The Jihad News, Volume X: September in Review

Front Page

The obvious big news of the month was the bombings in New York City and New Jersey by a Muslim jihadist.  Although several were injured and some observant residents may have averted further injuries, thankfully no deaths occurred.  However, the incident underscored the new reality where someone can test detonate explosives in their backyard, have it filmed and no one say a word.  Whether this was ISIS-inspired (the notebook was more al-Queda than ISIS) is inconsequential.

The political correctness of Mayor Bill DeBlasio was, quite frankly, sickening.  Someone blowing up a bomb in New York is the definition of terrorism whether Islamic or not.  What was this dolt thinking?  And that is the problem right now: our elected officials reluctant to call a spade a spade out of some fear of a backlash.  This writer cares less if it was a Muslim or a Puerto Rican separatist or even a rebirth of the Weather Underground.  Terrorism is terrorism!

North America/Australia

There are reports that hundreds of asylum seekers from Africa- many of them from Somalia- are using Mexico as a way to enter the United States via Texas and California.  Mexico, being the welcoming country, are granting special passage to the border.  Not that immigration policy has anything to do with national security…

Speaking of Somalis, one went on a stabbing rampage in a mall in Minnesota injuring several before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer.  You have to admire the Somalis who have come from this country and seemed to have settled in Minnesota being that the climate there is so different than Somalia.  Unlike New York where no one claimed responsibility, this one was claimed by ISIS.

And even though no terrorist group claimed responsibility for New York’s Chelsea bombing, it did not stop some in the Muslim community from celebrating the fact on social media.  One posting said, “The Lions of the Caliphate roar in New York; We cause you pain in your house, the carrier of the Cross.”  Yep…there is no religious component to Islamic terrorism.  Keep saying that over and over…


France deported two Moroccan nationals accused of plotting a large-scale terrorist attack in that country under direction from ISIS.  Why they were deported and not jailed was never answered.  In Denmark, a Muslim man originally from Bosnia with sympathies towards ISIS shot and killed three innocent Danes in the name of Allah.

Police arrested Aroon ALi-Sayed in London for plotting a suicide vest bombing against Buckingham Palace.  He was also accused of trying to contact a bomb maker so that he could take out a planned Elton John Concert in Hyde Park.  I am no fan of Elton John, but this guy’s expression of not being an Elton John seems to be over-the-line.

And Albanian Muslims in Kosovo set fire to an Eastern Orthodox Church whereupon they then used it’s burnt remains as a toilet.  The Orthodox heartland of the Serbian region is facing unprecedented attacks from Muslims and this is only the most recent example of Christian churches and monasteries coming under attack and being burnt to the ground.

The Middle East

Speaking of religious components, our friends in Saudi Arabia arrested 27 Christians in that country for saying Christian prayers and being in possession of a Bible in a private residence.  All or most those arrested were Lebanese nationals working in the country.  After being processed, their visas were rescinded and they were deported back to Lebanon.  Considering the fate of Christians elsewhere in Muslim countries, I guess they should thank their lucky stars.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, Obama vetoed, as promised, a bill that would have allowed victims of 9/11 to sue Saudis for their complicity and funding of the attacks.  Citing setting a bad international law precedent, Obama can expect his first veto to be overturned.

Four Coptic Christian teenagers accused of insulting Islam in a video managed to get out of Egypt where they faced imprisonment and made their way first to Turkey and then Switzerland where they now seek asylum.  The video in question actually mocked an ISIS execution video that was making the rounds of social media in Muslim countries at the time.


Showing no regard for human life- Muslim or non-Muslim- a suicide bomber in Pakistan entered a packed mosque and blew himself and at least 25 other innocent worshipers.  Yes, it is true that more Muslims are killed by Islamic terrorism, but if that is the case, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Instead, they obfuscate and complain and place the blame on the West.  This event had nothing to do with Western influence in Pakistan.  It was a mosque, for crying out loud!

A meeting between Obama’s new best friend, the Iranian government, and officials of Hamas in Beirut ended with a statement they would jointly fight the “Zionist danger.”  They vowed to strengthen their ties in support of the Palestinian resistance which basically consists of Palestinians attacking innocent Israelis with knives.

And Islamic terrorist attacks are on the rise in India where that government recently disallowed a Hindu celebration fearing Muslim attacks or backlash.  When a largely Hindu country cancels a Hindu religious celebration, one can conclude that the Islamic terrorists are winning that battle.  Of course, that did not prevent Islamic terrorist suicide bombers from sneaking onto a military base and killing 18 sleeping soldiers and injuring another 19.


Our correspondent in Africa reports a relatively quiet month.  Well, there were those attacks on Christian villages that were burnt down and the survivors shot as they fled in Nigeria.  And there were the obligatory terrorist attacks in Somalia, but they are becoming “so yesterday.”  But overall in Nigeria, there were fewer deaths than in past months probably because they are running out of Christian targets to attack.

The Comic Page

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  • Number killed in September:      1,012 (YTD: 13,329)
  • Number injured in September:   1,158 (YTD: 17,020)
  • Total casualties in September:    2,170 (YTD: 30,349)
  • Number of attacks in September:  141 (YTD: 1,324)

The Final Word/Editorial

In a manifesto released by ISIS a few months ago, they stated their reasons for fighting a terrorist war and attempting to establish a caliphate.  Front and center was this quote:

“We hate you, first and foremost, because you are disbelievers; you reject the oneness of Allah – whether you realize it or not – by making partners for Him in worship, you blaspheme against Him, claiming that He has a son, you fabricate lies against His prophets and messengers, and you indulge in all manner of devilish practices.”

Leaving aside the obvious grammatical mistakes which would drive any teacher mad with their red pen, it is painfully obvious that ISIS and fellow like-minded Islamic terrorists do, in fact, view this as a holy war.  One of my best friends is Muslim of Bengali descent and I once remarked that maybe 10% of Muslims sympathize with ISIS, which would still be a large number worldwide.  My friend explained that I was woefully off in my estimation and the number was likely more in the 30-35% range.  He found it disheartening and he is the type that Islam needs more of.  Sadly, our government under Obama has succumbed to the narrative put forth by organizations like CAIR and others that attempt to explain away Islamic terrorism.  When you specifically target Christians in Nigeria, Syria and Iraq or Jews in Israel and elsewhere, it is a religious war.  After all, they said it themselves “…first and foremost…”