Was It Racism Or PC Fatigue that Elected Trump?

It is quite easy for those on the Left to deconstruct Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton to one of race because that is what they usually do and they have been perfecting the art for years now.  But, it defies logical explanation to state that there are over 60 million racist voters out there.  It is an easy and lax excuse to blame Trump’s victory solely on race.  It’s even easier to blame it on a letter from the FBI director to Congress.

If we are to believe the exit polls, then Trump won the white vote by a record 21 points- 58 to 37.  That bettered the previous record shared by Reagan in 1984 and Romney in 2012.  But, these same exit polls fail to explain why there was no surge of female voters or Latino voters- two groups the Democrats hoped would turn out in droves in opposition to Trump.  Clinton performed only one percentage point better than Obama with women.  With Latinos, there was a 1% increase in turnout as a percentage of the electorate, but Trump outperformed Romney and Clinton woefully under-performed Obama.  Is that racism or sexism?

Of course, it did not hurt that Obamacare and opposition to it in light of recent headlines of premium increases and insurers pulling out of the market was, as the Washington Post describes it, “wind beneath Trump’s wings.”  In the end, two factors led to Clinton’s defeat: (1) she was a flawed candidate who was counting on that Wizard of Oz strategy- “don’t look behind the curtain; the FBI cleared me-” and (2) a reaction against the elitism of political correctness.

In essence, the Left has overplayed their hand when it comes to political correctness.  Years of labeling any utterance that defies their worldview as “hate speech” at worst or “troubling” at best came back to bite them on the ass in the end.  Trump was the conduit to express the view that enough was enough.

The problem with political correctness is that it is a non-winning argument.  For example, blacks will tell you that despite your intentions and your arguments, proposals, etc., that you cannot truly understand “blackness” or the “plight” of African-Americans unless you are black.  You cannot understand the “plight” of the Muslim immigrant unless you experience the blatant and subtle “discrimination” they face.  You cannot understand the “fears” of the Latino community unless you have a Spanish surname.  You cannot truly understand the fears and aspirations of women unless you have experienced the “horrors” of workplace discrimination or harassment.  And the list goes on.

But, do all these groups truly understand that whites are quite tired of being blamed for every ill- real and perceived- in this country?  Congress is raked over the coals because it does not demographically represent the population at large.  Likewise with academia, the workplace, the board room, etc.  Despite the presence of affirmative action programs and quotas that are not really quotas (wink…wink), there is, in the mind of the Leftist, institutional racism and sexism that the perpetrators of that racism and sexism (white men) do not even realize they are perpetrating.  It is a no-win situation, unless you conform and adopt the Leftist line and see the errors of your way.

An assembly line worker in Michigan who lost his job to Mexico or China is not racist against Asians or Mexicans.  A gun owner in central Pennsylvania is not racist because they fear loss of their firearm.  A rural voter in Wisconsin is not racist because they feel that the government has forgotten about them and will not listen to them or take them seriously.  The vast majority of voters for Trump fit these categories and they are not racist, sexist, or xenophobes.

But they are tired of being lectured to by Leftist elites who share nothing in common with their experiences or anxieties other than some “study” conducted on them as if they were lab rats.  We have seen these adjustments before and probably the best example was the election of Andrew Jackson, not that Trump is any Andrew Jackson.  His election was a rejection of the politically elite and Trump’s election has it’s parallels.  Just as voters in the 19th century signaled a disdain for big government and the political class, voters today signaled a disdain for the same.  It explains why Trump overwhelmingly won that segment of the electorate who said “change” was their biggest reason for voting as they did.

Clinton, her allies, those protesters in the streets today and the Democratic Party failed to fathom the fact that the Left overplayed their politically correct hand.  Whether it was transgender bathrooms in North Carolina, pandering to Latinos, promising blacks the moon and repeatedly failing to deliver, and excoriating whites under the rubric of “white privilege,” they and they alone are responsible for losing this election.

There is no doubt in my mind that racism, sexism and xenophobia did play some role in his election.  But, the same could be said of any election.  The biggest difference this time is that Trump refused- correctly it turns out- to apologize and bow before the altar of Leftist political correctness.  This election should serve as a huge warning to the Democratic Party that they must change their message.  Pandering and broken promises only go so far in winning an election.  The fact they could not defeat Trump or win the Senate and barely make a dent in the GOP majority in the House should be a wake up call that this writer doubts they will heed.  To them, it is white racist America’s fault. not their’s.