed that the Open Society Foundation made a $650,000 grant to PICO and Faith in Public Life. PICO is a faith-based community organizer. The goal of these grants were designed to place pressure on the Catholic Church and Pope Francis to de-emphasize the church’s stance on abortion and emphasize social and economic justice instead. This was done in advance of the Pope’s 2015 visit to the United States.

Much of the money gained access to two of Pope Francis’ closest advisers- Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras and Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo. Both are considered the leading Vatican voices behind the recent leftward slant of Pope Francis’ musings. The money was also used to influence large mainstream media coverage of religion to stress the socialist themes of the Pope’s message instead of the Church’s stance on abortion.

This makes sense since Soros is a major donor to Planned Parenthood. The leaked documents also reveal that exerting influence on the Catholic Church is part of a larger campaign designed to push pro-life countries like Ireland and some African nations to legalize abortion by 2019. When it was revealed that Planned Parenthood was selling fetal parts, Soros rushed in with $1.5 million for damage control. Lost in the debauchery and disdain of human life expressed in those videos, the conversation turned to the legality of obtaining the videos- a story pushed by the mainstream media given being in the pocket of Soros.

Likewise, the Open Society Foundation has funded opposition research of those critical of radical Islam. Some of this rhetoric has floated not only into mainstream media accounts of alleged Islamophobia and “hate crimes,” but also into the Pope’s rather naive ruminations regarding radical Islamic terrorism. Under the guise of human rights, Soros and Pope Francis are actually advocating for the influx of more immigrants and “refugees” into Europe.

In effect, the Catholic Church under the leadership of Pope Francis has also whored itself out to Soros money.

The goals- whether stated overtly or implied- of Hillary Clinton, Black Lives Matter and the Vatican vis-a-vis Pope Francis are those of George Soros. They are to weaken the sovereignty of nations in favor of international organizations like the UN, IMF and World Bank, diminish America’s role in the world, and a redistribution of wealth from the hard-working to the “oppressed.” Knowingly or unknowingly and despite the best of intentions, all share another thing in common- they are whores belonging to the ultimate international pimp, George Soros.