Beware the Left

Despite what one thinks about the impending presidency of Donald Trump, if anyone believes the Left will remain silent they are seriously mistaken.  On November 18-20, the Left held a pow-wow in Washington, DC called RootsCamp (note: there were no conservative protesters outside).  This is a collection of progressives from around the country who are active in many organizations and activities.

Stunned by the election of Trump, the thrust of the meeting came out twofold as far as the future is concerned in both the short term and the long term.  The short term strategy decided upon is quite obvious: thwart Trump at every turn, even if some happen to agree with some aspect of Trump’s agenda.  Some of the methods discussed were, for example, should Trump somehow actually pass some legislation that created a Muslim registry (highly unlikely and quite possibly unconstitutional), they encouraged as many non-Muslims as possible to also register to clog up the system.  Some were classic grassroots efforts like mass call-ins to city mayors demanding they designate their cities as “sanctuaries.”

There was talk of developing an “underground railroad” to hide illegal aliens where a network of college campuses, churches and even private homes can be used to shield them from deportation.  They even developed a list of nationwide safe zones to be established for the inevitable deportation raids to begin on January 21st…or something like that.  Seems paranoia is running amok on the Left.  Some suggested that activists, if they know about an impending ICE raid, could respond and form a human shield against ICE agents- sort of a massive fast response team to save illegal aliens.  To get the point across, some even suggested that one should be willing to get beat up by the police or ICE agents, or end up in jail.

Most of the short-term agenda focused on possible responses to a Trump policy involving illegal immigrants.  The long term agenda is perhaps the more troublesome.

That involves resurrecting the Sanders coalition by using his supporter base for grassroots efforts to get those who back the Sanders’ socialist agenda elected to office.  In this way, they can build power from the ground up.  The vehicle by which this is achieved is mainly through a pro-Sanders PAC called Our Revolution.  They were rather active in the 2016 election cycle and supported 84 candidates up for election.  The offices were as low as city council members and ran up to US Senate offices.

Of those 84 races, the Sandersnistas won 40 races, or 47.6% of the races.  This is a rather impressive showing for the Sanders agenda.  In seven of those 40 races they won, there was no opposition from the GOP.  When it came to federal offices, they won 8 of 19 races (or 42.1% of the races).  This means that at the lower levels, the Sandersnistas won 32 of 65 races (or 49.2% of the time).  This is again impressive, although it is also true that many of these races occurred in liberal oases.  Regardless, to oppose the Leftist populism of Bernie Sanders should be a goal of any true conservative.

Alongside this opposition, true conservatives must also oppose the more radical populist agenda items of Donald Trump.  Conservatism must now fight a two-front battle if it is to be a viable force in American politics.

The “R” after a candidate’s name will now be associated with the worst of Trumpism ignorant of any “good” there may be in Trumpism.  There is considerable overlap between the agenda of Trump and the agenda of Sanders which is proof in and of itself that Trump is no conservative.  However, if any Trumpkin is under the misguided impression that their god-king will not face the wrath of the Left, they are dumber than originally thought.  Sanders, Warren, Keith Ellison, Pelosi, Schumer and others are not gearing up to help Trump even though there may be this overlap in goals.

A Soros-funded meeting in DC also came to the same conclusion the RootsCamp weirdos came to: opposition for the sake of opposition.  These people believe one of two things: (1) they were cheated because of the Electoral College and such, or (2) they just did not have the right messenger in Hillary Clinton.  Just recently, Elizabeth Warren said that because they made minimal gains in the House, picked up two obvious seats in the Senate and won the presidential popular vote, the American people were on the side of the Democratic Party.  This is how they think regardless of facts to the contrary.  The fact that Donald Trump will occupy the Oval Office come January, the fact the GOP did not lose the Senate and the fact Paul Ryan enjoys basically the same majority as before is proof that Warren is wrong on so many levels.

Thus, fighting the worst of Trumpism and all of the Left’s agenda will be a daunting task for true conservatives over the next four years…at least.  With anyone else other than Trump, the task of keeping the Left at bay would have been easier.  The most fearful thing that could happen is an epic Trump failure resulting in a socialist/Leftist backlash come 2020.  It is at that point that true conservatives can say “We told you so,” but by then it may be too late.