The Best Thing About Trump's Victory

When all the polls erroneously indicated a Clinton victory, the media was full of stories of the GOP wandering in the political wilderness and how, given demographics, could or would they ever find their way out.  Today, the tables are turned and it is the Democratic Party that is trying to figure out what went so terribly wrong in 2016.  It isn’t only that Trump won the Presidency, but the GOP suffered minimal losses in the House and kept control of the Senate.  Democrats now control only five states.  It has been noted that one can drive from Florida to Idaho without entering a Democratic-controlled state.

One dolt on the Left, Ezra Klein of Vox, said:

More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. More Americans voted for Democratic Senate candidates than for Republican Senate candidates.

Indeed, they did but using US Senate races is silly since not every Senator was up for reelection while all House members were.  There, Republicans beat Democrats collectively by 1.7 million votes.  Maybe we should abolish the House of Representatives because, after all, the GOP won the “popular vote.”

Others, starting with Jill Stein, are calling for a recount in three states in hopes of flipping the race.  Her effort has raised $1 million in 24 hours illustrating the depth of stupidity on the Left.  These efforts are based on the fact that exit polls and other polling data do not mesh with vote results in certain states.  Some computer scientists note the same saying that their models are in conflict with actual vote results.

This is like climate change models.  Computer models are only as good and accurate as the information fed into them.  In the electoral sense, the models do not match outcomes because they are feeding outmoded information into those models.  A perfect example is the shift in the industrial Midwest which was not anticipated by any of these eggheads except the Trump campaign.

As for the Electoral College, both sides entered the campaign knowing how it works and played by the same rules.  Those now proposing it’s abolition along with the protesters in the streets prove the need for civics education in schools.  Regardless, it is not unprecedented for someone to lose the popular vote and still win the Presidency.  To understand why, they also need to teach math better in schools.

Instead of the whining and crying, the Democrats would be better served by crawling out of their safe spaces and look in the mirror.  Their entire organizing principle is race and group identity politics.  Their very own exit polls show that everything they relied upon in this area failed to materialize on November 8th.  Trump outperformed Romney with blacks and Hispanics.  The great exodus of college educated voters from the GOP failed to happen.

Instead, they today double down on racial group politics.  A meeting of 275 white nationalists in DC is portrayed as the norm for all whites.  This meeting, which drew more protesters than participants, has dominated the news cycle for a week now.  If the Democrats hope to win the white vote, perhaps they should cease portraying white voters as closet racists because they do not necessarily follow the Leftist line.

And the problem for the Democrats is more egregious with women.  Clinton’s day-after concession speech was actually demeaning to women and girls everywhere.  It was not that a woman lost this election; it was that a very flawed woman lost it.  The Democrats view all women the same and female “success” is gauged only by their definition of success.  The smug elites look down on stay-at-home mothers or those that put children and family above careers as some type of traitors to the “sisterhood.”  Some female Trump voters are now the targets of “Vote-shaming” efforts.  The Left is all for choice except when that choice goes against them.

Do Madeline Albright, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lena Dunham really speak for the woman working to balance family life, a job, and putting food on the table?  As one voter from Ohio noted, at least Trump talked jobs while Clinton talked transgender bathrooms.

And if reports are to be believed, there is perhaps one person who got it right- Bill Clinton.  However, he was ignored as a relic of the past by the wunderkid political gurus with their spreadsheets sitting in an office in Brooklyn.

In the aftermath of their loss, the Left gathered in DC in a meeting sponsored by none other than George Soros to decide what went wrong.  Expect a lurch to the Left for the Democratic Party.  With a socialist (Bernie Sanders) and Elizabeth Warren on the Senate leadership team, they will push Left wing populism using the Trump playbook.  Forget Joe Manchin; he’s there for show.

There will be a “fight” for Minority Leader in the House, but Nancy Pelosi, who hails from one of the most liberal districts in the country, will emerge the winner.  As for DNC leader, it appears that Keith Ellison has the inside track, another House member hailing from a very liberal district.  Well, it didn’t work with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a woman, or with Donna Brazile, a black woman, so let’s try Keith Ellison, a black male and Muslim to boot.  It’s called doubling down on Leftist policies through identity politics.

What the Democratic Party fails to understand is that despite that Clinton popular vote win, the GOP is more regionally diverse and not clustered into socialist oases like Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Chicago.  As a conservative Republican, I hope Pelosi wins her battle and Keith Ellison becomes DNC chair beecause they will become the faces of a political party clearly at odds with the American people.

The best thing about Trump’s win?  Seeing the Left and the Democratic Party in such disarray.  A side benefit is that they are exposed as the hypocritical race/ethnic/sex panderers that we all knew they were all along.