The Academia Awards for 2016

Bringing you the best of American higher education, this hall of shame is teaching kids in college these days:

The They’re Unfortunately Still Around Award:

Peter Singer (of Princeton University)- who believes that human babies up to age two, especially if disabled, should be killed, but that animals have a right to life.  NOTE:  Bill Ayers was a close second.

The Original Grading System Award:

Rebecca Fowler (Washington State University)- who deducts one grade point every time a student uses the phrase “illegal immigrant” or “illegals” in class to illustrate “… white privilege in everyday life” in her Intro to Comparative Ethnic Studies class.

The Useless Major Award:

Stephany Rose (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)- a professor of Women and Ethnic Studies who states that black people who believe in the American dream are perpetuating white racism, especially successful black people.

The Best Name for a Lecture Award

Zillah Eisenstein (Ithaca College in New York)- who gave a lecture at Cornell titled, “Thinking About Hetero-Racial Misogyny in Agriculture…” I kid you not.

Most Original Syllabus Award:

Nancy Provolt (University of North Carolina- Charlotte)- who states that students will be punished for using the sexist term “mankind, he, him, or man” when referring to humanity.

The Professorial Over-Reaction Award:

Melita Garza (Texas Christian University)- who failed a student who happened to be a disabled veteran for arguing against modern feminism and insisting that women in America had it better than those in other countries.  Not satisfied with merely failing the poor sod, she also had him removed from class and filed charges against him with the campus police.

The Black Lives Matter Memorial Award:

Melina Abdullah (UCLA)- chair of Pan-African Studies for organizing opposition to a campus appearance by Ben Shapiro and arguing for the abolition of police forces.

The That’s a Weird Fantasy Award:

M. Shelly Conner (Loyola University- Chicago)- for authoring a paper that all men have a secret desire to rape women while they sleep.

The “Lock Her Up” Award:

Lawrence Torcello (Rochester Institute of Technology)- for suggesting that those who deny climate change should be criminally prosecuted for “criminal negligence” with jail time and all that.

The Silly Feminism Award:

Latham Hunter (McMaster University- Hamilton, Ontario)- for a recent paper in which she states that “…it’s impossible to do Christmas without running into one patriarchal construct after another.”  She further claimed that both Santa and Jesus contribute to a sexist society.  Then going for the jugular, she declared that Frosty the Snowman, Christmas carols and gender-specific gifts were also sexist.  Really?  Frosty?

The Trump University Memorial Award:

Larry Little (Winston-Salem State University, North Carolina)- for teaching a fraudulent independent studies class to boost student grades in order to receive grant funding.

The Put Them on a Watch List Award:

Keith Kostecka (Columbia College, Chicago)- for suggesting that Paul Ryan should kill himself after Ryan posted a picture of his family online.  As an aside, the good professor has also called for the abolition of the Catholic Church.

The Climate Change Alarmism Award:

Kelly Berkel (City College of New York)- who has argued that climate change is a national security threat and has led to the rise of ISIS.  Stated Berkel: ““While ISIS threatens brutal violence against all who dissent from its harsh ideology, climate change menaces communities with increasingly extreme weather.”  Yeah…or something like that.

The It’s Cool to Hate Jews Award:

Julio Cesar Pino (Kent State University, Ohio)- who called Israel the spiritual heir to Nazism.  He also wrote an editorial praising Palestinian terrorist Ayat al-Akras who, at the age of 16 or 18 (apparently Palestinians do not keep birth certificates) blew herself up along with two innocent Israelis in 2002.  Did I mention Pino came under FBI investigation for his connections to ISIS?

and finally…

The It’s Cool to Hate Christians Award:

LJ Russum (Polk State College, Florida)- for failing a female student who refused to label Jesus Christ a myth.