Yesterday's Winners and Losers

I had so many better articles at the ready in anticipation of Trump’s loss.  Instead, this will suffice.

The winners:

Donald Trump-  Let’s give credit where credit is due.  He ran an unconventional campaign in an unconventional year.  Against improbable odds, he won the party’s nomination and then the presidency.  Not only that, he pretty much swept the key swing states winning Ohio in grand fashion and then taking Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (!) and probably Michigan.  Not too many GOP candidates can say that.

Kellyann Conway-  At times, the seemingly rational voice of the campaign.  Her background is polling and kudos to her for noticing something in the industrial Midwest states of Michigan and Wisconsin and steering Trump there at the last minute.

The alt-right-  Perhaps the scariest winner from last night, they got their man elected.  But for obvious reasons, they may have buyer’s remorse somewhere down the line.  Trump does not have a good track record of keeping promises.

Pussy grabbers-  But then when the word is on the front page of the New York Times and all over CNN, what did anyone think otherwise?

Merrick Garland–  he is finally released from purgatory.

Nevada-   Although the GOP lost the opportunity to pick up a seat in the Senate here, just knowing that America’s cure for insomnia- Harry Reid- will be gone come January is a good enough consolation prize.

The RNC–  Besides helping Trump to victory by providing some of the electoral infrastructure Trump ignored, they managed to keep the Senate and House in GOP control in a difficult year.

the Koch brothers-  they can sit back and honestly say, “We had nothing to do with this…”

America–  The people have spoken and many might not like what they said, but it is what it is.  There will be an orderly transition of power come January 2017.  We should be thankful it was, in the end, not close and the courts are kept out of the process.


America-  No matter who won, we’d be saying this…  If there is any silver lining, hopefully we’ve heard the end of the Clintons.

Hillary Clinton-   Henceforth whenever a politician loses to an unqualified candidate, it will be called “pulling a Clinton.”  If you lost to Trump, you have no excuse; people just don’t like you, or hate you more than Trump… a dubious feat.

Clintonworld-  Have we seen the last of Podesta, Mook and Abedin?  To be a fly on the wall in Clinton headquarters last night.  There are reports that panic hit the Clinton team when Trump won Florida and North Carolina.  There must have been aneurysms when he took Pennsylvania.

Conservatism and the GOP- They will unfortunately be tied to Trumpism for at least the next four years.

Merrick Garland- Visions of sugar plums and a seat on the Supreme Court are vanquished.

 Pollsters-  They once again get it all wrong.  The only poll that counts is the one on Election Day

James Comey-  The Democrats will blame him from here to kingdom come over Clinton’s loss blind to the facts of Hillary Clinton’s corruption that forced Jams Comey to do his job.

The House Freedom caucus-  They do not necessarily like to wheel and deal; Trump is the self-anointed artist of the deal.  It may make Paul Ryan’s job easier, but if I was Paul Ryan, I’d have eyes in the back of my head and a pair of brass knuckles just in case.

Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania-  proving once again that he/she who spends the most money is not necessarily the winner proving that all those Harry Reid speeches about the dangers of money in politics is hogwash.

Over the hill has-been rock stars-  like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi who can retire to their gentleman farms in Jersey and reap the profits of tax breaks.  Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams, et. al. prove once again, like campaign money, he/she with the most entertainment name endorsements does not necessarily win.  Maybe Katy Perry learned a lesson also.

The Canadian immigration information website-  that crashed over night given the number of inquiries.  Hopefully, the bulk of them were by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham.

IN CONCLUSION:  Relax America; it’s not armageddon…. damn close though.