The Scourge of the Social Justice Warrior (And by "Warrior", I Mean No Offense to Native Americans)

At one time, people who believed that others were out to get them, who saw a bogeyman behind every tree, and whose life became deranged under some perceived threat of oppression were diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenics.  Today, we have such people collectively known as social justice warriors (SJW) suffering from SJW Derangement Syndrome.

These are the incessant whiners and victims of some “oppression” of some type even where no oppression exists.  In fact, in those instances they strive to create victimhood and cries of oppression that approach the absurd.  And they even have their own echo chamber and weapon- the dreaded hashtag.

Their behavior, when not possibly psychiatric, is almost like a cult.  Perhaps the biggest sin to this cult among us sane people is that of “cultural appropriation.”  That ranks somewhere near using stick figures to signify the correct bathroom one should use depending upon what is between their legs.  They invent words- neologisms- much like schizophrenics.  These include: “intersectionality,” microaggression,” and (my favorite) “nanoaggressions,” which I guess is something even smaller than the microagression which only these people see or hear (sort of like a delusion or hallucination).

Even when appeased, they see more of the badness that surrounds them.  There is no appeasing the sufferer of SJW Derangement Syndrome, just as there is no “cure” for schizophrenia.  We can treat the symptoms, but not cure the disease.

The scary part is that there are segments of the population (think academia) where appeasement is occurring.  The only thing that justifies their “oppression” is their victimhood.  They are the constantly beleaguered minority seeing oppression everywhere, thus validating their victim status in a never ending and sad cycle.

They’ve even devised this bizarre victim pecking order among themselves.  One’s position in this reverse caste system is dependent on the perceived level of oppression and disadvantage.  The rules are confusing, but suffice to say if you are a black, female rape victim then you get a free pass all the way to the top and are immune from any criticism because then that criticism would be a microaggression.  And woe to the white, heterosexual, male, especially online.

These perceptions are accepted as absolute truths even if the vast majority within the supposedly oppressed group sees otherwise, much like the schizophrenic’s hallucinations and delusions are very much real to them.  Take, for example, the use of the word “Oriental.”  That term has been banned from the lexicon unless one is referring to a rug.  Instead, the term “Asian” is now used because “Oriental” allegedly drudges up feelings of inferiority and a time of institutionalized oppression.  Of course, “Oriental” refers to those from China and Southeast Asia.  Asia is a very big continent and being “Asian” can entail the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Bengalis, Indians (allowed in this case), Pakistanis, Iraqis… you get the idea.  Likewise, Negro became “colored” became “black” which became African-American.  If so, then why do black lives matter?

These roving bands of the mentally insane now haunt the Internet.  No need for the guillotine or pitchforks.  They are “so yesterday” when today you have the hashtag and other social media like Tumblr.  A perfect example is the We Need Diverse Books Campaign on Tumblr.  This started when an aspiring and little-read feminist author pleaded with readers to stop reading books written by white, heterosexual, male authors for one year.  The campaign is specifically targeting children books where the oppressed complain that such books lack black, lesbian or transgender role models.  To them, sexism is rife in children literature because 57% of the protagonists are male.  Somebody has too much time on their hands.

Sometimes these people go mainstream, usually showing up on MSNBC, a station with probably less viewers than Tumblr has adherents.  You may have had the stomach to hear their complaints like the aforementioned oppression at the hands of white, male authors.  They also want to diversify field hockey, and their favorite- advocate for gender neutral bathroom facilities.

One film maker- Joss Whedon- was asked online about how one makes a strong female character.  This is the man who brought you Avengers: Age of Ultron and is known for creating strong female characters.  His sin was saying that the character should not have a “peeny/balls.”  The following quote summarizes the indignation succinctly and illustrates the absurdity of this cult of victimhood and perceived oppression:

Whedon evidently believes that it should be obvious to anyone that he was not being serious, that it was a joke, but where’s the punchline? Specifically: Where is the punchline for trans*, intersex, and other women with “peeny/balls”? What’s the humor for them in the suggestion that they are not women? What’s the humor for men who don’t have “peeny/balls”? This is a joke, such as it is, for people who are transphobic.

There is a lot there such as what the hell is intersex?  And what woman has a “peeny/ balls?”

The silliness knows no bounds.  For example, at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, protesters showed up to protest kimono day where visitors could try on one of the kimonos.  Much to the surprise of the Japanese community and the Japanese consulate itself, the protesters claimed this was “cultural appropriation” and “racist imperialism.”  Stars of the film Suffragette sported T-shirts which quoted a suffragist, “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.”  The black community swooped in with righteous indignation because the actors were “co-opting” the experience of black slavery and drudging up dreadful images of the Confederacy (get it?  rebel?).  Of course, the quote was about woman’s suffrage, not the Civil War, slavery or the Confederacy.  And why do the vast majority of Indians, er…Native Americans…er, Indigenous People get to call themselves “Indians?”

Students at Rutgers protested arguing that The Great Gatsby should come with a trigger warning.  And there is even a movement afoot on New York City subways and mass transit to stop men from sitting with their legs apart.  There was equal indignation when The Gap ran an ad that showed four kids and the taller white girl was resting her arm on the shorter black girl’s head.  This, they said, was a microaggression where the white girl was deliberately placed in a position of superiority.  Of course, they conveniently forget a similar ad run previously where the tall black girl rested her arm on the head of the smaller white girl.  Perhaps The Gap is furthering “heightism,” not racism.  You cannot refer to the dangers of obesity lest you offend and further the oppression of fat people (there…I said it…”fat”).

The pecking order sometimes confuses the cult.  Maryam Namazie is an Iranian woman, ex-Muslim, feminist and a “woman of color.”  But, after a speech at a well-respected college in England, their LGBTQ Club took offense to her criticism of Islam’s treatment of women and gays.  They not only protested, but insisted her invitation be rescinded (it wasn’t), then heckled her speech and caused a general ruckus and even harassed her online afterward.  One wonders how many LGBTQ Clubs exist on the campuses of colleges and universities in Muslim countries?

However, when it comes to Jews, who have suffered the woes of anti-Semitism, they fall lower in the pecking order because they are seen as more privileged than others…you know- that Elders of Zion thing and all that.  Our SJW sufferers even argued that Magneto of X-Men fame, who happens to be a Holocaust survivor, should become a black man so that the X-Men franchise could “get serious about race.”

Now for the scary part.  Cloaking their “demands” in the language of civil rights, they sully the very notion of civil rights.  Racism- a collective practice- is treated with racism.  The Left is naturally attracted to these people because their “philosophy” is one of the collective, not the individual.  They cast judgment on an entire race or sex while condemning those who cast judgment on an entire race or sex (the truly individual racist and sexist).  Hypocrisy knows no bounds on the Left.  Unfortunately, along the way they debase any notions of individuality and civil rights.  It is a sad day for civil rights when wearing a sombrero on Halloween is considered an act of racism.

There is a solution since we cannot methodically drug all these people.  They could live together in their politically-correct dystopia.  I even have a couple of suggestions- perhaps San Francisco or Seattle.  They can rename it;  Oceana comes to mind.