As expected, the Left is apoplectic over Donald Trump’s victory Tuesday.  A quick read of Leftist websites would have you believe we are living in a political apocalypse.  Very few of the analyses mention the fact that the Democratic Party nominated a flawed candidate.  While the GOP was wringing it’s hands over the Trump nomination, the Democrats were blind to the weaknesses in their own candidate.  The shock and awe they feel is simply a dose of reality setting in.  The Democratic Party placed their entire fortunes on Hillary Clinton because, quite frankly, they had no one else.

During the campaign Trump made many claims and promises that will be difficult to achieve.  Whether there will be a wall on the southern border, or the end to terrorist threats, or the millions of jobs he promised remains to be seen.  Not yet inaugurated and less than 72 hours into his status as president-elect, the hyperbole on the Left is palpable and amusing.

Thinking back to 2008, I can recall some instances of talk of doom and gloom in response to the election of Barack Obama, but not to this level.  Of course, those of us on the Right worried about an Obama presidency but not to the extent the Left is exhibiting in response to the election of Donald Trump.  In fact, I kind of remember spontaneous celebrations in the streets, not the “spontaneous” protests in several cities we have seen in the last 36 hours in response to the Trump win.  I cannot recall any college cancelling midterms or classes over the election of Barack Obama such as we have seen at Yale and Michigan State in the past 36 hours.  If we have to cancel tests and classes at major colleges and Ivy League universities over the election of Trump, then higher education is bigger trouble than we thought.  Schools were not offering counseling to upset and distraught students and staff over the election of Obama such as is happening in the Boston public schools this week.

In some ways, this is akin to but a gross exaggeration of 2008 when many thought the sky was falling and it was the end of the world because Barack Obama was elected President.  Yet, here we are eight years later.  South Park, after the 2008 election, had the McCain supporters sulking and hiding in caves only to emerge to sunlight and things being pretty much the same.

This writer does  find it somewhat amusing that the Left is today acting exactly like what they accused the Trump supporters of doing had Clinton won the election.  How ironic that it is they marching in the streets, burning effigies, and resorting to the very language for which they criticized Trump.  “Lock her up” has been replaced by “Not My President.”  Protests fueled by social media is now acceptable when use of social media by Trumpbots was not.

It would appear that the Left believes also that the system is “rigged” given all the talk about abolishing the Electoral College.  To the Left, when the Electoral College does not work to their advantage, it is antiquated- a relic of our pasts that should be abandoned in the name of “progress.”  One headline on a Leftist website declared, “Twice in Twenty Years, The Election is Stolen.”  This is almost a mirror image of the rhetoric of Donald Trump for which he was criticized.  The only problem with that argument is that both sides work under the same dynamics with the Electoral College.  Clinton and Trump knew the key swing states as did Obama/Romney and Obama/McCain and every winning and losing candidate before them.  Because Trump made a better case at the end to the voters in these states, the system is now rigged?

Others are talking about some kind of self-imposed exile to Canada or wherever for the next four years.  If one looks at the names saying these things, I say “Great!!”  You are free to go anywhere you want and protest with your feet.  The country would be better off with some self-righteous, over-the-hill celebrity ex-patriots.

Of course, no discussion of the election would be complete without the obligatory Leftist deconstruction of the issue into one of race.  Although not all the ballots have been counted in all the states, Trump had over 59,370,000 votes as of this writing.  In the mind of the Leftist, that is over 59,370,000 racists out there.  Despite the fact that polls were kept open late due to turnout and despite early voting in many states, some are accusing the GOP of voter suppression.  So when states expand voting hours, polling places, and the window for voting for up to a month before Election Day, this is now the Left’s definition of “suppression.”

I do not doubt that “racism” and even misogyny played some role in getting Trump elected.  But, certainly not to the degree being expressed by the Left.  Then again, they usually see an “-ist” motivation behind anything that doesn’t quite work out the way they planned.

Finally, there are the fear-mongerers out there fanning the flames of racism and sexism.  Women be careful!  Trump is coming for your uterus.  Muslims be careful!  You will be rounded up, transported to Guantanamo, vetted and branded.  Hispanics, be careful!  You too will be rounded up, placed on a school bus and dropped off somewhere in the Mexican desert.  And the list can go on.  But, all this fear mongering… isn’t this what Clinton and the Left accused Trump of doing?  Of appealing to America’s “dark side,” anxieties and fears?

Donald Trump made many promises on the campaign trail.  Many of his supporters take those promises as gospel.  But two things immediately come to mind.  First, Trump does not have a good record of keeping promises and living up to contracts.  Why would anyone think he will now as President?  Second, Trump is the self-anointed artist of the deal.  Many of his supporters do not believe in deals and compromise.  One wonders how his base of support will react when he makes one of these deals that are not to their liking.

Chances are, there will be buyer’s remorse somewhere down the line.  He will face opposition from the Left while the Right will hold his feet to the fire.  We who warned against Donald Trump from the beginning and refused to vote for him on Tuesday on principle must also be vigilant and hold his feet to the fire.  I believe it was our own Neil Stevens who said we should not excuse a liar just because they have an “R” after their name.  Considering that Trump is neither conservative nor Republican, that admonition takes on added weight.

The only difference between us and those people acting like kindergarten children who did not get their way protesting in the street is that we intellectually, not viscerally, oppose Donald Trump.  We also know and have a greater appreciation for democracy.  One protester in New York said on the news: “This is democracy.  From the voting booth to the streets.”  That is true if we are Venezuela or some banana republic.  Democracy is realizing that a mistake can be corrected in two years in the midterm elections, or in four years when another presidential election rolls around.

And where will those protesters be in two years?  Most likely they will be bitching before a computer screen, not a voting booth if they are not hunkered down in some “safe space.”  I don’t like the fact we will have a President Trump and I don’t like the fact we could have had a President Hillary Clinton.  But it is what it is and it is and time for America to grow up and realize that it is not the end of the world.  If anyone has faith in the Constitution and what our Founders started in 1787, it is incumbent upon us all to make Trump accountable just as any president should be.