About Clinton Going to Jail

Last night during the second Presidential debate, Donald Trump stated that if he is elected, he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton and her e-mail server controversy.  She then made a comment about Trump not being in charge of the laws.  He then made an off-hand comment to the effect “You’d be in jail.”

Watching the post-debate analysis on CNN, the appalled reaction was interesting.  They interpreted that comment as one more worthy of a third world dictatorship where political opponents are jailed after the election.

There are many, many reasons to disqualify Donald Trump from the Presidency.  This off-hand, sarcastic comment is not one of them.  In effect, he was reiterating what many already believe viscerally.  Granted…it did reveal his ignorance of the law and how special prosecutors are supposed to operate.  But, expressing a belief that Clinton violated the law and belongs in jail and then actually putting her in jail on sham charges are two different things altogether.

Was it meant to be humorous as the laughs from the audience seem to indicate?  Or, was he threatening her as some have suggested?  Trump may have been channeling delegate reactions from Cleveland who, when Clinton’s name was mentioned, yelled, “Put her in jail” and put their arms up as if in handcuffs.

There are many people here and elsewhere who honestly believe that what Hillary Clinton did regarding her private server, her destruction of 33,000 e-mails, her going to great lengths to destroy and scrub her server (why go to such lengths to destroy e-mails about yoga classes and Chelsea’s baby?) are worthy of a criminal prosecution despite what FBI director Comey determined.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign are great at creation of plausible deniability. She has played the game so long enough that she has become an expert at it.  It’s ingrained into her synapses- she honestly believes she did nothing wrong in her own mind.  And if this was to be referred to a grand jury and IF they were to return an indictment, she has covered her tracks so well that a jury would likely be deadlocked at best.  We will never know because (1) Comey and Lynch closed that door and (2) Donald Trump will not win the Presidency.

The bottom line: there are other reasons to believe that Donald Trump would govern, act and think like a third world authoritarian dictator.  This comment is not one of them.