The Entertainment Industry's Partial Basket of Deplorables

It always amuses this writer when celebrities get involved in commenting on politics since it illustrates two things: (1) how utterly stupid and banal they are, and (2) the fact they draw attention to the fact that they were not that much “star quality” after all.  In the wake of the Trump candidacy and his eventual election as the next president, many of these “icons” are left with egg on their faces.  We can leave aside the many promises made by so many that they would leave the United States should Trump win because we knew that was never going to happen.  Cher and Rosie are staying put.

Think about it: what has either of these “celebrities” done of late other than swoon over Hillary Clinton or show up in some protest somewhere?  Rosie O’Donnell has not done anything of significance since “A League of Their Own” and Cher hasn’t been significant since Sonny died.

However, this article is not about the has-been’s like Cher, Rosie, or even the matron of morose- Madonna, who promised oral sex in exchange for a Clinton vote.  Instead, this article is about the allegedly cutting edge Hollywood elite who put their eggs in the Clinton basket and now have yolk running down their faces, or in Madonna’s case, something other than yolk.  I will mention but ten:

Johnny Depp 

No one really cares what Johnny Depp thinks anymore about anything let alone who he favors as the next president.  This over-acting, over-rated one-dimensional actor has managed to ruin three literary classics- Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, and Sleepy Hollow- not to mention Dark Shadows with his variation on the Edward Scissorhands persona.  Think about it:  even his Jack Sparrow character is a drunk Edward Scissorhands.

Lena Dunham 

She is low on this list because she is too easy a target.  Her claim to fame is an ill-fated show called Girls which was basically Sex in the City for horny millennials with way too much nudity that showcased a body that should be permanently covered in a burqa.  Of course, there was that infamous book where she basically admitted to pedophilia, and her feminist Twitter rants.  The poster child for the pejorative term “snowflake” fled Twitter after taking criticism making that flight her main contribution to society.

Sarah Silverman 

Silverman epitomizes the New York mentality which is seriously at odds with that of this place called America.  Originally an edgy comedian with some modicum of humor, she jumped the shark long ago.  Once again, we have a washed-up-at-an-early-age comedian pontificating on politics.  If she had stuck to making mock music videos about “[email protected]#!ing Matt Damon” perhaps her career would not be in the toilet today.  Instead, she had to resort to cheap stunts like dressing up as Hitler on Conan to get the point across that Trump was a Nazi.  How cutting edge.

Amy Schumer 

Oh, what could have been!  Amy Schumer has/had potential to be a good comedienne and this writer must admit I have laughed on occasion, but at this point her career seems to be reminiscent of the movie that made her famous, Trainwreck, which for some reason puts me to sleep at about the 22 minute mark.  Along with Seth Rogen, they almost single-handedly killed the Bud Lite brand which is a feat in and of itself.  Berating anyone who would dare vote for Trump during a show in Tampa, Florida, the speech- not comedy act- likely tipped the state for Trump.

Miley Cyrus  

It is hard to take Miley Cyrus seriously for anything, so her anti-Trump screeds fit right in with that persona.  Let’s face it: she is a minimally talented daughter of a minimally talented father whose contribution to society was a mullet and an Achy Breaky Heart.  Perhaps the funniest contribution to this list was her tearful video after Trump won the election.  How so much stupidity can be packed into a 24-year-old is amazing.

John Oliver  

This smug Brit is the heir-apparent to John Stewart’s old show.  Unlike Stewart who would occasionally criticize and poke fun at non-Republicans or liberals, Oliver refuses to do so.  At one point, millennials got their “news” from Stewart (and they talk about “fake news?”), but Oliver’s liberal humor falls flat.  Perhaps it is because he comes across as a smug, elitist Brit.  If you want some substance and an occasional laugh, Bill Maher is probably a better choice, which isn’t saying much.  Listening to Oliver’s rants is akin to listening to an anti-gun screed from Piers Morgan and we all know what that did for Morgan’s career.

Seth Myers  

The former head writer for Saturday Night Live proves that being a comedy writer and being a comedian are two totally different things.  The fact is he was rarely funny on SNL and one is hard-pressed to remember anything memorable from that show other than his anchor on Weekend Update.  But then again, even Chevy Chase pulled off that gig.  During the campaign, Myers dusted off all the SJW talking points to the point of boredom which probably explains his ratings.  Myers, having no real pedigree in satire, became a parody of himself.

Stephen Colbert 

He could have been a star, but alas we have discovered that his Comedy Central persona really appealed to a tiny sliver of a liberal audience.  That persona was an over-the-top parody of Bill O’Reilly.  But when doing good old Stephen Colbert, he just isn’t funny.  At this point, one can say that he failed at the big time.  Taking over the fairly popular Late Night with David Letterman, he has basically ruined the Late Night brand let alone late night television.  There was potential there with a large audience base, but Colbert simply turned off viewers who channel surfed over to soft core porn on Cinemax.

Katy Perry  

Speaking of soft core porn, Katy Perry deserves a shout out in this list.  A tireless warrior for LGBT rights, she seems a parody of some big-breasted character who would look at home on the cover of a comic book.  Her greatest talent lies between her neck and navel, namely her breasts which seem oddly out of proportion.  This no-talent locked in the mentality of a 14-year-old high school freshman campaigned with Hillary constantly and held fundraising concerts.  Vowing to fight on in the aftermath of Trump’s win only guarantees that we will have no listen to her drivel some more.

Samantha Bee  

She wasn’t really that funny on John Stewart’s show and even less funny when TBS gave her her own show.  This election allowed her to find her voice.  Unfortunately, it was that of a preachy, screechy harpy.  There are no political pretenses here.  Portraying itself as comedy show, it is more like listening to Democratic or far Left propaganda with occasional canned laughter to remind the viewer to “insert laugh here.”  Being a far Leftist, one would think Bee would be all-in and feel the Bern, but instead she was an unabashed Hillary supporter.  Girl power, the sisterhood, first female president and all that…  Instead of watching her show, all one had to do is attend a Clinton rally.  In fact, she has about as many viewers as attendees at a Clinton rally.

And there you have it- ten of the worst celebrity social justice warriors who sealed the deal for Trump by forcing the fence sitters to recoil.