James Comey and Joseph McCarthy

After watching CNN and Jake Tapper with a panel of political hacks, I found it interesting that one Clinton supporter characterized James Comey, the FBI Director, as violating acceptable protocol with the timing of his letter.  He further stated that he violated protocol at the beginning of the Clinton e-mail investigation.  This is the same James Comey who was praised during the summer for coming to, in their minds, the only logical conclusion- that what Hillary Clinton did was wrong and misguided, but not criminal, thus no charges were recommended.

This strategy of attacking Comey reminds this writer of the unspoken lesson of what is usually characterized as McCarthyism.  The name Joe  McCarthy will elicit scowls and words of condemnation today from scholarly elites.  History textbooks generally describe this as a “dark period of American history” while incorrectly ascribing Hollywood blacklists to McCarthy.  While it is true that McCarthy’s methods were sometimes objectionable and he died a drunkard, overlooked in the all the hyperbole is the fact that Joseph McCarthy was, by and large, correct.

Evidence gained after the fact- namely the so-called Venona transcripts- clearly show that the State Department (among other government agencies) was thoroughly infiltrated with Communists and Soviet spies.  We learned that Julius Rosenberg deserved to be executed as a spy.  Today, the alleged victims of McCarthy are revealed not as righteous social justice warriors, but as Soviet spies and Communist sympathizers- in short, dupes of the Kremlin.  The Communist Party of the United States was not “just another political party.”  McCarthy may not have really known the names, but he knew the problem.

And this very dynamic is being overlooked by the media who is falling for the Democratic Party/Leftist obfuscation of anything that may taint Hillary Clinton’s pathway to the White House.  One can see the same strategy by the Left when discussing the Wikileaks revelations.  They certainly shed some light on the inner workings of the Clinton campaign and seem to confirm what most suspect about Clinton- that she used the State Department and the Clinton Foundation as a huge pay-to-play operation.

But that is not even the point.  The point is that the Left and Clinton’s campaign would have these revelations dismissed not because of what they reveal, but because of the way they were obtained.  It ignores the reality of the content.  In a strange, perverted sort of way, if the Russian government is behind the hacked e-mails as they probably are, they may be doing democracy a favor by shedding some transparency on the inner workings of the Clinton campaign.

Granted, we do not know specifically what piqued the interest of the FBI, but that in no way should dismiss the fact that their interest was, in fact, piqued.  In the end, it may be nothing, or it may be something.  At the very least, it yet again proves to the public that Hillary Clinton and her inner circle are untrustworthy and secretive and potentially criminal.

Comey was correct to notify Congress of the latest findings- that apparently some Clinton e-mails to Huma Abedin may have inadvertently ended up on the laptop of Abdein’s perverted husband, Anthony Weiner.  He was in a “damned if you, damned if you don’t” situation.

And wasn’t this the point of all these investigations in the first place?  When the New York Times  broke the story that she used a personal e-mail server as Secretary of State, wasn’t the main fear that this server had been compromised?  Wasn’t there concern that this backdoor means of communication could be hacked, or that those who received the e-mail messages could somehow deliberately or inadvertently show less than caution that Clinton herself alleged?

If that is the case, then all those modern day McCarthy’s- Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz and James Comey- will, like the McCarthy of the 1950’s, have the last laugh.

The problem is not James Comey or the timing and publication of this revelation.  The problem is Hillary Clinton.  And all the stupid letters and stupid comments by Harry Reid and his ilk cannot change that fact.